Contest: Scattered dispatch

We are testing a brand new User Interface, a new background and some other small changes on our PTRx3 gameworld! 🎨
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  • Mark visited this small town just a few months ago and was surprised by how the town had changed since then. No more sleepy farmers on the fields, no children playing near the river. Instead, the closed gates sent him a clear signal that this night Mark would have to spend again somewhere under the nearest tree.

    "Well, well, well, if it’s not Mark Atilius here! – he heard suddenly - You honestly couldn’t have come at a better time!"
    "Commander! – Mark smiled broadly when the gates opened and he saw the old man he had met once in his adventures and who told him the story about the lost legion. Soon they were sitting in a guardroom, drinking hot tea and talking about past adventures. - What’s happening here and what can I do for you?" – Mark asked.

    The old soldier frowned.

    "I believe only an experienced traveler like you is able to help us here. We were informed about the forces headed to this direction, but the message itself was severe damaged. And we don’t even know what we should be ready to. – The old man gave Mark something that looked like the small pieces of parchment. – Can you help us? Did you see something like this before?"

    Mark shivered. He almost immediately recognised the picture. And was not happy with what he was about to tell the old man.

    Task: What is in the picture and what type of attack is headed to the town?

    Please, remember, that your answers won't be visible till 14.08, 11 am GMT+2.

    The first player who answers correctly to this question will get 30 gold on their account. Another 3x30 gold will be added to 3 randomly chosen players who gave correct answers.

    Each user can take part in the contest only once.
    Taking part in the same contest on different languages may result that none of your answers will be taken into account.

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  • Thank you to everyone that entered.

    The correct answer was Hun Logades and the attack is a chief.

    30 Gold will go to shubhangupta for the first correct answer,

    Also randomly picked for 30 gold are Jayden Knight, Presuming Ed and Burzali.

    Please send me a private message with account and server details to credit your gold.