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  • in this image is a Logades (Huns) there is a conquer attack. (reduces the loyalty )

  • It's the huns tribe leader. (senator, Chief, Chieftain) To take over a city.

  • Its Logades, taking over :D

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  • This is Huns' chief and it's a conquer or normal attack.

  • This is the Logades (Huns) which does a conquer or chiefing attack reducing loyalty.

  • Chiefing by logades

  • He is one of the Logades (Huns)
    Every time they step into the village of an enemy, their powerful presence reduces the loyalty of the people to their previous owner, until the inhabitants decide to join conqueror's command.

  • Here is the Logades (Huns). Type of attack is reduction the loyalty and seizure of the village at the end.


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  • Hun settlers

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    My answer is Travian Legends on the headline, and the type of attack is Raid.
    I guess its like weapon of spearman on the pic. Hope my answer is correct.

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  • Logades (Huns) to attach a town of an enemy to his empire