com5 Artefacts

  • I am told that HmB took the first artefact. Looks like being small isn't necessarily a bad thing on this server. They regularly top the attackers and robbers lists too. Or so my informants tell me.

  • Yea. Seems like FAT members wanted to be first but either failed or timed their attacks badly. One guy almost cleared large arti, but noone took it. I wish i was closer. Would get a free arti ;-D

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  • If you mean Sir Jenkins, then it looks like he cleared, then moved his hero to the village with the Treasury. A little delay, but not enough for someone to ssteal it on him.

  • Anyone can make a list of coordinates of all artefacts plust who and which team is taking it?
    And any analysis on com5?
    The forum has been sooo quiet ever since server starts lol

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  • Situation so far

    Very well done!!! :thumbsup:

    And it certainly highlights the weakness and overall pathetic showing for Rise. Should they be renamed "Slide" or "Fall"?

    I've heard most of their players are deleting because they lost all of their hammers, but that's just rumor and you can't believe everything you hear. :huh:

  • Rumor has it that this math will be changing soon. I can't know to be sure, of course, being only a simmer with meager defensive skills. But it seems there are a lot of calls for defense and more than a little confusion.

    Time to make some popcorn and get ready for the show :thumbsup:

    Assuming there is anything to see, of course :huh:

  • Whew, things start to heat up. This server seems to be imbalance with two strong alliance, FAT and Anonym siding together. What would HmB and RISE do? Or what would either FAT or Anonym do? Will HmB or RISE siding together? Or FAT and Anonym change their plan and be looking for other alliance to side with?

    Popcorn, popcorn~

  • This is getting bored now. 2 big alliances (FAT & Anonyms) who basically are friends with each other, both building WW and fighting with 1 alliance that work their way from ashes and dust to dominate 2 quad + not building WW. Is this fun for FAT and Anonyms? :whistling: