Mafia Hosting 2.0

  • Hi all...can i join?^^

    Of course!

    The signup for the next round is closing tomorrow, so you better be quick to sign up!

    Blaze is the one hosting, I’m sure he can show you where to sign up as we aren’t allowed to post the link here ^^

  • Mafia and WvV are quite different lol... Mafia is dead for now ;)

    Yes, I've built my fair share of WWs. Won a few, lost a few. Played far too many rounds for far too long. Made a lot friends and enemies.

    Yes, I've played as an anvil and as a hammer. I'm only playing now because of all the friendship I have built over the past ten years. I love Travian but I love the community even more.

    Envy me for I have everything, Fear me for I have nothing to lose.

    The one and only, Teutobod.