Change the language of any Travian server

  • Hello!
    Ever wanted to play on a different server, but refrained from doing so because it's all in a different language? Fear not, you can change the language to whatever you may prefer without using a bad translating program. The process is short and quite simple. This guide is for Chrome users, although I am sure it works for other browsers as well.

    1. Log in to the Travian server you wish to play on
    2. Press F12
    3. A window with a bunch of script will pop up. Expand the menu on top (Elements, Console, Sources etc.) and click on "Application"
    4. There will be a new menu on the left side. Expand "Cookies" -> "https://[server].travian.[domain]"
    5. A list with various cookies will appear. Find the one that says "travian-language" and double click on its value
    6. Change the "Value" to the language you wish to use (look below)
    6,5 (optional). If you wish to extend the duration of the cookie, you may do so by changing the "Expires / Max-Age" value to a date in the future.
    7. Close the developer window and refresh the Travian page, voilà!

    English: en-US
    German: de-DE
    Norwegian: no-NO

    ... and so on. I don't have a list of all the languages, although I assume most of them are rather obvious :thumbsup:

    - The cookie automatically expires after 7 days, thus resetting to the default domain language. Avoid this by doing step 6,5.
    - If you have disabled cookies in your browser, this guide may not work at all / only work until you exit the browser.


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  • This does not work for all servers,
    The only server I get it to work for is a tournee server which supports 4 languages, and I can switch it to those 4 languages.
    Still useful to switch the language at an account that you are a sitter (you can't change settings there directly), but does not to be an universal fix yet.

  • It works both on the Norwegian server as well as the German one, so I assume it works for most national servers.

  • i was just out of town for 10 days, am i the only one to notice that top raiders on this server are former VN players and they are half a days walk from the core of the server, yet are top raiders by huge stretch....y'all have to have your heads so deep up someones a** to not notice this is f**king fishy in the least bit.

    I don't see quite how that is related to the topic.

  • Here's a list for all languages

    Note: not all languages r working

    is there a way to change the language on a tablet?

    Use that guide to reach the inspect elements menu and then use the upper guide…evtools/remote-debugging/