"What's special about the special?" (Special vs Regular server)

  • archive.jpg Travian: Legends Travian: Fire and Sand
    Map Flat 801 x 801 Europe 401 x 401
    Regions No regions 87 conquerable regions
    Victory Points No Yes
    Tribes 3 (Gauls, Teutons, Romans) 5 (Gauls, Teutons, Romans, Huns, Egyptians)
    Settling No restrictions Central regions at first, then only unlocked regions
    Wonder of the World Yes No
    Artifacts Called Artifacts Called Ancient Power
    Power effects Stronger buildings; Faster troops; Better spies; Less hungry troops;
    Faster troops training; Great Warehouse and Great Granary plan; Cranny + random aim; Artefact of the fool; Construction plans;
    Same effects, but there is no artefact of the fool and Construction plans
    Conquering Can be conquered by destroying treasury in an attack with your hero if you have in your village a treasury big enough. Once your alliance secure a region your alliance get access to the Ancient Power which can be activated in a village with a Treasury big enough.
    Activation Activates automatically 24 hours after conquering it. Needs to be activated manually, the same Ancient Power can be activated once per each ally member.
    Power duration It is permanently active. Active for 24 hours after that you'll need to activate it again.
    Power scope village Artifacts with village scope village are active in the village they are located. Antient Power with village scope vcan be activated for any of the village owned by the person that activates the Ancient Power.
    Power scope account Artifacts with account scope are active for the whole account. Antient Power with account scope can be activated for the whole account in the village with the treasury big enough.
    Power limitations You can have maximum 3 active artefacts, only 1 of them can be unique or account wide. One scope account Ancient Power per account and one scope village Ancient Power per village.
    Troups Merge No Yes
    Troups Forwarding No Yes
    Trade routes You can create trade routes to your own villages, to the WoW of your ally/confederation and to the villages with artifacts within your ally/confederation. You can create routes only to your own villages.
    Trade office building Normal Doubled effect
    Tournament square Normal Doubled effect
    Server End The server ends when a WoW owned by player or a Natar reaches level 100 The server ends after a set amount of time (200 days for normal speed servers).

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