Why is Travian more popular in some countries than in others?

  • I couldn't easily find statistics about the playerbase in each country, but I can make some educated guesses. First, the availability of alternatives; Travian is a low CPU cost browser game. I've seen similar games released in the mobile environment, but many of the dedicated players may lack smartphones, or the computers or the internet to play higher fidelity games. Travian is also free and available in an impressive amount of localizations. It doesn't need to worry about the state of game markets in less developed countries (especially due to its self-contained monetization) and I doubt it's too expensive to translate the game; something that a lot of publisher will decide against doing. While we could probably touch on how Travian's advertising targets certain demographics or how pay to win mechanisms affect which players are more likely to play the game, its core competitive advantage probably stems from accessibility.

  • When it's pay to win it may as well not be free.

    I don't get advertisements for games like this anymore but maybe Travian is advertising to other country's cheaply and with no competition on PC?

  • Because it is made in germany, which is second to none!


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  • Because in some countries you don't need your browser to play travian.
    In central Africa you can join a tribe, cage animals, farm resources, settle a new village and then have it chiefed by Kony.

  • Travian is popular with many poor people, when the country become wealthy travian become un popular

    Analyze, because play travian need costly for time play, meanwhile if you wealthy you dont have time to play this game, better increase your wealthiness lol

    that happends for France server, previous year in 2013-15 travian is popular in there, but now? not more than 1K play in 1 server, that also happened in Indonesia and Portugal.

  • People from different countries have different hobbies, those servers that are highly populated have more gamers in that country.

    Just a guess ~

  • My idea is that it's connected with mobile gaming in general. Like, if Travian was promoted in Asian countries I bet we would have had quite a massive playerbase from China and Japan.

  • I had never heard of it before I started but I was told about it by someone who was suffering with mental health issues and the GP recommended it to gain control and perspective. Most people I met in game back then were not gamers first but people out of work or suffering long term aliment who needed a pastime they could manage. Not like now, i think Travian's player base has changed considerably over the years losing many of those people, and as previously mentioned cost is a major factor. I know very few people playing the game these days, it's quite starchy and untrusting.

    Wow, that really may be the real thing.