#AskTravian 2: Questions about game development!

  • Greetings community,

    Welcome to the second iteration of #AskTravian - direct dialogue between the Game Center and the community!

    Have you ever wondered how the game is being developed? What it takes to create a successful game? How many people involved in the process? Then this thread is for you. In the second round of our regular event #AskTravian we'll collect and answer your questions about game development.

    How it works:

    From today till 28.08.2017 you can post one question in this thread. Travian Team will gather all the questions worldwide and check out the most asked and/or most interesting ones. After that the developers of Travian will answer your questions and we will be back to you with a nice video proof of it as soon as possible!

    Please, keep in mind, that you can ask questions about the development of the game in general, art, history, process. However, we don’t have option to answer base knowledge questions (How can I train more troops?) or discuss bans/complaints about staff. For those questions please contact Customer Service.

    Missed the first part of #AskTravian video? You can watch it here!

    We are looking forward to your questions!

    Your Travian Legends team

    CM mhudson
    Community Manager
    Travian: Legends US/UK


  • Will a travian dev dual with me on the next UKx?

    I'll buy the gold and can maybe teach them a thing or two (or the other way round :whistling: ).

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  • As so many people play Travian, do you ever ask the ones playing how they feel about the changes you are making to the game? I don't mean in the satisfaction things you ask us to fill in every so often, I mean where we can actually say how we feel about the changes and what we would like to still see in the game that isn't there anymore.

  • i was just wondering, what was the main motivation behind restricting players to the max 4 waves per second. why 4 and how technically they implement this restriction in game.


    UK3: White Walker

    UK2: White Walker

  • Can we have a Classic server please, for those who preferred the game in its older format?



    My artefacts bring all the heroes to my yard