farming vs simming

  • Hi peeps, no idea if anyone remembers me these days

    I played S! mainly, japester/the umpire/vaudeville/timmeh and probably others I've forgotten

    anyway... thought I'd look in and see how travian had changed.

    I have noticed two things right off the bat. Begginner protection last longer and seems to have the option to be extended by another three days and two... resource bonuses from quests have been vastly increased. combined with the much lower cost of settlers you begin to wonder if building troops before you settle is even worth bothering about? Not tried doing any math on it as I don.t have numbers handy on quest rewards.

    Travian has changed though. In the classic servers raiding was king, in 3.5 raiders settled weeks before simmers but a well built cropper made the top raiders income look like crumbs. Now... simmers might even have an advantage if they delay troops till village three, hammer village

    be interesting to see the math anyhow


  • On speed server, simming is king and you don't even need to party before settling anymore.

    Unfortunately I have no idea whats best for slow servers though..

  • If you are good simmer you will settle before the end of extended BP (on day 8). If you are good at earlier game farming and your spawn is lucky enough to have 2-3-5 passable oases near you will settle on day 6.

  • on uk2 I've just done a not very scientific count of 18 players with 2nd villas, but only 2 of the current top 10 raiders have their 2nd villa. Of the top attacking ranked players, only 2 of the top 20 have 2nd villas. It will have a lot to do with oasis raiding skill and also a bit of luck, I know I'll be trying simming for the next server I start

  • used to love farming till T3.6, started playing again on T4.4 although only speed servers I still wont bother farming early game with even huge activity becuase its too easy to build up crannies and build units and hero within beginner protection. also simming gives too high production to give it up. settle fast 2nd village? why then start building troops instead of developing that nice MC15

  • 5 accounts with 2nd village on Danish speed, a little more than 2 days old.
    3 gauls and 2 romans accounts, none in the top10 farmers and 4 of these account with zero offpoint (last account have 7 off point).
    So simming is king, at least for a small speed server as the Danish.

  • its pretty much as I thought. I used to love the early game raiding, seeing could I hit 2nd village first. Build 300 macers and hope they rushed you too your three parties and settlers before dying out :D

    Oh well, I have less time now anyway so I probably wouldn't be active enough to be first anyway.

    i wonder did travian consider how the changes would favour simmers over high activity?

  • I find it's helpful to raid with any troops I get from adventures, especially if I get half decent cavalry. That helped me raid about 15% (3k) of one settler and if I'd started a bit earlier I could've probably covered the cost of an entire settler.

    Other than that though, it's generally easier and more efficient to focus on the res/CP balance unless you're keen/experienced at raiding starts.

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  • So far I have only had 3 clubs from adventures, and raided in top ten raiders but simmers still settled first. I admit I could have done better with CPs, but I still think given the nature regeneration rates, and the number of people staying in extended BP, that it is much easier to get v2 first by simming. Having said that, now I have v2, I am well ahead of the simmers for troops, and I think will be settling v3 before the simmers, so there probably is still room for a variety of strategies

  • Personally went the simming path on my server and settled quite quick. My travel time to cropper was not fantastic mind you :D

    Had no real attack troops for a fair while, but got a 100k hammer for arties and a secondary mallet :p

    Of course it does pay to raid eventually though, assuming little losses, even if you do initially sim.

  • Settled 8 hours prior to anyone else -- raided more than anyone else, simmed more than anyone else...

    You need to do both really, admittedly it is now not as worth it at the start of the server as it used to be, but it does still reduce your settle time dramatically if you do it properly. (See below screenshot).

    Screenshot by Lightshot

  • I admit i've not reached those raiding figures until the second week, but the first week i started late, and another top robber in my 7x7 (not to mention i won't ever claim to be an expert raider), but I have seen raiding at that level done in the first week without cheating, without dual and without sitter