• A few questions about tooling. What is technically possible and legal besides the following 2:

    1) Fetching all map information: map.sql
    2) Fetching the hero image: hero_body.php

    Does travian provide any other public information per server? :?:

  • Despite email communication about this, I still have no answer. Nobody of the forum staff knows this, nor does the support department apparently. Tschena (support employee) promised to find out for me, but never got back with an answer.

    I can only imagine the chaos this game of Travian is, code-wise and organization-wise. Apparently Travian is virtually impossible to enable on a mobile app, nobody knows how it exactly works and what exactly is possible. In fact, apparently nobody can explain what is legal and what is not.

    The latter is a problem, since the MH's are on a banning spree, generally without a good argument, which corroborates the conclusion above. Chaos, disorder and spaghetti code.

    In such conditions, things will never improve, only deteriorate. A dying, unmaintainable, game

  • If I recall, forum staff, support staff (the non technical one) is recruited from general players population. So most won't know this because it is not general knowledge or something easily searchable. You have to ask the Travian HQ staff and developer themselves.

    There is app acceptable to be used for Travian it seems. The Travian official blog mentioned "Travile" app. ( link ) Why don't you ask that app developer. May help you get some leads there.

    Hope this help. Getting no reply is discouraging, but just try to understand Travian side for a moment. They receive tons of email everyday from all the world with people asking or saying about various things from suggestions to spam. I doubt they can reply everything.

  • Well, I have mailed with HQ, support, complaints etc. The problem is, as I said: Nobody appears to know. The support says it has to talk to devs, only never to come back with an answer.

    I have given up. I have tried to help Travian get a better game and service by providing serious feedback. Travian apparently does not care about it, so not sure why I should anymore. I have tried now on a dozen occasions, over several years, to get a reasonable response and treatment at Travian HQ, but I guess that's just too much to ask.

    I will now just gleefully watch Travian Games go bankrupt and help speed up this process wherever I can.