Disgusting Cheating Website

  • I sincerely hope the Trav crew are working all out to detect cheats using this site, if not it will surely be the death of Travian, I certainly do not wish to play a game that is stacked with cheating players. It would help if proxy server access (VPN) was banned , totally no need for it with a game like this. It was brought to my attention during a SKype conversation where the masses of small accounts were discussed and surmised to be planted by the above cheat site. I will never understand why anyone would want to cheat, actually pay money to cheat, you don't win anything ? There must be enough people using this site to buy resources etc to enable them to keep a website open and make a profit.

    When the seagulls follow the trawler, it's because they think sardines will be thrown in to the sea.

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  • Unfortunately all games have an element of cheating, but the MH team work round the clock to catch multi accounts and bots like the one mentioned. If you suspect any players of cheating you can message Multihunter in game with the details and any evidence, and they will look into it.

    As for VPN's that can be a bit trickier since some people use VPNs for legitimate reasons.

    My argument against cheating is that there's no value in it. A player's achievements and accomplishments are much more valuable and meaningful when they have been achieved on a level playing field.