Complete the story. "A strange place"

  • What strange places Mark hadn’t only visited in his life, led by his passion to the adventures. But never before had he been somewhere like this one. And as ill luck would have it - just when the day was almost over.

    The path through the woods, which he had been walking the whole day long, hoping to find some village to spend night, forked here. The left path, as before, went through the forest, which got thicker and thicker with every step, the other path led through the open glade to the gates of a very strange city.

    Despite the unquestioning bravery of our ex-caravan driver and his sense of adventure, both ways suddenly didn't seem too attractive to him. The loud howl of the wolves, which was distinctly heard from the forest path, and a helmet, covered by suspicious brown spots which looked like a dry blood, made him feel equally uneasy.

    But no sooner than he chose the path a group of strangely-dressed people surrounded him.

    "Seems this is the end of my story, - thought Mark. - So sad I have to die in the middle of nowhere and no one would ever know what happened to me."

    He got ready to sell his life dear, when suddenly heard a very familiar voice behind his back.

    "Well, well, well... Mark Atilius! And as usual - in a good company!" - said this voice ironically.

    Dear players. Do you know what strange place Mark saw on the right? What you think will happen next? We invite you to complete the story and tell us what Mark could probably see there.

    The player, who writes the most interesting ending to this story will get 100 gold on his account. Top-2 and top-3 stories will get 50 gold each.

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  • The voice although familiar, in the situation Mark couldn't quite put a finger on who it was. Reluctant to turn away from the armed men in front of him he noticed even more people hiding within the forest catching a glimpse of someone peeking from behind a tree.
    "Mark! You haven't forgotten an old friend have you?" Mark quickly spun around to see indeed an old friend.

    "Titus? I haven't seen you si-", "Since the academy" Titus said cutting off Mark, extending out an arm which was met by Marks shortly after. The two men embraced. "You've come during a strange time my friend, we have a lot to discuss"
    Titus let out a piercing whistle and the forest came to life. Men and even women and children wielding axes appeared. "GET BACK TO WORK!" Titus roared. They didn't waste any time in getting back to their posts and a great big cart filled with wood began to get hauled towards the gate as they slowly opened. "We have to be most cautious" Titus explained motioning Mark to follow him towards the gates,

    They began to walk towards the gate as the other men walked off further down the trail where Mark had come from. "I don't know what to say Titus, what is going on here so far from home?"

    "I met a man on my travels in the grey wastes, who offered me triple the gold I was being paid and carts filled to the top with treasures." replied Titus.. "What in return?" Mark said. Titus let out a chuckle, "Loyalty until the last breathe".

    They had now made it up to the open gates and Mark open eyed looked in, huge warehouses like nothing he had ever seen before in all his years. In the middle was the ground works of a monumental structure.

    "Mark, soon this place will no longer be a secret and armies from all corners of the world are going to come here for our riches. I need people like you, people I can trust. Will you help me Mark? like the good old days."

    Mark paused for a long moment and finally replied, "I am not sure I have a choice, I have already seen the place". Titus answered with a mighty smile and then they wondered to the brewery. For tactical purposes of course.


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  • Mark’s hair swept across his brow as the moist, salty wind slashed across his face. The smell of barnacles and muscles filled the air, only watered down by the stench of sailors and merchants from the local port village sparring with blunted swords and spears, whose leather tunics were drenched with the sweat that only a long hard day fighting could bring.
    This port village was, of course Santria – a village renowned for its fishing trade and feared for its highly skilled fighters. This village is imprinted in the very stone of Levaron (the region encapsulating Manthaal City, Mantrell, Riverlent and Bridgecreak, along with the many enclaves and small towns that popped up after Krispin the Fast’s failed plan to take over Santria – a plan that would from then on be known as The Battle of the Seven) due to the constant flow of bold warriors making the harsh journey across the river Restfall to join the Nobleblades of Manthaal City.

    Draynor Miller approached Mark. His hair was ash black, and his face sutty. He spent his days brewing ale in his log hut, and the harsh wind often blew the ash from the recently burned forest (known as The Grove) over his home.
    “What brings a tempered steel-clad warrior like yourself over from Manthaal, sire?” Draynor asked upon approach. His voice was gentle, yet felt like it was cutting right through Mark.

    “I have been sent to escort Master Brin Ellen to the Lord’s Chamber. His request has been accepted with open arms. We hope this may repair the tattered relationship Manthaal has had with Santria” Mark asserted.

    “It would take more than that to repair. Acquiring wood has been very difficult ever since the Battle of the Seven, and the recent fire in The Grove has made matters worse. How can you expect us to accept Manthaal as our true Capital, and Krispin III as our rightful Lord and King if he does not even challenge the highwaymen and sellswords whom use our village as a playground?” Draynor did not wait for a response. He marched off to pass on this information to Brin.

    Brin Ellen has come into huge fortune of late with his expedition into valuing and contracting the insurance of houses, ships, weapons and, often, people…

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