Hero adventures Part 3 Introduction

  • Dear players!

    Following the tradition of introducing the new special server – this year it’s called Fire and Sand and featuring the 2 new tribes – with the quest series we’re happy to announce that the quest series will start 12.09, at 13:00 UK Time!

    This time our brave adventurer Mark Atilius faces yet another tough challenge and will have to solve really tricky tasks in order to save his friend’s life. Join him on this path and help him on the way to the Legendary Egyptian pyramids!

    The quest series will last 5 days. First task will be posted on forum on the 12th of September at 13:00 UK Time

    First player who gives the correct answer to the task of the day will get 50 gold on their account!

    3 more randomly chosen players who successfully solve the task of the day will get 30 gold each.

    Another set of prizes 3x150 gold will be rewarded to 3 lucky players, chosen randomly among those who will correctly solve all the tasks!

    But that’s not all! All players, who will solve correctly all the tasks of the quest series will get a special user title on our forum!

    Don’t miss your chance to win some gold and fame!

    Your Travian: Legends Team


    Links to each days tasks

    Day One Task
    Day Two Task

  • If you have any thoughts and feedback on the Fire & Sand Contest please discuss it in this thread.

  • The overall winners

    Another set of prizes 3x150 gold will be rewarded to 3 lucky players, chosen randomly among those who will correctly solve all the tasks!

    There were only two players who completed all 5 tasks correct these are

    @Tiny Clanger_UK
    @Iron Will

    Congratulations please contact me with a UK Server to receive your 150 gold on

  • If you have any thoughts and feedback on the Fire & Sand Contest please discuss it in this thread.

    It was a fun contest with some interesting puzzles, along with a few problematic puzzles. There were some implementation issues however including localization issues (in game posts on USx taking me to the UKx threads, for example), poor follow up on in game reminders (the first 2 tasks had an in game notification, after that you were on your own), and well known puzzles with the answers available online (dividing up the 17 horses) that should be addressed prior to running this kind of event again. Also, as has been pointed out, the witch/alchemist 4 question puzzle has numerous correct solutions, including some that require only 3 questions, but only the one pre approved solution was accepted. The first puzzle had two encoding/transcription errors - kind of like the Zodiac Cipher! - but fortunately both spellings were accepted.

    I wish HQ was more flexible in how/where prizes were awarded, particularly given the localization issues. Although I had a correct answer posted all 5 days I wasn't eligible for any of the 5 day prizes because my answers were split on the US/UK domains. Sure, it's everyone's responsibility to manage their own localization options - on a new forum combining all domains using a format that many find non intuitive. Fine, it's my own fault I guess and I'm not going to quibble over what is essentially two and a half dollars worth of gold. But HQ apparently is.

  • It was fun ....... thanks for the questions ... and the prizes.
    I did wonder about the people who answered very quickly and then were able to edit their answer later on?
    Is it possiblt to write any old nonsense straight away and then have a proper think and change your answer to the correct one?
    I think you should be able to change your answer before the deadline for answers, but if you do edit your answer then you should not be able to win the first correct answer prize.

    I agree it was actually quite difficult to find this competition. The whole forum structure is a bit complicated now.

  • I kinda grew bored with the contest after day three. The first three were way too easy, and the final one seemed more hassle than it was worth. Either way I enjoyed it, and is a nice way for cheap skates like me to gain gold.

    I do also believe that the actual question part, and the blurb before hand, should be made clearer. I always just skimmed through the blurb in case it had any useful info in, as I only really cared about the actual question.

    The reminder in game was a bit of a pain, but at least I could click the 'x' to clear it.

    Thanks again.

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  • TBH that seems to have been quite common and the marketing team are going to look at that for next year.

    The task I tried to put in bold but you do generally need to read the whole post to find the answers.

    HQ want daily reminders for future events so get used to clicking the X :D