Hero adventures-3: Journey to Egypt - Day 2

  • The "messenger" arrived the next morning, when Mark Atilius was having breakfast. It was Tiberius, his old mate and Lucius’s main assistant.
    – Tiberius, gods damn you - grumbled Mark. - I had guessed that Lucius isn’t crazy enough to invent this trick with the ciphered message. Instead of sleeping in a good bed – quite a rare occasion to me – I spent half the night deciphering it. How's Lucius?
    – Hah, don't even try to hide the fact that you’ve liked it. I know you, Mark! – laughed Tiberius Aternius. – Lucius is full of energy and optimism. Of course he wasn't that pleased when he had to leave his position of the Chief Imperial Architect, but he figured that the situation has its advantages. Now he has time to go on far travels and study ancient architecture. I also resigned and help him with that.
    - Who builds new towns then? - Mark looked surprised.
    - No one, - Aternius suddenly became sad. - The empire has other things to worry about. They have to resist the constant Huns raids and forge friendship with the Egyptians, new towns haven't been founded for several years already.
    - Where is Lucius now?
    - Closer than you think! Only an hour ride from here - smiled Aternius. - This is a frontier town, so we settled our camp really close to it. We still have some things to prepare and then we will go directly to Egypt. The pyramids!
    - Well, then what we're waiting for? Let's go immediately! - only now Mark realized, how he had missed his good old friend. And he couldn't even dream about the journey to this new and exciting place, not on his own, as he used to, but in a good company.
    However, their good mood immediately vanished, when they saw the next visitor. It was Lucius’s errand boy - now a young soldier – and he was as white as death.
    – Master Aternius, master Mark! We got attacked! – he spluttered – Master Lucius got captured!
    – How?! By whom? - Mark and Aternius screamed with horror.
    – I don't know, it all happened so unexpectedly, - replied the soldier. – we don't even know what they look like. Only the number of troops.
    – Please, calm down! Sometimes indirect evidence can tell us more than you think. How many troops were there and how much resources did they steal?
    – According to our calculations there were 78 infantry troops and 24 horsemen. And they stole 4860 resources in total.
    – This already tells us a lot – replied Mark. – Now we at least know to which tribe that army belonged!

    Task 2: What tribe raided the camp and which types of troops took part in this attack? (The troops used full carry capacity).

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  • Huns - 78 Bowman 24 Marksman

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  • The Huns raided the camp.
    The raiding party consisted of:
    78 infantry bowmen @ 30 = 2340
    24 horsemen marksmen @ 105 = 2520
    Total resources taken in raid = 4860

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  • the army belongs to the huns

    it consists in 78 bowman and 24 marksman

    as each bowman carries 30 resources and 78 bowman multiplied by their max capitcity (78x30 is equal to 2340 resources) and as each marksman carries 105 resourcoes and 24 marksman multiplied by their max capicity (24x105 is equal to 2520) adding both of these values will get us to the max capacity of the army (2340+2520 is equal to 4860)

  • Huns - Bowman and Marksman (took me a while to realise the Huns are a tribe).