[UK] Hero adventures-3: Journey to Egypt - Day 4

  • It was a miracle but the old huckstress didn't lie and soon the Roman squad, led by Mark and Tiberius, did find a small Huns camp down in the valley. Unfortunately, there were a lot more than expected, and the chances in battle were almost even.
    - We need a Roman, which you captured three days ago! - Mark shouted to the nomads. - Please, give him back to us and we won't attack! Otherwise no one will get out alive from this place. We both don’t want that, do we?
    To his surprise the Huns sent a negotiator.
    - The Roman is in our camp now, you're right. Maybe you'll defeat us, maybe not, - he replied. - One thing is for sure, the moment you attack us your friend will die. But… we can make a deal.
    - What deal? - Mark asked.
    - My diseased father, - the leader of this tribe – left me and my 2 younger brothers 17 beautiful horses of a rare breed, and told us that we should share the herd so that 1/2 will go to the oldest son, 1/3 to the next in line and 1/9 to my youngest brother. We can't disobey his will, but we also don't want to kill the horses. Tell us how we can solve it and we'll give you your Roman back.

    Task 4: How the 3 sons can share 17 horses so that each of them will get what they should have? (You need to share exactly 17 horses without killing them, and without waiting for the foals to be born).

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  • 9 - to the oldest; 6 - to the next in line; 2 - to the youngest.

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  • 1/2 + 1/3 + 1/9 adds up to 17/18
    hence borrow one horse from romans to make it 18/18 hence full herd
    then give 9 to eldest= 1/2*18,
    6 =1/3*18 to the second eldest and 2=1/9*18 to the third son
    then later give back the last horse back to romans
    because 9+6+2=17

  • The oldest Son gets 9
    The next in line gets 6
    The youngest gets 2

    Half of 17 is 8.5 ..... round it up to get 9
    One third of 17 is 5.66 ..... round it up to 6
    One ninth of 17 is 1.88 ...... round it up to 2

    by rounding up, they all get more than their fair share.

  • Mark adds his own horse to the herd making it 18.
    1/2 * 18 = 9 for the eldest
    1/3* 18 = 6 for the middle child
    1/9 * 18 = 2 for the youngest
    This adds up to 17, leaving Mark free to take back his own horse.

  • The proportions are thus:

    1/2 of 17 is 8.5
    1/3 of 17 is 5.67
    1/9 of 17 is 1.89

    To enable a fair and realistic distribution we need to round each result to its nearest integer...thus:

    8.5 to 9
    5.67 to 6
    1.89 to 2


    There we have our distribution.

    There is another story to this that includes the travelling mathematician's horse being added and then taken away, but it doesn't mention him or another horse in our scenario and my outcome still delivers the same result.

  • 9 6 & 2 is the answer I believe you are looking for.

    However personally I would enter them into a joint horse ownership scheme where they loan the horses out to the tribe to generate profit, eventually they will be able to buy additional horses solving the issue

  • Mark adds his own horse to the herd. That makes 18 horses.

    The oldest son gets 1/2 of the herd, so 9 horses.
    The middle son gets 1/3 of the herd, so 6 horses.
    The youngest son gets 1/9 of the herd, so 2 horses.

    This way, all the 17 horses inherited by to brothers are divided between them.

    Mark takes his own horse back.