[UK] Hero adventures-3: Journey to Egypt - Day 5

  • Lucius Tarquinius Lepidus, Mark Atilius and Tiberius Aternius were all sitting next to the fireplace drinking good wine and talking about their adventures. It was a miracle no one got hurt, and the group of Huns were satisfied with Marks answer and released Lucius.
    - Where do we go? - Mark asked Lucius. - You haven't changed your mind about Egypt, have you?
    – No way! As long as I am alive, I wouldn't have any doubts about that. - replied ex-architect. – Memphis, Karnak, Giza – I want to visit them all! But first of all, of course, Giza and the great pyramids! However, after all that’s just happened, I am not in the mood to travel alone anymore – he added. – There are lots of Egyptians everywhere since the borders are open. One of those 5 caravan drivers surely goes to the right place. But how can we find out which one of them travels to Giza and when? I started learning their language only a month ago and they don't talk Latin. Can you find out which one we need to travel with?
    This is what Mark found about the 5 caravan drivers.
    There are 5 caravan drivers standing next to each other near the marketplace.
    • The man in a green tunic is Ahmed, he leaves at 05:00.
    • The man in the middle owns 12 camels.
    • Mustafa leaves at 05:45.
    • Omar owns 15 camels, and he stands to the left of the caravan driver in a green tunic.
    • Just right of the man in a blue tunic is the one who goes to Memphis.
    • Karim leads the caravan to Thebes.
    • Next to the man in a black tunic is a caravan driver who owns 14 camels.
    • The caravan to Karnak leaves at 06:00.
    • At 05:20 a caravan driven by Youssef leaves, and he is standing just on the right of the man that goes to Memphis.
    • A caravan with 16 camels heads to Alexandria.
    • Next to the driver who leaves at 05:20, is a man that owns 13 camels.
    • The man standing on one of the edges wears a red tunic.
    • The driver with 12 camels leaves at 05:30.
    • The men in red and black tunics are standing next to each other.
    • The caravan to Alexandria leaves town at 05:00.

    Task 5: Who is wearing a yellow tunic? Which of the caravans goes to Giza ?
    This task will require 2 days to solve, so announcing the winners will be on Monday.

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  • Omar wears yellow tunic. Youssef's caravan goes to Giza.

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  • 1 2 3 4 5
    Name Omar Ahmed Karim Mustafa Yousef
    Tunic Yellow Green Blue Black Red
    Time 06:00 05:00 05:30 05:45 05:20
    Camels 15 16 12 13 14
    Dest Karnac Alexandria Thebes Memphis Giza

    Omar wears the yellow tunic
    Yousef goes to Giza at 05:20

  • Omar is in the yellow tunic. He's on the far left, and takes 15 camels to Karnak at 6:00
    Youssef takes 14 camels to Giza at 5:20, wearing red. He's on the far right.

  • Will state the postition with numbers,most left being 1 and most right 5

    1.Omar(Yellow) -15 Camels ,leaves for Karnak at 6:00
    2.Ahmed(green) - 16 camels,leaves for Alexandria 5.00
    3.Karin(blue) - 12 camels,leaves for Thebes at 5:30
    4.Mustafa(black) - 13 camels,leaves for Memphis at 5:45
    5.Youssef(red) - 14 camels,leaves for Giza at 5:20

    Pretty time consuming task,had to bring out a sheet of paper for this.

  • 1. Wearing the yellow tunic is Omar (he has 15 camels and leaves for Karnak at 6:00hrs);
    2. Youseff is the one leaving for Giza. (he is in a red tunic, he has 14 camels and leaves at 5:20hrs);

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  • Omar is wearing the yellow tunic
    The caravan that goes to Giza is the one leads by Youssef who is wearing Red tunic and leaving at 5:20 and owns 14 camels

    Omar wears yellow, leaves at 6:00, owns 15 camels, going to Karnak and standing on the left edge.
    Ahmed wears green, leaves at 5:00, owns 16 camels, going to Alexandria and standing just right to Omar.
    Karim wears blue, leaves at 5:30, owns 12 camels, going to Thebes and standing in the middle.
    Mustafa wears black, leaves at 5:45, owns 13 camels, going to Memphis and standing just right to Karim.
    Youssef wears red, leaves at 5:20, owns 14 camels, going to GIZA and standing on the right edge.

  • Omar is in yellow, Youssef goes to Giza (I hope anyway)

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