Hero adventures Part 3 Introduction

  • Dear players!

    Following the tradition of introducing the new special server – this year it’s called Fire and Sand and featuring the 2 new tribes – with the quest series we’re happy to announce that the quest series will start 12.09, at 12 UTC

    This time our brave adventurer Mark Atilius faces yet another tough challenge and will have to solve really tricky tasks in order to save his friend’s life. Join him on this path and help him on the way to the Legendary Egyptian pyramids!

    The quest series will last 5 days. First task will be posted on forum on the 12th of September at 12:00 UTC

    First player who gives the correct answer to the task of the day will get 50 gold on their account!

    3 more randomly chosen players who successfully solve the task of the day will get 30 gold each.

    Another set of prizes 3x150 gold will be rewarded to 3 lucky players, chosen randomly among those who will correctly solve all the tasks!

    But that’s not all! All players, who will solve correctly all the tasks of the quest series will get a special user title on our forum!

    Don’t miss your chance to win some gold and fame!

    Your Travian: Legends Team


    Links to each days tasks

    Day One Task
    Day Two Task

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  • Hello

    You can find the first quest in the Fire & Sands Event area.

    The the first quest is located here

  • If you have any thoughts and feedback on the Fire & Sand Contest please discuss it in this thread.

  • Where do you post your answer?

    Hey Farjo

    You can post your answer in the quest thread. Posts are moderated so once you post no one can see the answer until tomorrows task is posted

  • So I posted the "right" answer earlier piror to the change about "Znex",
    Do I have to repost it or something?

  • We will accept those answers where a mistake was made with the code anyway.

    If you made a second post we would merge it with the original answer anyway if you wanted to ammend your answer

  • I guess I'm stupid, but i can't find a way to reply to the contest post with deciphered message... I know the posts are invisible, but I simply have no button to "reply" like here.

  • Day One quest has now closed and so we can mark the answers and announce the winners.

    Each quest is closed around the time the next days task is autoposted.

  • I posted my day one reply there seems to be 2-3 threads here as links ,but my post was nowhere in the link , when answers were announced.
    Why not give clear link as to where to submit replies.
    Day two link visible today - posted there, yesterday Day one link was not visible in anywhere., only herp adventures 3 links and one discussion thread was visible.I didnot post my answers here.

  • we are still working on the day one answers. Each has to be manually checked and validated before we can announce the winners.

    Since im currently covering 3 domains which had a higher entry rate than expected its taking a little longer

  • Dear Mark!
    I am sure you've heard the news: our Emperor set friendship with the Egyptias! I invite you to join me on my travel there!
    P.S.: Talk to the messenger, he'll toll you all the details!

  • Hello.
    I am playing on .com domain but living in Russia.
    So when I clicked link ingame it sent me to russian thread (probably because I wasn't logged in on forum)
    So I answered in that topic on day 1 and 2. But later I browsed forum and realised there is separate topic for .com players. Russian thread administrator recommended me to answer in .com domain thread but what about those 2 answers I already made? Would they count in for those who answered all quests correctly?

  • each domain has the competition.

    You will need to set up the forum for the domain you play by setting it as your multi l;ingual language IE if you want to see COM posts you need to set English (COM) as one of your multi-lingual languages.
    Gold can only be claimed on the domain you entered the competition for so if you want to claim it on com you must enter the com competition (look for the blue international flag)

    You will need to ask Templar Knight the COM CM (i was just filling in while they were offline due to the hurricane in the US)

  • did i miss a day in the game ?
    i answer for Day1 the journey
    i answer for Day2 the attack
    and today i have day 4 (the problem with horses )

    so i'm wondered where is Day 3 ? ... maybe i'm stupid but i don't find ...