The games section

  • Howsit,

    Could we not remove the 30 second post delay in the games section only?

    Half of the threads in there are "type a 3 digit post".

    It might even increase activity if people can pop on and play a quick turn between posts

  • Hi,

    i agree with you, it would be easier for the games in the games section - but even on the old forums it wasn't possible, it was said that would be too much spamming then.

    At least they gave us 30 seconds wait time, in comparision to the old forums (at least for germany) that's 30 seconds less waiting per post as we had 60 seconds delay :D

    Hope you will find an open ear for that, I can't help here unfortunately, just giving my opinion :)

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  • Hey Crunchie

    I will ask the question but it wouldn't surprise me if the limit is enforced across the whole forum rather than just specific subforums.

  • And as my last act before scurrying back to UKUS now Templar is back.

    The post limit has been reduced to 15 seconds