Slinky Snail

  • Several years ago I started playing Wolves Versus Villages. About the same time, I was running an alliance called HATE on the new t4 UK servers. I met a person in both games, who became a good online friend.

    In HATE, she was a defence player and coordinator that caught many an enemy hammer. In WvV, she was the most quietly and nicely devious player that often managed to slink unsuspected through until the final days.

    For a while, I shared and enjoyed her blog that mirrored my own experiences of growing into middle age. When coming back to Travian after a break, I was delighted to find her again, still the quiet, stoic, but incredibly witty Scottish lady I remembered.

    I was very sad to learn of her illness, it was a painful but inspiring thing to see how strongly and optimistically she fought through it. I was very privileged to play with her again in her final round of Travian and in WvV.

    Sue or Soay or Slinky Snail, however you knew or remember her, she was the loveliest lady ever to grace this game or this forum and will be sadly missed.

    Our thoughts go to her husband and family at this very difficult time.

  • I remember playing a few rounds with her in WvV during my short stint in the game. It's sad to hear that she has left us. Unfortunate.

    Yes, I've built my fair share of WWs. Won a few, lost a few. Played far too many rounds for far too long. Made a lot friends and enemies.

    Yes, I've played as an anvil and as a hammer. I'm only playing now because of all the friendship I have built over the past ten years. I love Travian but I love the community even more.

    Envy me for I have everything, Fear me for I have nothing to lose.

    The one and only, Teutobod.