#AskTravian Episode 2 is delayed – Why?

  • We know, we promised you to have the Episode 2 of #AskTravian released by the end of the month. And this was the plan.
    After gathering all your questions Monday this week, we started recording it. Well, someone (we are not mean so we don’t name people: JAY) had some issue and could not focus.
    Therefore after trying for 1 hour, we managed to record only 1/3 of the video and we decided to postpone the recording.
    Because we are not mean people, we will not show you (yes, we will) Jay’s fails.

    If you see Jay around, try not to laugh in his face please, because we haven’t told you a thing!
    On a more serious note: Since we understand you are all interested to know which questions we selected to be answered, here is the full list:

    • How many coders and designers we have, and what's the cost of developing game?
    • Which nationality have devs? How do you choose them? Were they players before they joined the team?

    • How big a project is it to come up with a totally new tribe when you think about their history and lore? Do you send a designer team to some library with sleeping bags?
    • How is the process to implement new features to game? There is a brainstorming, you get all ideas, after that you test in a private server? How is this?
    • In what language is Travian programmed? What type of database do you use?
    • What was the most difficult bug you had to fix?

    • In other MMORG games characters are rebalanced (improved or weakened) every 2/3 months. Do you plan something lik this or this balancing is final?

    • What is the point of having a gray area when WWs are all over the map?
    • Any chance we can get a hold of the attack formulas? id like to be able to create a more accurate battle sim!
    • Will there be new graphics for buildings, or some of the buildings? So that we players would experience more tribe related village views, now that there are 5 different tribes already?
    • How do you determine appearances and characteristics of the tribes in Travian?
    • Why cannot this process be canceled after the merchants leaves the market place?

    • What are feedbacks from community about new tribes? Will they be implemented on Travian: Legends classic servers or only for Fire& Sand?
    • On Fire & Sand I've seen "recommend" area when I have to choose sector. Is it because there are less players? Or the idea was to have a game more realistic so have Huns at north of ancient Europe and Egyptian at south of ancient Europe?

    We hope to release the video in the next 2 weeks,

    Your Travian Team

    CM mhudson
    Community Manager
    Travian: Legends US/UK