October Servers Poll

  • please don't keep us waiting a normal world with five tribes would really bring all players together and back again a perfect reason to play travian with the same excitement like before.
    Regards reaxme

  • Fire and sand but with no auctions please? We've already got a normal fire and sand birthday server, why not change it up and take away auctions for one server?

  • For Sure many of Us like a normal T4.4 server with WW pluse Egyption and Hun's Tribes

    Please manage this kind of server to make travian more fun for us (old travian members)

  • Normal con maravilla sin oros ni heroes :saint:

    H2 : Julius Caesar (FORCE). KFC 2019


    H2 : Hook (AN) De nuevo en la rueda.

    (Busco Firma)

  • Hi. Just 2 cents. Regular server with 5 tribes - I've already forwarded that request, but I honestly not sure when (and if) it is implemented. I'll keep you posted about this, though. I personnaly like 5 tribes and maybe would like to build Egyptian world wonder - the Pyramid - myself one day.

    Right now we need to decide which server we need to start next. Regular x1 (with 3 tribes) or FaS x1 (five tribes, map etc).

    There are many people awaiting the start of a t4.4 version in the .cl domain
    We are bored :sleeping:

  • Be careful what you are asking for :) new releases are usually buggy even if TG thinks they are ready. Ameno clearly stated they are NOT ready to release 5 tribes on T4.4.

  • I'd love 5 tribes and normal server too, but if Travian makes adjustments in the game play and game rules. Otherwise I believe that WW servers are just not ready for Egyptians :x

    i just want u to know i have no prob with u not knowing good English but don't act smart and use stuff i said that u don't even understand to try to hurt me bro

  • T 4.4 with the 5 tribes

    pleaseeeeeeeeeee ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

    Marte - ül - Kargando - ACUNA - LGN - Pekes -

    - La Familia - SOA - McDc - Salados - Rv2 - FORCE (KFC)

  • Rise of the Alliances // Fire & Sand
    I like these servers best.

    Now to get into some of the comments I see. They didn't ask us what our ideal server looks like. Just a simple choice. This or that.

    I do not mind it being Europe, but it could have been fantasy land for all I care. I dislike the expansion block. Or as Linc would say: "noobfilter"??? I would love to see a bigger map, without area limits. How is it noob to have a specific goal that has little to nothing to do with the battle for the middle. :) Or are you hinting to people who spend less time than average on here? :) I mean I do like to move to the side of the map. Spend a lot of time in getting an account up and running and then just stay on schedule with building troops.

    1) 201x201 (maybe 301x301) map but NOT EUROPE (traditional open geography)
    4) Maintain the region retrictions and unlocking (prevent noobs from placing village 2 150+ tiles from center)

    I like the way you put any decent piece of land would do and I agree artifacts spawning in the middle should indeed be of higher value. This to encourage people to move here and fight each other. A good account will most likely get the artifact it wants anyways if they play their cards right diplomaticly.

    3 races? 5 races? 21 races? Truly I do not care much. As long as it is balanced and has no bugs. Having said that.. Please don't go over like 10. I do not want to have to remember all those different units and their stats.

    Smart may have the brains, stupid has the balls

  • T3 clasic server please....wahhahaha

    in default T4.4

    cl4 - 2009 (No recuerdo la ally XD)

    FTS - cl2 09´- 10´
    SPA - cl5 09´-10´
    DDLD - cl9 11´-12´
    AC/DC - cl3 2013
    A&F/SPA - TT2013
    L3E - cl5 2015
    GT - cl1 2015
    Hermosos cl5 16´-17´
    Jurassic - cl1 17´-18´
    BSG - cl29 2018
    Ñam - S6 Hispano (jugando)

    BSG - S3 Hispano (jugando)