Dual (comx)

  • I'm looking for 1-2 more duals for my account at COMX .... current population rank is top 10 , current raiders rank # 2
    Account is a top notch .. Gold user preferred ... msg me here if you want to play

  • I'm looking to join an account on comx, since I'm joining the action late. I'm offensive Teut only (and guessing you are too) with raiding #1 experience.
    Heavy on gold, heavy on time/effort. Looking for a team where equal input is valued and no bs accepted. I live in Northern Utah (Salt Lake City) and play at UTC-6 but have a very flexible schedule due to having my own business, which allows me to play prety much anytime.
    I'm relatively new to comx as I'm a usx player. Don't think I know people on this server and don't feel like starting 2 weeks late.
    Pm me for Skype or reply here if interested.

  • I am looking for a Dual, Im i Denmark. So We would be able to be Online, 24/7. I am gold user and OFF teuton.