[US] Halloween 2017

  • Dear players!

    Cold winds from the Northern Ice peaks bring scary things to the world of Travian. Ghost dragons were seen in the sky and the fallen are raising from the graveyards! And it means….

    That it’s almost time for our Traditional Halloween Picture contest!

    Grab your creativity and use your skills to create the funniest (or scariest?) Halloween picture of Travian!

    Participants and winners will of course get gold prizes. The best of each community will enter the final stage where a jury will decide the international winner and the winning image will be used as a header for our Facebook page on Halloween!


    • The first stage starts on 17 October 2017 at 04:00 EDT // 01:00 PDT Time and will last till 23rd October 2017 at 04:00 EDT // 01:00 PDT
    • You are allowed to participate in every community you’d like, but for each community you have to post a different image.
    • Each player can get nor more than 1 “participation reward” per domain and the gold will be granted only on the domain where player took part in the contest.
    • Created image should be exactly 828 x 315 in .jpg or .png high resolution format.
    • The image should contain Travian Logo on the right upper or right bottom corner.
    • It’s up to you whether to use the 3 main characters image we provide or not, but the final image should have Halloween & Travian feeling and taste.
    • Please, remember, that you can’t use pictures covered by copyright.
    • In the attached zip file you'll find: Travian Logo, 3 main characters from the main page and muster file for creating image of exact size.
    • The coolest pictures will be uploaded to Facebook in the Halloween gallery


    10 gold – Each participant that posted a picture that met our requirements will get it as small “participation reward”.

    50 gold – for second and third place on each local domain

    150 gold – for the first place in each local domain competition.

    Absolute winner of international jury vote will get a T-shirt and highlight of the picture as official cover picture for Facebook during the Halloween period!

    In the attached file you'll find

    1) Muster file with exact dimensions
    2) Start page hero image
    3) Travian logo


  • Hey Folks

    Some excellent submissions made this very difficult to judge.

    We of course had to do some image checking ourselves to look up copyright etc which was also useful in helping us spot those images taken straight from the internet and posted here with just minor edits.

    Judging was done by myself with some assistance from the mod team.

    As stated everyone gets 10 gold – just for posting. If you did not give your server details please send me a PM with the location you wish to receive your gold (must be on a UK server)

    In first place receiving 150 gold is:

    We loved the simplicity of this image and the fact that some thought had gone into making something that both summed up Travian and the Halloween theme. Not sure a ghost has a shadow but overall an excellent entry

    In Second place receiving 50 gold is:

    Spooky, a very clever entry of blended images but would have loved the detailing to be slightly clearer and the logo seemed too bright compared to the rest of the image. A very close second place, well done.

    There were many similar type images we have seen but the background image appeared crisp and the way the images were positioned ensured they did not look out of place.

    Well done to everyone who took part.

    If you did not specify a US server to receive your gold on please send me a PM with server/account details

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  • We are happy to announce the global winner of the Halloween Picture Contest.

    The winner was MadFairy from the Russian community her design below will be used as the header on the Travian Facebook page on Halloween.

    52 different images were received from the global community representing the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places from the domains that hosted the contest.

    Well done to all who took part.