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  • When you accidentally entered your password wrongly, the forum ask a random question.
    An example will be "What building increase the stability of the building in the village?"

    Answer is obviously stonemason. Me, like any sensible Travian player typed stonemason and not cranny.
    However, I keep finding that I have entered the answer wrongly.

    I thought I input the wrong password again, but apparently not. After 20x I find out that the forum only recognize the answer "Stonemason" and not "stonemason. Which is why I keep failing to answer.

    Capitalization is not that important for these questions. I'm wondering if the system can be changed so lower or upper case don't matter for these cases.
    And not just that. Plural apparently is very important. Roman and Romans.........

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  • They are still toying around with those so I will forward your feedback so they can see it. If it is capitol sensitive then it should say it.

    Thanks for the heads up and we will get it sorted.