Heroes vs. DoH War-Fred

  • There hadn’t been much to do for superheroes since the children who had been fascinated by their stories had grown up and matured, now spending their time with hard work, money and reality.

    The heroes were bored. Awfully bored. No more lives to save, no more adventures to survive, no more challenges to take. Just sit around, have some cookies and dream of their glorious past.

    So they had been looking forward to their anniversary celebration with pleasant anticipation for months. Not only because of the expected amount of cookies (the cookie monster had declined the invitation with deep regret) but also hoping for something interesting to happen, something thrilling, something that could satisfy their urge for action and adventure.

    „Hope it won’t just be Sailor Moon talking about dragons all day long“, James Bond said to himself.

    It was a sunny day in autumn when they met. Round about 30 heroes had followed the invitation and the cookies were as tasty as expected. They met old friends, talked about bygone days and laughed about stories they all knew by heart. Sailor Moon talked about dragons. Mr. Bean was the first one who fell asleep on his chair.

    Suddenly they heard shrill voices from the outside. Someone yelled: „THE ANIMALS!!! THEY ARE ALL OVER THE PLACE!“ Then a buzz of voices, screams and shouting. The heroes headed towards the windows.

    The town was upside down. Citzens were running through the streets, grabbing their bags and their children, some even called out for their mothers-in-law. Cars were being packed in a hurry and left the town with squealing tyres. Minutes later the town was deserted, just a cloud of dust was slowly sinking to the ground.

    And when the dust had settled they saw them. Far out in the boonies of the North West they encountered a group of oddly shaped creatures turning towards the town. „A Spastic Hawk!“, Austin Powers gasped. „And a.... Hairy Beaver“, Saber Rider added in astonishment. „See the Goathly Goat with the golden coat over there?“„Not to mention all the different monkeys! TWAAAALF!“ Han Solo was excited.
    Pumuckl was the first of the heroes who tore his eye away from the weird spectacle. He clunched his little fist (cuteness overload!). „That’s for us, guys. WE are the heroes! Let’s go and get them!“

    "Would be nice as a pastime, so let’s catch them and make this town safe again!" Red Zora suggested with an innocent smile. "Then it’s decided." Pumuckl looked at the other heroes. "Wickie, go, take your strong guys and set sail. Dagobert, get us some money, we need some special equipment. Hannibal, you and your A-Team should prepare some flight-stunts, but don't tell B.A. anything, he would be angry. Han Solo, we need to find out how the Ewok is connected to the animals. Visit Joda and ask for any curiosities with the force. Nemo, you take your winter-clothes and find the Polar Bear and the Deadly Penguin, I guess they wanna go to colder areas. Hey, Flintstones, take your stone-mobile and watch out for animals that might have spread out! Garfield? Bring some lasagna for all the hungry heroes. But don't eat anything yourself! And bring a sandwich for Mr. Bean, please."
    Pumuckl went on giving orders to every single hero. "Ah yes, Sailor Moon, special task for you: They have a dragon. I don't know why, but it’s a job for you!" He smiled. "Okay Heroes! Lets get ready. The town needs us!" Sailor Moon jumped up and down. "A dragon, cutiiiiieeeee! In the name of the moon, we will punish you!"

    In short: Heroes! declare war on DoH.

  • Honestly made me laugh. Very well written. And well exciting to see war declared too.

    It shall be fun :D

    They see me rolling
    They hating

  • Why do I have a feeling that this war will only last for a few weeks? :huh:

  • Why do I have a feeling that this war will only last for a few weeks? :huh:

    Have some trust in your members, Lemon!


    "Between impulse and action there is a realm of good taste begging for your acquaintance."
    (the doctor, voy4/25)

  • Im curious as to who you think will come out on top in those "few weeks" :p

    Not you, cause you have managed to "quit" already. After you failed to cat down a small cropper, lol

    Have some trust in your members, Lemon!

    I only trust my wallet.

  • Expected a cropper without any fields left when I woke up, turns out Heroes don't know that 20 cats don't do much damage..lel

  • Heroes vs. DoH War-Fred

    Can anyone look here or just Fred?

    Bo knows! Mace are like bees... a few of them are harmless but a swarm will kill you.
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