Heroes vs. DoH War-Fred

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  • ha ha ha :D:D now this lands like WWK hammer :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    I'm sure we'll get another fancy reply along the lines of

    "these were their best players"
    "these accounts bordered with our accounts"
    "we wanted to make a statement"
    "im sooow sure we got walled by DOZENS of accounts outside of DOH, it's just that i dont know the names, or have any evidence. But im really sure about it because they have more accounts in their 50x50"

    i could keep summing up explanations that enti gave so far but at the end of the day there's one side that splats what is probably half of their offensive power, and the other side loses... what ? a handful of accounts. I thought you predicted DOH to fall apart shortly after artefact release enti. what happened ? i seem to recall you making bold statements such as "you won't last untill artefacts". I think everyone is starting to realise that the germans are just going to keep hitting DOH without actually killing them of. Maybe a few more accounts will be forced into deletion but it appears you already lack the offensive power to seal the deal... would be quite embarrassing to get your butt kicked by bruce almighty don't you think ? considering all the measurements you took in order to stick it to him like using spy-intel to find out his quad, or inviting the king of trash to dual with you.

    To summarise: -shady tactics
    -poor (actually non existent) door policy.
    -real depressing results in terms of progress in killing the enemy

    Hey, it just hit me, i can also describe Doh with these same 3 lines...

  • "get your butt kicked by bruce almighty" ...

    lmao made my day ... for kickin somebodys butt, you first HAVE to kick ;)

    I used to agree...
    Not anymore

    Let's wait n see... but odds are you're just gonna get walled every other op untill you have nothing but trash hammers left, at which point Doh can start lowering Def per defended village.

    Hey maybe i'm wrong and you're intentionally killing of troops to keep your trashy cap production positive :thumbsup: Good luck catching up in raiding without troops by the way

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  • ... or may be you can only talking bad about our ally, because we have a player in our group you hate!?

    Poor jealous guy. We take him and not you...


    ...und Tschüss!

  • Oh, docto_com back into action? on forums, at least.


    "Between impulse and action there is a realm of good taste begging for your acquaintance."
    (the doctor, voy4/25)

  • More absence? Well, can't tell for your dual on Kungfu Panda after you left. But as far as i am concerned: yes, i could do with some more absence of your crappy posts (sun)


    "Between impulse and action there is a realm of good taste begging for your acquaintance."
    (the doctor, voy4/25)

  • Pretty sure my 'crappy posts' adressed the war

    that wasn't perceived very well so you beat around the bush and make it personal again

    if i reply with the same hostility they'll start mass-whining and disliking my posts untill staff steps in

    German logic 101

  • what's up with all the "don't be jealous" comments.

    you do know that i was invited over him who shall not be named , right ? me leaving is the only reason why he got an invite so there's nothing to be jealous about. It's not like you were that selective when forming an alliance and i didnt make the cut. I'm not there because i chose not to be there. That doesn't mean i dont like to come down hard on two faced people & cheaters. You can keep calling it jealousy if that makes you happy. :rolleyes: