• That’s disgraceful to the Teuton community!!

    Then again, I suppose they took away the Teuton cranny dip at the same time they added helmets which would be when all the big Teuton players swapped to roman.

    Why are you paying so much attention to the hall of fame anyway? How big is thing you’re going to hit me with be? (Don’t say 12 inches funny man)

  • I was just nosing at how big Giga's was comparatively, I had a general idea of the teuts on there so I thought they'd be in or around. Maybe there should be a separate one for new servers, the bonuses will have changed a lot. I'm not sure I like the idea of them so I might make this the last round.

    Nothing compared to Giga crunch btw. Gauls aren't exactly renowned for mega hammers, thats why we built an anvil.

  • Thankfully I think that is getting bad reviews on new Travian too. I reckon they would’ve forced it upon us already if they were going to do so.

    Then again. Maybe they are just perfecting it.

    I made it onto the top ten Gaul rams on uk1 for 3 weeks before someone on the same server knocked me off :D that was upsetting but I set out to be smashy so not heartbroken

  • If some rich idiots decide to spend 100 gold (example) to merge to 2 lame ass hammers into 1 massive hammer, then there's every possibility travian will implement it as it's a money spinner

    My artefacts bring all the heroes to my yard

  • can't see them bringing troop merging in. To broken for standard servers. Wouldnt of thought the ally bonus' would be that much of an issue. They cost an absolute fortune so it kind of balances out. Helps promote team play aswell

    tormentor - As for replying to other posts, I really cannot stand the stench, even the nose plugs are not stopping it.

    listers losers - Does that mean youve taken off the gimp mask?

  • I thought a small squad like your team would feel the effects more than most.

    There is limits to how much one player can donate per day (you can triple per person with gold of course and I won't get into my whole potential for so called elite pre-formed not welcoming non gold anymore' thing in this post) but if we were to take this server as an example. By the time you had merged with NMS, R D would've had 10% production bonus and 10% troop strength bonus whereas you would've been at 4% because you didn't fill the embassy sooner. The NMS embassy upgrades become irrelevant, the individual contributuions do not roll over so also become irrelevant.

    By artefacts a team of 60 contributing 28% of what the max gold allowance can will have 6% quicker build and6% stronger troops by artefacts, a small team of 14 that play well as a team now have a much higher uphill climb

  • Thanks for that crunch, I haven't been on one of those servers so it's good to hear how it works in-play from someone who has. 2017 is the worst. First Konami ruin yugioh and now TG ruin legends even more. Plus all those famous people died, but mostly the game things!

    Looks like I need to go and grab FM, the last refuge I have haha.