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  • Okay, Haaaaiiii, I'm Spencer. Nice to meet you. Im on the TrollerCoaster account with Tarheels.

    We like to drink champagne and take long walks on the beach.

  • Bringing this back to life with a question. Can we determine the person or event that spawned the word "huggle"? The first time I remember seeing it was a long time ago and it was from Gibby.

    I think it caught on s1r5 our alliance was named Huggle Bears

    Current- S1R11: Trollercoaster(*FU)

    S1R3: Silentium / TheSteelCurtain - DSP
    S1R4: The Godfather - TRU
    S1R5: Tyler Durden - HB

    S4R2: Sleaze - WP BOHICA
    S4R3: Dusty Bottoms - RED

  • I did save the hammer which I deemed more important.

    But I will give credit where credit is due. Props to DM-Xmas for forcing me to lose all my 19s and a handful of buildings (stonemason, brewery, great barracks, great stables).

  • Meanwhile, over at Carni's, who mourns his wheat fields:

    Phew ... you other quads, you just can't fathom how Lucky you are to not have such a general. Slave work day out and day in, and only used banana peels in Return :-(

  • Oh that final pic is just sad enough I will send Carni res....

    Blackblade wrote:

    and yet everyone seems to love her..It remains to be seen if this is out of fear and indoctrination or actual love

    Scarecrow wrote:

    a bit of both, really

    Clash wrote:

    When those guys with hug-me coats show up, you go have to be NUTS to run this bunch

    us1 - SIO Win

    us4 - SIO Win
    us3 - FWB Win


    Didn't you know? They're everywhere! In all quads!

    Proof in case,

    This Parker Lewis figure has completely taken over the World's End and actually dominates that Whole area. In Our kindness, *FU lets him stay in the SW. What about you other guys? Tolerant as well?

    I was gonna say something else, but then I figured Imma say something first.

    Hey DM_XMAS, perhaps you didn't know this, but in their famous 1984 hit single, Band Aid also had a B-side of their hit. Here you see Bono and Sting and uh, someone else, perform the lyrics.

    Perhaps you didn't buy the single? Well no problems, I can tell you that the b-side is really hard to sing.
    But the lyrics are targetted directly at you!

    Oh ok. Back to the first topic.


    Also known as "The Dilly Dilly Man" and "Praetmeister", well actually also a huge number of other names but the MH will ban me for them, so I'll skip them.

    Parker Lewis is world famous in the SW for having put everyone on his raiding lists - all caps, all troop villages and all artifacts. Funny little trick Yeah? Hillarious.


    We took back a village, right, which once had a large arti, but doesn't any more; and so we thought, hey! Then we can just ask Dilly Dilly to take that village off'a his lists, yeah? And maybe just add the new arti village instead, yeah? As a shenanigan to the new owner, Yeah? (Ooops ... sorry dadderax, that was Jim's plan all along).

    But ... instead of going from 3 to 2 villages under attack ...

    Thank you, Parker Lewis. What can I say. You're always on our mind.

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