• Hello Everyone

    Catz had made a post earlier and have seen a couple others post briefly about the edit feature on the forum now.

    I have sent a message upriver to find out the facts on this so we will all know.

    Can anyone recall if this is just something recent or has it been this way since the merge?

  • We had full edit functionality for a long time i believe after the merge.
    It only started some days ago. People started having issues with editing their posts.

  • Yesterday morning I had posted something and edited a typo. Then i wanted to edit another one couple of minutes later - and the edit-button was gone.
    One can now report own posts instead.

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  • I think, the "problem" started with the helloween-contest - may be the new option should only be for the contest-forum? We can edit for 5 minutes, than the button is away.

  • Here is the scoop.....

    There was a bug that happened after our merge that did allow unlimited edit after a post. This was not intended and was not the case even on old forum.

    The edit has been set to 5 minutes recently and that is what we are all experiencing.

    It was longer on the old forum but not that much more. I did ask if this edit time could be expanded and they will take it under consideration.

    So for now it is and will be 5 minutes from post. If they do change it in the future I will refer back to this thread for reference.


  • Ok, than this "bug" was in german forum the standard option. We could always edit our posts, without any limit (maybe this is not the best opportunity, but 5 min. are not enough time)

  • I am pretty sure i can find my old post with "last edited x hours ago" with time way pass 5 minutes from posting. It was always here, not a bug. And what is the point?

  • Templar, that's wrong. You could always do unlimited edits on the old forums.
    I mean, I don't mind limitation but it's simply wrong to say it was "just a bug".

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  • Templar, that's wrong. You could always do unlimited edits on the old forums.
    I mean, I don't mind limitation but it's simply wrong to say it was "just a bug".

    Sorry but there was not unlimited edit on old forum, at least not on .COM forum. It did have a timer but was longer then 5 minutes.
    The bug here is confirmed and unlimited edit was not intended. I guess bug is not really good word to use since it is a matter of settings.

    As stated in previous post 5 minutes is what it is right now but they are considering a change. :)

    EDIT... Schmitz I think you may be right about unlimited time on old forums.

  • Thanks for the edit, templar. (good you made it in the 5 minutes-frame :D )

    As ive said, limitation seems to be reasonable, there is no point in users editing their posts after they have been replied to i.e.

    I am just annoyed by this "it has been a bug which is now repaired" thing. We've had that on several other occasions when the "bug" had been default setting for years. I personally don't mind "we have changed for reasons". What i do mind is devs thinking users were dumb. :)

    "Between impulse and action there is a realm of good taste begging for your acquaintance."
    (the doctor, voy4/25)

  • Thinking the users was dumb was never what Travian ever thought. This was just something that was discovered and was something they wanted a limit on. Unfortunately it looks like it just was not caught till recently.

    As I did say bug was not the right word as it is a setting adjustment.

    Not to worry though it will get sorted out in some form. There is a lot of discussion about it. :)

  • I just realized that i am unable to edit anything even if the edit button can be still used. not even few seconds after posting. This should be a bug ;)

    "Between impulse and action there is a realm of good taste begging for your acquaintance."
    (the doctor, voy4/25)

  • There is a point to change a post after it was responded. Some are designed that way. 5 minutes is really short time, does not work for me at all.

    If this "bug" was on the forum forever and no one (or not many) complained, why, suddenly it has to be changed?

  • Agree with ELE. Some posts may need discussion then we can edit previous post by adding the summary and conclusion of the discussion.

    I used to write story in fan art section and need to edit some typos or little details sometimes. Five minutes after post will not be sufficient to find and rectify all. And like other writers, we need to edit link for new chapters uploaded in content list (usually our 1st post in the thread), that might be weeks or months before we upload the newest chapter.

    I believe the same case for guide writers. They usually divide the guides into some smaller parts, need to make and edit their content list every now and then, also edit some of the guide after discussion.

    I can't find the reason to limit editing time, it's frustrating ;(

  • Well, yes, since it was me who fixed those settings, I guess I need to be in this discussion as well. On previous vbulletin forums it was actually matter of settings of each domain, on the new forum it was set at 5 min from the beginning to regular users, but somehow didn't work as intended.

    Reasons why I eventually had to change it:

    1) Some (not many, but there were few examples of it) users used the edit button to change their old posts to offence other players and avoid moderator's eyes, since moderators already checked the thread and didn't expect that. It could have been reported later, but not in 100% cases.

    2) Hero adventures contest - one of the winning conditions was to be the first who gives the right answer (we'll change this rule for the new ones, btw, but that what happened) - some players just entered the thread, made the post moments after the task of the day had been posted and then edited it later with their answers. Yes, this was noticed a while later, but anyway, it's another example when the edit button has been wrongly used. Some also edited their posts with the correct answer after the task was over, and the answers already revealed. Yes, it's something we could check, but it added quite a lot of work to those who handled the quest series. And for some communities there were like 400+ answers for just one day, so, it's lots of manual work.

    3) On many forums, like I said, the time limit settings after which players could not edit their post anymore were active like forever and players had no problems with that, so it's more or less a matter of habit. If they needed to edit post after the limit of time was over, they just contacted moderator and they fixed post for them. Or they posted an addition (like the next chapter to the guides, not when they just decided to include some simple comment to the thread which can as easily be kept as a separate post, of course) and asked mod to merge posts / move the data to the first post.

    Anyway, what I would really like to say. Unfortunately, due to mainly the first reason, the restriction will have to stay here. We want to keep the atmosphere on forum nice and friendly, but sometimes we need to set certain limits for that. If you have other ideas (keep in mind that the time limit can't be extended just for certain languages / forum sections - only for usergroup on forum in general, if yes, for how long you find it reasonable?) I am open for it. And thank you for your feedback!

    When you contact me via PM, please, send your messages in English.

  • Unfortunately BurningBoard does not have a feature like that. There doesn't even appear to be a plugin that does that (at least on the official plugin store, and you don't really want to get plugins elsewhere, for security reasons).

    Personally, I would also find it really annoying in the long run.

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  • Thank you Ameno. I understand the reason and agree that some sections like server lounge and contest might have time limit for edit, even though I still think that five minutes is too short.

    What I'm afraid most is that giving edit limit in some other sections like guide (discussion) and fan art (story) will make the forum less comfortable. We need more creativity, interactive discussion, and tidy look of a thread. And in most guide or fan art like that, usually the thread starter took responsibilities to post latest update/summary of the thread discussion so new readers don't have to scroll all comments to figure out the final conclusion. They are kinda 'shadow moderator' of their own thread. I'm afraid it will burden the moderator for small but lots of task like adding summary or inserting bb code for every new chapter or guide uploaded.

    So I suggest to make guide/discussion/story rooms still have limitless edit to make forum nicer. Or we may give the limitless edit for the thread starter only.

    But if that's not possible, guess I should prepare to nag Xaviera to edit and inserting new bb code or any other edit every now and then. Luv u, Xaviera, hehehe