COM4 - Final Thoughts

  • We set out to unite 90 strangers in the NW and bring peace to our quadrant. We had great and helpful teammates in Nobody and I am glad to have played with you.

    Obviously, samkiller's hissy fit and the deletion of the useless alliance known as "NFL" was the biggest blow to our meta. After gifting Warriors 5 artefacts (Miley Cyrus: I'm sure you are a great player but none of the artefacts you stole were defended or actually none of the players you attacked informed anyone :D)

    To lose a whole wing over some 17 year old kids hurt feelings, not to mention the artefacts they gifted you, and that our meta spread into 3 quadrants, while Warriors have 300+ in the same quadrant. And even recruiting TDE to help you..Not to mention the players we lost due to inactivity resulting from boredom because you didn't do anything significant till the last 20 days of the server...

    I am forced to say that your meta is really terrible, any other alliance worth its name would have wiped the floor with us in these conditions, but you guys were just thinking of the last 20 days. I am happy to have not played a game using this strategy. If things had gone differently, and MH didnt delete the entire Firefly wings and EE-ANK's best players, you might have even managed to lose the server altogether.

    Respect to EE-ANK: Great and special players. The best on the server. The problem is they didnt care about the WW.

    Respect to Havoc: Great Players in leadership.

    Respect to Warriors, thanks for the (little) fun.

    NFL and Samkiller: Useless players with tons of purple medals but not one knows how to handle a small Artefact :D Our biggest mistake this server was to ally with these losers and their horrible egotistical useless players.

    and finally RESPECT to NB and all the friends who have come together and helped each other during these past 8 months. It was a great joy to play and lead you. And RESPECT to Moondance, one of the best leaders and players I have ever seen.

  • This server was an odd one. The final outcome was clear quite early in the game. On the 1 hand Warriors and on the other hand 3 quads full of rag-tag alliances. It was nice to be part of the unification attempts of the rag-tag-alliances, ending up in a loose cooperation between EE-ANK, NB, Havoc and NFL/Perdu/DS-DOS (merged later).

    Despite attempts to efficiently form an effective meta, that would have a small chance against Warriors, it never really got off the ground. Defensively there was some cooperation, resulting in some caught hammers, but also in a lot of lost artefacts, since it never took off completely. Offensively a large group of random meta members participated in (mostly) successfully destroying dozens of Warriors capitals. But beyond this, too much externalities (most notably traitors and a self-pitying lord with a handful of submissive servants), too little overall coordination, some language barriers and a general lack of overall-leadership prevented us from seriously giving the WW a shot. Which is fine by the way, since the WW is the most boring part of the game and not really my personal favourite. Smashing capitals with the Catapult Crew was the most memorable achievement for me personally.

    So the only logical outcome is the outcome that was clear all along: Warriors will win the server, without ever having to make any serious effort for it. Easy win! Congratulations!

    Thanks to everyone and see you on a next server!


  • respect for staying
    But 300 warriors in same quad pls show screen shots, when i joined was only 120 about
    And you had 1 wing in same quad as them

    Warriors -> Clowns?

    My full reply is on other thread


  • I'm not sure where you're getting the numbers

    155 at end game.. 3 wings of warriors+LNRS

    I don't have server start stats but I remember they had around 240 accounts in the same quad.

    in2. jin
    au1. rock
    com4/uk1. Moondance

  • thx ruffian
    Your correct but still a long way from over 300

    I think you were player f39 ?
    Well played
    Can you enlighten me on what happened in the other 3 quads as numbers were about even when i started as said in the last weeks just b4 perdu was wiped. as you said around 140 ish so the other 3 quads ended up with basically the same numbers as 1 quad , putting aside the 1 issue of 1 quad with that 17 year old they complain about, what happened to all the players in the quads, did they fail to ally them or mass deletion from boredom?
    I did see but they did have a lot of plants loners in sw and other quads as end game saw a lot of loners on coordinate attavks which if real loners you would not get, so were controlled.

    If i may say but, bordom is own issue and cant blame on others, teams need to make own fun to keep players active, especially mid game, and that can be done in lots of ways , not just because a enemy fails to attack , as warriors also saw little in the way of attacks yet did loose some to bordom but leaders need to step up always to keep players active in multiple ways, from news letters, interseting mms , competitions, and attacks defense not just 1 egg makes a good omelet


  • and my pinkie told me that people from the zerg didn't trust each other and that they had too many egos in their ranks too. Such a shame : you gave us some sweaty nights to start with, and then it fell down like a soufflé out of the oven too long

    Move on ! Circulez : y a rien à voir