Tournament Finals are coming!

  • You are a brave warrior and your heroic deeds haven't gone unnoticed! Have you qualified to defend your honor in the 2017 Travian Tournament Finals? Get ready, the Tournament 2017 finals server starts on November 15th, 2017 at 2:00 pm (GMT+1) and will be held on a double-speed server.

    If you have not qualified yet, signup for the Wildcard Raffle now by entering your email address on the Tournament Site you have time till November 15th.

    If you have qualified, keep an eye on your inbox as you'll receive your personal registration code a few days before server starts. Also, stay tuned on Travian Facebook page to follow all the news.

    During the championship, you can track the current tournament highlights and statistics directly on the Tournament Site!

    So get ready for battle and may the strongest win!

  • I will be founding an alliance on this server and am looking for alliance members as well as sitters and duals.

    Please message me.

    I was founder of the #1 alliance by average population and offense for the first 3 months of the qualification server and always top 10 for raiding and #2 by total population.

    I have just one rule in my alliance and that is: Have each other's backs. When someone requests defense or offense, help them out.

    Other than that, I'm super chill. I mostly expect all members to be highly active all day during their waking hours at the very least.

  • Hello Everyone

    The raffle codes to gain entry will be sent out on the 15th of November


    This does not make any sense, why create this suspense and confusion ? Why risk of having multiple issuies and lots of emails to from players who received code and it's not working, from players who did not received code but they think they should etc.
    Not to mention we would like to prepare all battlegroups prior to the official start date and we need to know who is going to play OFF, who will be DEF< who will play hammer, who will play support, but how can we prepare if we dont even know who is qualified or not ?
    First you remove Romania from Tournament Groups , but it's ok I compensated your mistake with a massive marketing campaign for travian tournament... but now you dont send personal access codes prior to start day ?
    Who takes this kind of decisions ?
    If I'll be the boss at TG, half of the team will be made redundant... things are really not being done properly there.
    Let's hope at least the server will not crash in the first few days of the finals...

    Teutonic Steel, Tournament 13-14-15-16-17-18 :hero3:
    Archangels, Dacia, 2011 (com5) - Archangels, WoD, 2010 (com1), Timb3r, ReF/CWL, 2009 (com6) - Arwen in 2008 (com5), Emerik in 2007 (com5), 2006 (com1), 2005 (com1)

  • Hello Everyone

    There is a holiday next week so I am told that this will have to be taken up on Thursday with those who can decide it.
    No promises or guarantees but we will see if anything can be done to get those out sooner.


  • Hello Emerik

    I have sent your feedback up the stream so to say just to get some clarification on that.

    When I hear something will get back to you.

    Thank you. You could add to Emerik's and Dacia complaints those from the side of the Ru team.

    I guess the reason behind such short term registration is an attempt to avoid a couple of mults and it's understandable to a certain degree. However, the multies don't usually have to start right away and can be activated during the whole day. The real players, on the other hand, need a well timed spawn to make their way to the second village asap. What become a usual case of non working activation codes will delay the start for some good players. And given the fact that this all will happen within the first minutes of the server, the delay might take a long while until one or two travian admins will sort the whole mess out.

    This attempt to fight mults and bots might just turn into a mean to disrupt the strategies of the teams instead.

  • Wildcard raffle for the Tournament finals 2016

    when will pre-registration be opened and qualified players get their registration codes?

    why is things different this year from last year?

  • Guys...first of all, i tried to recover my forum password and failed miserably at the security question "Name a travian race". I tried them all and it did not work. I finally figured that the first letter is case sensitive Gauls works, gauls does not. I mean please train someone in the team in ux (user experience). I mean we really like your game, we invest our money in it as a sign of support, but come on guys, sometimes we feel that you are not even trying...We love you, show some love back...servers always crash, lots of decisions go against the community.

    This wildcard thingie on 15 is a perfect example of that. Its a nightmare for teams that actually want plan a game. NEWSFLASH:THIS TEAMS PAY GOLD --> GOOD THING FOR YOU!!!!! Why put the community on your heads for no reason? I want to belive somebody thinks things through before taking a decision..but in the last period it seems that you are either very uninspired either very unprepared. I agree with emerik that you should probably get better prepared staff.

    When i started playing this game in 2008 there were 6,7,8,9 k players per server. Now 800 at start 300 at finish. Who do you think is to blame for that?

    I am very curious for the reply to the wildcards situation.

    Best regards

    Ro server ts4 - Snail
    Qualifications 2017 - Snail
    TT 2017 Muad`Dib

    Proud to be a noob

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  • Hello shhx2005_CC

    When Travian merged forums and game interface the pre-register feature was not possible anymore.

    Those who have already qualified will receive their codes a few days before the actual start date.

    A few days could mean 3-5. This coming Thursday though we will be getting some other info so I am sure I can pin someone down for an almost exact date
    for the question you are asking about those qualified.

    Stay tuned to this thread for that. :)