Village setups

  • So I'm getting back into this after not playing for like 8 years. Looking to actually set my villages up for purposes this time so would love people to advise me on how to setup and properly used the following:

    - Res supply village
    - Anvil village
    - Hammer village
    - Scout village

    Links to guides would also be appreciated, doing so much reading at the minute!

  • We do have a guide for village plans, though my personal approach is very different to that in the guide and so I've detailed a few variations you could go for if you've played a round or two already.

    I would take out v2 and combine CP villages with all defence / supply villages. A def or supply village isn't massively limited on space, so you can afford to fill the gaps with embassy's, whereas in a hammer village that slot could be used for essential storage. I'd also take out villages 5 & 7 and combine them with village 6. Offense troops are best trained in one village (unless you specifically want two or more hammers). Unlike with def troops, you can't combine the effect of off troops from several villages meaning there's no combined value. It's also cheaper on forge upgrades and tournament square upgrades.

    Res supply village - here I would look to maintain a high level marketplace and trade office. I'd also consider investing time and resources into maximising the res fields, res buildings, and making good use of the hero's mansion (to at least level 10, if not 15. Level 20 is not economically worth it in my opinion, other than in the capital village). If the goal is to shift resources to aid a hammer/anvil, then maximising the resources it produces aids the wider goal of the account and gives you more to use when building troops. The high level trade office will then help to shift it a bit quicker. Trade routes are a good way to automate the moving of res, so one warehouse and granary is sufficient here. If you don't use trade routes, consider building additional storage to avoid overflow and to allow for longer periods between moving res. Only downside here is you're more prone to being raided and so a deterrent to raiders could be handy (traps if Gaul, higher level wall, scouts sat in the village)

    Anvil / hammer / scout village - to begin with I'd limit myself to one of each of these. Focusing your efforts in one village is a lot cheaper and logistically easier, especially with off troops. Defence troops can be split across several villages and the results can be combined when defending, so anvil villages aren't as crucial. These are also good villages to invest in larger storage (great storage or regular storage) and more expensive buildings like treasury and tournament square.

    Hope this helps as a starting point - and by all means if you have any questions ask away. There are plenty of players with different experiences who will do things different to me :)