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  • The 1st 2 players to correctly guess where I am at will receive an entry key for this years Tournament Finals

    The 1st correct answer will also get a custom forum title of their choosing(must be suitable for forum)

    This contest is over when I get 2 correct answers

    48.183659 ..... 11.592217


  • This 1st step in this contest has ended and

    Panda has won a key and custom forum title

    Pristol has won an entry key.

    The correct answer was Travian Office in Munich Germany.

    Don't stop watching this thread as I am bored and have some keys to give away.

    It will happen in this thread as I continue the game. :)

  • As I was loading my catapults for our attack I fell in by accident and my dual hit the attack button. :(

    This of course launched me far from our intended target and I landed somewhere in the African continent at 19,341 ft above sea level

    Give me the correct name so I can load my GPS and get back to Travian

    1st correct answer wins 1 entry key and custom forum title.



    First 3 correct answers will receive 1 free entry ticket to the Finals!!!!

    How many KEYS have I given away so far?


  • 3

    TT2020 - Ночные Ведьмы



  • Step 3 has ENDED and our winners are......

    Panda....2 time WINNER



    Each of you have won a key to the Finals.

    I will send it to you in just a sec in a PM

    Stay tuned for more but first time to make a sandwich

  • 8

    ру1 KOLY13 2010г. Cr.Crazy(Cradle) // ру8 Sanych 2012г. Зубры(Лоси)
    ру9 Фло_мастер 2013г. Секта (Секта) // ру8 Мир Иллюзий 2013г.(Кресты)(удален)
    ру5 Ну_Погоди!!! 2014г. DMI.Dr™(DMI) //ру7 Panther 2014г. SSD(SSD)
    а так же RuXы " YoYo, ВыЛыСыПыдыСт, Бамболейло "
    ЧМ 2016/17 _YoYo_, Отборка 2017 _ФартуМастиАУЕ_,ЧМ 2017/18 team IceScream ,ЧМ 2018/19 team NotBad

  • Just a simple reminder to all who win multiple keys.

    The Finals is not like the test server where having more then one account was okay.

    So find a friend or team mate who just missed qualifying and pass on some good fortune. :)

    Taking about a 45 mins break to feed my face but the game will continue on when I return.

  • HERE WE GO on yet another step in the game of games........

    Me and the family have set off on a journey. How would we get to this destination and where is it?

    19.603356 .... 87.592217

    1st 2 answer correct answers will win an entry key into the Tournament Finals!!


  • bay of Bengal

    рух18-sweet dreams;рух19-Jiatura;рух20-КроТ;рух21-cosa nostra;Рух22-Эбола;рух25-Пошлые шалуны;рух26-Плохие соседи;рух27-Достал рух;рух30-Каратель;TRx-capomafioso;рух33-Чисто по фану;TRx-Aram-Zam-Zam
    ЧМ 16/17-BrooTalk
    ЧМ 17/18-Tommy Gun
    ТТ 2018 Group A-Ковальски

    ts5-Вершители Судеб

    ЧМ 18/19-gangsters

    ТТ 2019-Соло


    tx10- Чисто по фану

    ТТ 2020-Катастpофа