Sever Of Multi's

  • I am not sure where a post like this should of gone so i have put it here if it doesn't belong here then please let me know where i can post it.

    I am sure that many others have noticed as i have if they are playing com3 the massive amounts of the most obvious and ridiculous multi accounts i have seen for a very long time. I wont mention any of them here but all information has been forwarded to MH and yet have had no response even after showing convincing proof that said accounts are indeed multi's.

    There are so many and so blatant that it seems like they are just trolling people at this point, if someone can enlighten us on what is being done about the situation that would be appreciated. If it continues then the server is practically ruined and we will probably not be staying much longer.


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    Once you send in a report to MH they do not and cannot talk to you about what they do.

    So when you do report suspicious activity the MH will investigate it and if they see a problem they will take care of it but you will get no notification or be told what the MH is doing.

    This is due to privacy laws so all communication is between the MH and the player who is accused.

    Also keep in mind that just because you suspect someone of cheating does not mean they are and suspicion is not proof.
    The MH is not allowed to tell you if your suspicions are true or not.

    If you need further clarification on this just ask the MH.


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