4am?!?!??! 4am?!!??!

  • Hey Crunchie

    While the time is unusual, I suspect that is a result of the shift from summer time when the server started to standard time for artefact launch.

    I will ask the CSR if that time is correct and if so, if there is the possibility of it being moved back to the standard 5am time



    CM mhudson
    Community Manager
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  • Was 5am not cruel enough!!

    Dont worry crunchie.
    3 servers now where artifacts weren't released when they were supposed to. Will release around 7-9 according to how things have gone in past few weeks.
    TG at its best.

    They see me rolling
    They hating


    Could you ask them to do it around 10 am whilst you're a it. Would be lovely to send after a coffee for once

  • I've often wondered why it's normally 5am which is a stupid time to release them IMHO. Why not 1pm or even 8pm or any NORMAL time when people are awake?

    IGN is Scoot on all servers, all the time.

  • Sunbed rules of course.

    I assume you’ve been to a holiday resort at least once if your life?

    If you want a deck chair you need to be up at 5am to get one.

    Ze Germans are up and do and it’s a German game. Seems simple enough.


    Could you ask them to do it around 10 am whilst you're a it. Would be lovely to send after a coffee for once

    Try putting the coffee machine at the end of the bed. I've found it's also good exercise too when trying (and failing) to hit the 'on' button.

  • I personally find it very disrespectful to the UK players that the Trav Team can not make a small allowance of an hour....

    Even though most UK people find the normal time of 5am an absolute pain ... then for a MOD to make a joke of it.... Really not that cool Hawk.

    I guess it is .... what it is......

    Maybe if the MODs actually stood up for the UK players.. on occasion........and understood why there are so many players not returning then maybe more players would stick around longer term... and we would not see a uk server at arties time with a total of 391 active players.

    just my thoughts.

  • The server totals are less that what a quad was on T3.6, I think that’s more the cause though.

    Not sure you can blame the mods on this one, however, I’m all up grilling hawk so yes hawk, how dare you be lighthearted!

  • it is not my only gripe lol .... i am sure there is more to blame.. but a little flexibility ..... could never hurt...... i do not know of one UK player that enjoys having to get up at a silly time to send out for Arties... LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE..... you might retain more people. lol

  • My comment was meant in light humour, certainly not intended to disrespect. From what I've seen the Travian team at local level and HQ have been making changes that aren't publicly visible in order to make sure artefacts are released on time (or as close to as possible), as well as taking feedbacks seriously and doing our best to ensure it gets seen. I appreciate it's difficult to know the full extent of what we do when it's not publicly visible.

    As the arte release sits with the in-game team I would encourage you to either IGM 'Support' in game with questions and feedback, or I'd revert to Matt's comments about seeing if the time can be changed back to 5am. Unfortunately it's not something the forum team have control over, hence we can't give you a definitive answer straight away.

    Regarding your comments about mods not standing up for players, the first issue is that we moderate the forum and not the game. But nevertheless we play a role in the wider game and most moderators I know are still players and we all want bugs fixing and downtime minimised just like everyone else. We may be moderators too, but we still want a fun and functional game for everyone

  • Reminder to MODs to remove SOH before coming on the forums :p

    The feedback on the forum is fed back to HQ by the Community Manager. We’ve been very lucky to have one who fights our corner pretty hard in the background. There’s an awful lot that goes on behind the scenes.Unfortunately, not all of it can be implemented. Please keep giving your feedback though and we will continue to pass it on.