[SI1] Splošna debata & bojna poročila

  • Hello and good morning,

    I do hope everyone once again had a good weekend. A good week has passed, most have settled, many still have their settlers travelling out to the bushes and we are now full 2 weeks into game. Well - there surely have been some changes and we are beginning to see who is who around here. But lets go through it step by step. Ladies and gentlemen - I would like to present you 2nd comparison of si1 alliances. I hope you will enjoy it. Feel free to check out results of last week here (21.11).
    Here we go.

    Population ranking
    1. SG - climb from 3rd
    2. O.B. - keeps the position
    3. SG II - drop from 1st
    4. RM - drop from 3rd
    5. SV - climb from 7th
    6. ALFA - climb from 10th
    7. - RM + - newcomer
    8. DP - keeps the position
    9. ~Gobe~ - drop from 6th
    10. s-m - newcomer

    Average population
    1. SG - climb from 4th
    2. - RM + - newcomers
    3./4. DP - drop from solo 3rd
    3./4. ~Gobe~ - climb from 5th
    5. SGII - drop from 2nd
    6. O.B. - drop from 1st
    7. SV - keeps the position
    8. RM - drop from 6th
    9. ALFA - keeps the position
    10. s-m - newcomers

    So we have some changes here. O.B.2 is gone from top 10 as all members are now joined in single alliance, TGE is gone too - members have gone to ALFA and O.B. However place is not left empty and we got newcomers. - RM + has made statement in... (you will never guess the region!) -/+ area. Finally we have something there. Meanwhile s-m covers area between -/+ and +/+. Frankly I think that it might be a tough place to make living at, but hey - game is still early. Also it is worth noting that SG are holding their positions strong.

    Attack points
    1. O.B. - climb from 6th
    2. - RM + - newcomers
    3. ~Gobe~ - drop from 1st
    4. RM - drop from 2nd
    5. SG - drop from 4th
    6. SV - climb from 8th
    7. SG II - drop from 3rd
    8. ALFA - climb from 10th
    9. DP - drop from 5th
    10. s-m - newcomers

    Attack points per player
    1. ~Gobe~ - keeps the position
    2. - RM + - newcomers
    3. RM - keeps the position
    4. O.B. - climb from 9th
    5. SV - drop from 4th
    6. DP - drop from 2nd
    7. SG II - drop from shared 6./7.
    8. SG - drop from 5th
    9. ALFA - climb from 10th
    10. s-m - newcomers

    ~Gobe~ have kept their sticks sharp. Surprisingly enough - RM + have also been keen of poking their spears and swords up in enemy, ummm, nostrils. Definitely a lot of shifting here this week and I expect to see more of that over coming weeks as we are just getting started here.

    Defense points
    1. O.B. - climb from shared 4.-10.
    2. SV - climb from shared 4.-10.
    3. SG - drop from 3rd
    4. - RM + - newcomers
    5. ALFA - climb from shared 4.-10.
    6. SG II - climb from shared 4.-10.
    7. RM - drop from 3rd
    8. ~Gobe~ - drop from 2nd
    9. s-m - newcomers
    10. DP - drop from shared 4.-10.

    Defense points per player
    1. - RM + - newcomers
    2. SV - climb from shared 4.-10.
    3. O.B. - climb from shared 4.-10.
    4. ~Gobe~ - drop from shared 1./2.
    5./6. SG - drop from shared 1./2.
    5./6. ALFA - climb from shared 4.-10.
    7. s-m - newcomers
    8. SG II - drop from shared 4.-10.
    9. RM - drop from 3.
    10. DP -drop from shared 4.-10.

    In case you are wondering why for some its climb from 4.-10. and for others it is a drop, it is because average score for 4.-10. was 7 last week. So here we see that - RM + not only poke others, but also get poked themselves with some swords. SV seem to get tickled a bit as well. This area however will change most over next couple weeks as week ago most were not even out of beginners protection yet.

    Overall result
    1. O.B. - 17 - climb from shared 5th/6th
    2. - RM + - 18 - newcomers
    3. SG - 23.5 - drop from 2nd
    4. SV - 27 - climb from 7th
    5. ~Gobe~ - 28.5 - drop from 1st
    6. RM - 35 - drop from 3rd
    7. SG II - 36 - drop from 4th
    8. ALFA 42.5 - climb from 10th
    9. DP - 46.5 - drop from shared 5th/6th
    10. s-m - 56 - newcomers

    O.B. - Here we go - a new leader. Considering a fact that they have no real competition in area this makes sense, but the real question is - can they keep it up and stand tall about 2 big metas - RM and SG? I would love to hope soo as 3 sided server is always more fun.
    - RM + - I love to see newcomers coming in strong like this. I am a bit concerned about RM allying half of the server, but if they do a good purge night there might come a good alliance out of this. Also question is if all RMs will one day join in one alliance or stay separated? Time will tell.
    SG - SG have taken the course and they are walking in that way. Their positions in +/+ look stable and I believe as long as they stick together like a fist they will be a tough nut to crack. They have settled some nice croppers and I believe it is only a matter of time until troops come swarming out of those.
    SV - I am a bit surprised to see them doing so well considering how crowded is -/- area, however this just makes things interesting. If I was a new player I would have it quite difficult choosing who do I want to join in this area.
    ~Gobe~ - another -/- team. They were 1st last week, but that was mainly due to fact that someone had attacked them. This week however makes sense. They are poking their neighbors while avoiding being hit themselves. That works I guess.
    RM - They got numbers, they got wings, they might even have a system. Looks like purge might be required here however this is an alliance with a potential.
    SG II - While there is not enough space in SG, SG II fills the spot and does it well enough. Also it is always useful to have some small wing as a training and testing ground for new guys. This seems to serve well for that too.
    ALFA - last week I wrote that they would have to work hard to keep their positions. They have done it. Not only they stayed in top 10 - they have managed to climb up to 8th. Well done!
    DP - They have suffered harsh drop in ranking and are not that far from dropping out of top10 at all. Would be shame to see them go, therefore I hope they can get up and hold their positions. After all their location is quite convenient.
    s-m - this week they are the ones I kindly ask to work hard and stay in top10. This week 2 alliances changed. It annoys me. Please do not annoy me. On more serious note - they do have difficult location, however I have seen decent teams emerging from worse situations.

    Well that is all for this week. Do not take everything too seriously as this only gives some basic impression. There is so much more research that could be done.
    Looking forwards for your comments and have a nice day.

    Lep Pozdrav,

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