[SI1] Splošna debata & bojna poročila

  • Spoštovani uporabniki

    Prišel je čas za nov Travian: Legends SI1 igralni svet. Tudi tokrat smo vam uredili temo na forumu, kjer boste lahko debatirali o igri in bojnih poročilih.

    Pravila ostajajo enaka. Od vas pričakujemo, da jih boste upoštevali vsi, brez izjeme.
    Naj vas samo spomnimo, da so prepovedane kakršnekoli žaljivke, SPAM sporočila, slike brez besedila, debata o kaznih in zaklepih in če vas osebje obvesti, da smatra določeno besedo za žaljivko ter zanjo poda opozorilo ali prepove njeno uporabo, da se tega držite.

    Pogovor naj poteka spoštljivo do vseh uporabnikov, za osebne pogovore (pogovore med soigralci), za pogovore o preteklih serverjih, stare zamere in pretekla nesoglasja pa vam priporočam in svetujem, da uporabljate katerega izmed za to namenjenih programov ali zasebna sporočila.

    Želimo vam veliko uspehov in užitkov ob igranju najnovejšega SI1 strežnika.

    Različica: T4.4
    Začetek strežnika: 15.11.17, 06:00

    Lep pozdrav,
    Vaša Travian ekipa

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  • +/+ seems to be quite crowded
    Out of current top 20:
    +/+ - 11
    -/- - 6
    +/- - 2
    -/+ - 1
    Wonder if there are going to be any wars within same quad.
    And 500 players registered already. Thats a bit surprising amount. Gives a little hope for an active server.
    Also - I think I will do first comparison of alliances on Monday. Will be interesting to see how the first week has finished.

  • Do it, I love stats and comparisons

    P.S. Server looks crowded, hope it's gonna be a good one :)

  • Hm, včeraj ob 6.01 sem se poizkusil registrirat. Ni in ni bilo aktivacijske kode. Ob 8 in nekaj minut poizkusil z drugega maila in drugim imenom. Aktivacijske kode tudi tu ni bilo. Par dni sem se veselil, da začnem nov server s prvim dnem in potem takoj slaba volja. In včeraj čez dan odločitev, da če te neka igra še pred začetkom spravi v slabo voljo, ni vredna igranja. Ampak, danes ob 6.00 prileti mail z aktivacijsko kodo za en račun. Neverjetna hitrost, sicer 24 ur prepozno, drugi pa zna priletet jutri zjutraj. Morda tudi zaradi tega tako malo igralcev.
    Prijetno igro vsem

  • Do it, I love stats and comparisons
    P.S. Server looks crowded, hope it's gonna be a good one :)

    Well you can check out my comparisons on last SI5 forum. If you like the format - that is how I will do it. It is not completely objective when dealing with unstable alliances, but when the teams are stable gives quite decent impression :)

  • I am planning to do some comparing late Monday evening or Tuesday morning and generally will use same categories for top10 ranking as in si5 (can check the forum :) ) except for conquered villages and artifacts obviously. However if you have any ideas of new categories for comparing (as long as I can get info from Gettertools or travian itself) or some ideas to generally improve comparison - will be happy to hear!

  • Good morning.

    I do hope everyone had a good weekend.
    First of all I would like to apologize for all my posts in forum being in English. Despite Slovenia being a wonderful country (yes, I have been there) and language sounding beautiful as well, I do not have knowledge of Slovenian language.
    As promised I am creating alliance comparison which I will try to run throughout the server at least once every 2 weeks or maybe even every week. Those who played previous si5 might already be familiar with those reports, however I will explain how it works. I will be taking top 10 alliances from alliance population ranking and will rank them in following 6 categories:
    -Average population (per player)
    -off points
    -Average off points
    -Def points
    -Average deff points

    Later on another 2 categories will be added:
    -villages chiefed (information gathered via gettertools)
    -artifacts owned

    Total amount of standings will be count together to get Overall result (1st place in category gives 1 point, 10th gives 10 points, less total points = higher overall standing).

    Obviously this comparison will have some flaws - if there is rapid increase or decrease of members in alliance, average results will change a lot, however, since I hope for strong teams, I hope this comparison will more or less give impression of what is going on in the server. Besides average score shows what is average input per player because as you know - team is as strong as its weakest link is. I will also add some comments by the end of the review and of course I am also open to additional comments and suggestions to improve this in the future.
    So - enough words. Let the numbers do the talking. And I always try to add some humor in this, I do not mean to offend anyone and hope everyone can take a good (or bad) joke.

    Population ranking
    1. SG II
    2. O.B.
    3. RM
    4. SG
    5. O.B.2
    6. ~Gobe~
    7. SV
    8. DP
    9. TGE
    10. ALFA

    Average population
    1. O.B.
    2. SG II
    3. DP
    4. SG
    5. ~Gobe~
    6. RM
    7. SV
    8. O.B.2
    9. ALFA
    10. TGE

    Well we have our first leaders - SG II have grown plenty of carrots to feed their many villages and have taken top positions in regards of population. ALFA closes top10, however every single alliance will have to work hard to keep their place in top10 and what is more important - to be represented on my comparisons, because I only look at top10.

    Attack points
    1. ~Gobe~
    2. RM
    3. SG II
    4. SG
    5. DP
    6. O.B.
    7. O.B.2
    8. SV
    9. TGE
    10. ALFA

    Attack points per player
    1. ~Gobe~
    2. DP
    3. RM
    4. SV
    5. SG
    6./7. SGII
    6./7. TGE
    8. O.B.2
    9. O.B.
    10. ALFA

    So ~Gobe~ and RM has got pointy sticks already. And that is understandable since -/- is quite crowded there is going to be some competition. Will be interesting to see how this develops.

    Defense points
    1. SG
    2. ~Gobe~
    3. RM
    4.-10. DP
    4.-10. SGII
    4.-10. TGE
    4.-10. O.B.2
    4.-10. O.B.
    4.-10. ALFA
    4.-10. SV

    Defense points per player
    1./2. SG
    1./2. ~Gobe~
    3. RM
    4.-10. DP
    4.-10. SGII
    4.-10. TGE
    4.-10. O.B.2
    4.-10. O.B.
    4.-10. ALFA
    4.-10. SV

    Seriously? It has not been week and somebody has already pointed his sticks at one of biggest alliances we have now? Well - I have no idea who was that, but he has some balls. And I have a reason to open def ranking as well. Were not expecting to do that on 1st comparison.

    Overall result
    1. ~Gobe~ - 16.5
    2. SG - 19.5
    3. RM - 20
    4. SG II - 26.5
    5./6. O.B. - 32
    5./6. DP - 32
    7. SV - 40
    8. O.B.2 - 42
    9. TGE - 48,5
    10. ALFA 53

    Shared 6./7. gives each 6,5 points, while shared 4.-10 gives everyone involved exactly 7 points. Lenin would be proud.

    ~Gobe~ - Population is not everthing. Pointy sticks and some twat hitting them on 1st week has brought them to 1st place, which also makes them 1st in the cutthroat -/- region. Definitely a good start.
    SG - frankly I was expecting SG II to be higher than SG, but once again - some twat did throw his troops at them. Good for them - 2nd place secured. Also SG and SG II are only 2 major alliances in +/+. I hope they get some competition, otherwise they might get bored out there. But hey - carrots are always in high demand and they might just have opportunity to grow them in peace.
    RM - another contender from -/-. Worth noting that they are only half a point behind 2nd place. Also somehow they are only top10 alliance that has more than 5 members in -/+ (is that region really that dead?). They got the numbers, they got the sticks. Will be fun to watch them doing their plays in -/-
    SG II - here we go. 4th place. Yes - SG has got both of their wings in top 4 and it is only 1st week? Wonder if they can keep this up until the end? I certainly hope so. I expect good stuff from the,
    O.B. - +/- has 4 top10 alliances in it and they are currently best there. Just like SG they got 2 wings in top10 and that is a good start! Will we see come wars across the border? Well I would love to see those, because border wars are always fun, especially when chiefing begins.
    DP - they do not have numbers, but got the spirit. Rumour is that one of them settled last night already and more are on the way, but we will never find out if that is actually true. Well ok - we will. It is true. They got tough competition in region with Gobe, RM and SV there, but that is what drives people to get better.
    SV - seriously? Are the lakes in -/- made out of beer? 4th alliance in -/- and none of them seems to be a wing of another one AND all of them in top 7 here. SV will likely not allow anyone to live in peace in -/- and we would expect nothing less than that from them.
    O.B.2 - they are the wing of O.B. They got the numbers. Somehow I would not want to be in the middle of all those O.B. guys - would be scary. I mean who would sign up for that?
    TGE - oh, yes. TGE did. they live in -/-. They are in top10, they won't have it easy, but who knows - maybe in a week O.B. will be the ones not having it easy?
    ALFA - they are in top 10, barely therefore will have to work hard to stay in it. I wish them luck to do so, because I prefer comparing same alliances every week instead of new ones. Please do not make my brain explode and stay in top10. Thank you!

    Well that is all for this week. Obviously can't take this 100% seriously, especially because top10 alliances have not really been hit yet, but it's something.
    Looking forwards for your comments and have a nice day.

    Lep Pozdrav,