The Corner Final 2017/2018

  • Welcome to Tournament Final 2017!

    Today starts the very awaited Final. So many players are eager to start what we think will be an epic server.

    I will do my best to forward information and news so you really can take part in what is happening.

    This Corner will be used as a news paper as I did them before. A new edition every Tuesday with latest events from the Final. This thread will be closed for comments.

    Every Friday I will write a War diary on

    We will also open a Corner thread for discussions about the server where you players can contribute.

    Have so fun!

  • Content

    • Safirens Corner
    • Maps -Ally spawns
    • 2nd village - interview
    • The Final challenge
    • Auctions
    • Buildingplan coords

    • Top 10
    • Reports
    • Video

    Welcome to the first edition of The Corner for Final 2017/2018!

    I hope you will find my newspaper interesting and informative. It has been a bit hectic to get this running, it is so much to check and organize in the start. I have gathered a Corner team that speaks different languages, it’s not complete yet, but it’s a start. I hope that will make it easier to get information about what is happening on the server so we can forward it to you.

    I haven’t time to write a longer essay now so let’s start with the maps. Don’t take this maps too serious. What I want is to give you a picture where the different nationalities have spawned. In future editions we will look closer on the meta diplomatics results.

    NorthEast +/+

    Here we have the Gallia meta from French qualification. 304 accounts. Indonesia 187 accounts and Germany 105 accounts.
    If they all cooperate we don't know for now but 629 accounts in total.


    The turkey alliances in NE is 495 accounts.…

    Other alliances, 140 accounts…

    SouthEast +/-

    SouthWest -/-

    Russia with friends 662 accounts.…

    SPQR with friends 671 accounts…

    NorthWest -/+


    NE 1231 account counted (2245)
    SE 2377 accounts counted (4011)
    SW 1333 accounts counted (2194)
    NW 1432 accounts counted (2310)

    In Total 6373 accounts and we have 10610 registered players.

    Number of SECOND villages (only second) for each sector: NE = 868 SE = 1509 SW = 1198 NW = 1174


    Second village

    I just realized I haven't got the promised interview, I will have to add that later..


    The Final challenge

    I would have missed this if I haven’t seen a link in my FaS chat. I like the new forum but it is so full of information so it is easy to get lost.

    The story is that Templar Knight posted a challenge in the Event and Contest section on International. Who was willing to start late and how would that go?
    Laughing Gaz accepted the challenge and started 5 days late.

    I contacted him and asked a few questions.

    Have you played Tournament before?

    Never played finals always played speed server or slow server, never x2.

    What kind of player are you? And how long have you been playing Travian?

    Off player and I have be playing for 7/8 years. I’m male 24 and I enjoy travian. Part if the challenge is to play without gold. So no idea how it will play out.

    I don’t think it’s so big disadvantage to start 5 days later. You get a bit out from the center which can be good. Most players don’t get a cropper in any case.
    5 days is a lot. Lol

    It is a secret where you spawned?

    Nope, SE. Name is tks challenge. No secret at all.

    Well I wish you good luck with your challenge :)



    As always the first auctions is crazy. Lucky are the players that are first to get desirable items to sell in the early hours. Even ointments and cages go for huge amounts of silver. The most valuable item is the Gladiator helmet and the bids on that one is stunning and cause a lot of comments in the chats.

    The first item in auction was ointments and it was visible when it was 10 hours left. I’ve lost that picture somewhere with a single item, looks a bit weird but it soon got company and here the first auctions finished.

    A couple of hours later the first Gladiator helmets arrived.

    and the bids immediately went up way beyond the most players limit.

    The final bids

    But that wasn’t the most expensive Gladiator helmet. An hour lately one was sold for 490K silver. I had a picture of that one too but can’t find the right chat.

    I don’t like this new version of skype that I’ve been forced to use, it is miserable for Linux users. I need to remember to save properly immediately when I get pictures from you and don’t wait and think to do it later.

    Not all spends their gold on helmets. This guy bought a lot of ointments and books :D

    I tried to find one of those players that earned so much silver but failed. I promised gold but it didn’t help - but I got a lot of tips who might have been the buyers, thanks :)

    I’ve sold items myself, the best was a bucket that went for 11K silver. In total I’ve got 189 gold so I could buy Gold club, I like autoduck. Plus to be able to check what happens with the croppers now in start and to be able to npc when it’s time for the last levels on Trappers.


    Buildingplan coords

    Many have asked about the buildingplan coords. And as we all learned last Final it is essential to know them and plan for them from start so I repeat them :)

    Map section & Coordinates

    North West*= (-18|30) (-35|4) (-45|37)
    South West*= (-26|-25) (-10|-57) (-55| -20)
    North East*= (33|12) (12|33) (10|56) (55|20)
    South East*= (30|-20) (4|-35) (44|-37)


    Top 10

    I wrote to TAKTAK with compliments that MÜFREZE did so well first week - but I never got an answer..

    Congrats to all that received a medal the first week!

    Players Top10

    Alliances Top10



    Dacia and CheckerB is supposed to be allied but Turistit tried to raid. Ivette followed him home.


    One in my team found this video:

    And this was all for this week, I hope you enjoyed!

    The Corner will be published every Tuesday at midnight.
    Do you have news, reports, a funny story to tell? Who shall we interview? Other proposals?
    Contact us on skype/forum or send a message ingame to Safiren! (Yes a ! after my name due to a mistake I did)
    The Corner Team: Safiren, Alexander, Ciccio_Shady, Hello16rus, Kisscool, Monjp, Strategic, Zoomi.


    *Skype: safirwin *Mail:

    A newspaper about Travian since 2009

    Best analytic

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  • Katarina from Dacia

    1. Congrats to being first with second village. You farmed a lot. How many friends helped you with cages and heros?

    Thank you. It's our style to settle 2nd village in top 3 on each server where we are playing. We have some friends with who we are playing for years, very good and dedicated players. My hero and around 7-8 other heroes attacked for 48 hours non-stop and they died for several times.We spent 100K silver for cages, and we had maybe 50 cages before the auctions started.

    2. Did you kill your own hero? And how many times in that case? How many troops did you have?

    Tuesday night we had around 100 clubs and Thursday night around 150 which was maximum.Our hero died two times in 48h.

    3. Which buildings was the most important for you and which levels? Did you party? Did you build on fields, levels?

    Academy, Main building, Residence. We didn't received culture points on daily missions, so we needed the academy and the town hall for party.We had the fields at level 3.

    4. Did you get a helmet or did you buy one?

    We bought the helmet after we settled the second village.

    5. Tells us about your account, How many duals, male, female, age. What do you do for your living? Do you have any hobbies? Which music do you like? Movies?

    We are three on Katarina. Me(Shevcenko), 22 years, student. These is my 3th tournament and I started playing travian from 2009.You told me to say something about me , what do I like, what is my hobby
    ...well...I like beautiful womens, and my hobby is to make them smile when they are alone in the night and there`s only thought is about me. I'm joking =))

    Gabi(l-g) 30 years old, automation engineer, These is his 4th tournament , and he started playing travian from 2006.

    Lucian, 35 years old, mechatronics engineer.These is his 2nd tournament and he started playing travian from 2007.

    6. Have you learned the importance to not use the same passwords on different servers? And have your dual on the other server changed his now? =)

    All passwords have been changed for safety, however we are sorry to know that our friends , the Italians , where the only ones(maybe not the only ones, but they was first with the comments) that have made bad suppositions about my account.They probably forgot that we supported each other in every tournament they played. Our motivation came after long hours that we could not play and we need to be more active and courageous, we have to play much better than before.

    Good luck all,

    Shevcenko (1/3 Katarina)

    Dacia Forever

    T-shirts on the way!

  • Part 1

    Safirens Corner
    Map Gray zone
    The metas

    Part 2-5

    Interviews NE
    Interviews SE
    Interviews SW
    Interviews NW

    Part 6


    Part 7



    Last week had a nice content but looked terrible and 3:30 in the morning it was too late to do anything about it. It isn’t possible to edit a post after 5 minutes either so I had to let it be.
    This week I hope it looks better, I have also divided it in parts so you don’t have to scroll as much. We have a lot of interviews this week. I wanted to know the common players view of the server. It’s so fun to meet new and old acquaintances. Read and enjoy!
    I will start to post the sections that is ready. Report section needs some more editing but it will come tonight :)
    My village has been visited by scouts twice a day since my protection ran out. Best catch so far is 90 scouts from BAD. It’s a pity you don’t get def points for scoutings. :(
    I’m building more scout.

    Gray zone

    I got a pm that I should write about the Gray Zone and yes, the maps isn’t complete without a look on the enter. So who of all the alliances shows their intent to make war about the area?

    Russians from NordWest and SouthWest, WINter meta and BAD have shared the Western half of the Gray zone between them. A couple of intruders from MÜFREZE, ND and Dacia.

    Turks , also from both North and South, MÛFREZE and COF metas,claims the Eastern part of the zone. The Gallia meta have players here too in the upper quarter and nTPL O in the lower.


    Summary: The Russians holds a strong grip on the Western part. Turkey will have to fight both with Gallia and nTPL for the area - and of course the Russians too from the other half.

    Around the borders it is a lot of Russians on the West side except from in the south where we can find Italians. On the East side the border is more mixed with alliances representing Turkey, Gallia, Arabs and Poland, to name some of them.

    We can look forward to a lot of action here.

    The Metas

    After counting 6500 players last week and placed their alliances on a map there was no time left to summary the metas. So let us take a closer look this week :)

    Let’s start with a repeat of the summary:

    NE 1227 account counted (2245)
    SE 2658 accounts counted (4011)
    SW 1640 accounts counted (2194)
    NW 1925 accounts counted (2310)

    We have 600 players less but it doesn’t make so big difference.

    NE ~1200 players: Turkey 500, Gallia 505, Germany 112, Others 110. ~ 1000 players not defined to a meta.

    SE ~2300 players: Poland 369 (I haven’t sorted TP and PS yet), Russia 468(Prime+X3+TG) - hm I think I shall add the Baltics here, 101 accounts. Turkey meta consist of Arabs 600, China 130, Vietnam 230, Latins and Hungary 140, and last Turkey themselves 620 accounts, in total 1720 accounts - which makes them to the biggest meta in this Final.
    Hmm that is 2658 accounts counted for SE.. still 1353 not counted - as much as one of the other quads ^^

    SW ~1300 players: UN meta (BAD/Cerber&Co) 930, SPQR&Co 710. 300 more have joined an ally. 800 players not counted.

    NW ~1400 players: WINter&Co 420, Turkey 180. NW meta consist of Dacia 790, CZ, HUN, Crotia, Ukraine and Arabs 420, in total 1210 . And what to do with Portugals 115 accounts? Do they play with WINter?
    1900 players counted, plus 500. With so many counted, only 400 is left outside. I wonder how the farming goes in this quad..

    So - biggest meta is SE meta(ND+COF and friends)) - 1720, followed by NW meta in NW(Dacia and friends) - 1210. NE and SW have more equal metas in size.

    But then we have the metas that will not fight each other. Russians in 3 quads in total 1900. Turks also in 3 quads summary 2400 in total.

    I need to think on this to next week :)


    *Skype: safirwin *Mail:

    A newspaper about Travian since 2009

    Best analytic

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  • Interviews

    This week we have interviewed players and tried to avoid players in leader team. We wanted to know the common players opinion of the server. We haven’t got answers from all we tried with but many enough. Thanks to all that participated!

    NorthEast +/+


    • You are in NE, what do you think about the quadrant?
    • Were you lucky enough to get a cropper?
    • Do you have experience from earlier Finals?
    • Where do you expect the hardest fights to be? Between which alliances?
    • If you had to choose another meta, in which one would you like to go , and why?
    • Tell us about yourself and your account: gender, age, work, hobbies. Do you have duals?
    • What is your favorite song title you would like to share with others?

    sky boy NKRI XO

    1.The NE quadrant as of now only have two big meta which is Gallia with their coalition and Turks with theirs. As you can see from the start, there are crowded as always in finals and there are some urgency in settling second village. We are glad that we could secure some croppers in our area. I would say it will be intense war between this two meta later.
    2. We were not really lucky with the cropper, but we manage to get 75% which is not bad.
    3. Yes Final is tough, you have to build cranny and save your resources from enemy, every resources is like a diamond.
    4. Italy vs Russian in SW, there would be a hell of fight in there.
    5. We are still going for Gallia, since we fought in the same qualifications, We don’t want them as enemy though :p
    6. I am 27 years old, male. Hobbies is swimming, travelling, and of course playing games. We are three on account.
    7. Goyang Dumang, I’m listen on that song when doing farmlist.

    • Untuk saat ini, Kuadran NE mempunyai
    • meta yaitu gallia beserta koalisinya dan Turki. Seperti yang anda bisa lihat, di Final sangatlah ramai dan ada beberapa urgensi dalam memiliki desa kedua secepatnya. Kami senang bisa mengamankan beberapa cropper di daerah kami. Saya mengatakan bahwa akan terjadi perang sengit antara dua meta ini nanti.2. Kami tidaklah terlalu beruntung untuk menguasai cropper, tapi kami memperoleh 75% yang bisa dikatatakan masih ok
    • Yes, Final itu sulit, Anda harus membangun cranny dan menyimpan sumber daya anda dari musuh, setiap sumber seperti berlian.4. Italy vs Russian di SW, saya percaya akan ada peperangan sengit yang akan terjadi disana.
    • Kami akan masih bekerjasama dengan Gallia, karena kita bertempur di kualifikasi yang sama, kami tidak menginginkan mereka sebagai musuh.
    • Saya berumur 27 tahun, laki2, hobbies adalah berenang, travelling, dan main games. Ada tiga orang di akun kami
    • Goyang Dumang, saya mendengarkan lagu itu saat melakukan farmlist


    mr.Smith PP

    1.Interesting quadrant ...
    2. Thanks to my Valkira I got a nice cropper.
    3. This is of the second Final, I think.
    4. And for now I do not think about it, it's still early ... it will be what the boss (Valkira) says
    5. I don't play with ally, I play with friends wherever they are.
    6. 63 year old man, retired but I've been working my computer (programmer) all my life and today computer is my hobby. My wife play on mrs. Smith. I like that movie :)
    7. Stairway to heaven from Led zeppelin

    • Interesantan kvadrant …
    • zahvaljujući mojoj valkiri dobio sam lijepi croper
    • ovo mi je mislim drugo finale
    • pa za sad ne razmišljam o tome, još je rano ... bit će kako šefica kaže
    • ja ne igram sa savezima, igram sa prijateljima ma gdje da su
    • 63 godine star muškarac, penzioner ali sam se cijelog života bavio kompjutorima i danas su mi kompjuteri hobi ...
    • Stairway to heaven od led zeppelin-a


    Les incapables COQ

    1) First of all, sorry for my English, I am learning. 
    Yes I am in the North East, the quadrant is the least populated, but remains very dense. We are well surrounded by all nations, especially the Turks. They are quite numerous in different areas which gives them an advantage over us. They are aggressive which allows to delay the advanced accounts. We must find solutions to allow us not to be delayed and allow us to repel them. In any case the server looks tighter than other years and perhaps more interesting.

    2) Hahaha, Very good question ! We made a very good start! We had everything we needed to get the v2 at 5H on Friday. Which was pretty good compared to the rest of the server and that would have allowed us to have a 15c 150% to 12 boxes. Our first settler was launched at 6:30 pm server, until all was well! Then we started looting with our settler to get out the 2nd. The 2nd is launched at 1h server time. We were happy with the looting. Then, we looted with our 2 settlers, and during a looting, connection problem, the hero does not send himself, and as luck would have it, even more animals arrived in the oasis ... And we have lost 1 settler on our 2. We must wait again to have our 2nd colon ... And after the 3rd ... We take out our 3 settlers, then we launch on a 15c 75% in Gray Zone after asking confirmation that it was available from our chef. 30min after launch, we learn that this grain will be taken 10 minutes before by someone else ... It's so sad for us: D Never mind! The colonists come back, and at this moment our leader proposes to us to colonize a 6c in a difficult zone, and having nothing to lose we accepted. So for summary, It was an eventful start.

    3) Yes, I have already done 3 Worlds without counting this one. 1 very difficult face to face with a Russian alliance, it was a carnage on both sides, then 2 others more quiet! But I had less experience!
    I remember a world where the day before the release of plans I took a major speed to get a plan ... But before the morning of the release of plans ... I activated the brewery ... So I could not target the treasure chamber haha and still today it tells me again! It was very funny when we think about it ...

    4) The hardest quadrant will be the South East, there will surely be alliances between coa to kick other coa .. Because there is a lot of people. There will surely be a very nice report! In the meantime I will see many coalitions unite against the Russians .. We will see later the server how it will turn on.

    5) If I had to choose another meta it would be the Dacia. Why ? Simply that it is a meta that has proved a lot with a lot of potential and that it would be interesting to participate in its progress!

    6) We are 3 French in the account:
    There is Yoh, a boy, he is 18, live in Marseille, work as cooks, his hobbies are video game, play football, and go to party with friends.
    Sky, male, 22yo, studying child & teenager development since 5years, beginning his phD on this. He love science, technology, politics, strategy games, partying and hockey 
    And me, Furious, I am a student in business school, I live in Paris, I'm 20 years old and I play rugby.
    We are 3 idiots on the same account, we found ourselves well: D
    We've been playing for a few years now, but we've never played together before, and we met on the qualifying server.


    Never give up!


    Valkyria Troja

    1. Yes, that’s right. I think it’s an interesting quadrant, with the 4 main Metas, the French, the Indonesians, the Germans and the turkish players. I don’t know a lot about the situation and the diplomacy between them, so we have to wait what will happen in the next weeks.

    2.Yes, I am very lucky. I could settle very fast, just had to run like 8-9 hours, but finally I got the focused cropper with the first run.

    3. It’s my sixth final, so yeah I earned some experience the last years and how the game changed time by time. And I know how hard it can be to settle in the wrong area or to run more the 2 times for the second village ;)

    4. I don’t know it. But it could be the Indonesian/ french players vs the Turks or the Germans.

    5. If I had to and the situation would be another one: I would try to join for myself the VN, with which I played the last rounds.
    It’s pretty simple: really nice guys, always friendly, never had problems with them and I guess we had a very good time together.

    6. 27 years old, finished studying the last months, I like sport, going outside with friends, like everyone :D Duals - who knows?

    7. I like a lot of songs, but this one is definitely one of them:
    Two Steps From Hell - Heart of Courage


    *Skype: safirwin *Mail:

    A newspaper about Travian since 2009

    Best analytic

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  • SouthEast +/-


    • You are in SE, what do you think about the quadrant?
    • Were you lucky enough to get a cropper?
    • Do you have experience from earlier Finals?
    • Where do you expect the hardest fights to be? Between which alliances?
    • If you had to choose another meta, in which one would you like to go , and why?
    • Tell us about yourself and your account: gender, age, work, hobbies. Do you have duals?
    • What is your favorite song title you would like to share with others?



    1. I honestly don't know. From the map you can tell that it's the most populated quadrant, Russians, Arabs, Turks whole goddamn world, ain't mad tho. I'm here just to have fun. We got some good crops so did enemies. Now it's all about close quarters fight to clear and hold strategic places. And i'm REALLY looking forward those.

    2. Well I have 9c +75% kinda **** but this is what my enlightened locomotive decided (better than in ems WHERE I GOT 6C YES I'M LOOKING AT YOU JASIEK I HATE YOU)

    3. No I don't.

    4. Well I dunno why should I know, am I like a diplomat? Oh wait... I heard something about enormous and vast polish alliance and it didnt even started... On the other hand we NTPL are kinda alone here, the biggest battles will be right here. -/- Russians vs Italians I don't expect explosions and fireworks there. -/+ a lot of Turks they will battle with Romanians. I also wanna point out that only in our quadrant ppl are settling down for WW... 100/-100 enormous mixup with Turks, Arabs, Italians, Chinese, Latins... and Russian? What a heck. I have seen some reports with attacks so I guess?? I dunno. Next question.

    5. Nah I'm good I never care about winning (I will always try my hardest tho) and here I have long time friends... aaand I can't say no to kaska(or Rudolfina), why do you think that I'm the one answering questions?

    6. 21 yo male(DID YOU JUST ASSUME MY GENDER?), studying engineering, so obv I don't work (yes I'm too lazy), well I still play travian for some reason also I love movies, mythology, video games, I used to love going to gym but university is now kinda overwhelming. And I do have a co-player that I hate and he is the worst and please send him my regards.

    7. Well this server looks like hell so it needs a suitable song:


    Wrath Of Hell ND

    1.I think ND as always are landing in the most populated Meta, after experiencing that in couple of servers I think we will overcome the challenge.
    2. I did actually with 75%
    3. This finals will be my fourth so far, although I have been playing the game for some time now.
    4. It is hard to predict that but for now I will say watch out for the fights near the center.
    5.I would go to NW for sure, because it would be more fun ;)
    6. You can call me Malik, I'm Male, 24 yrs old, I work as a financial analyst.
    For Hobbies, I like spending my time on playing video games and watching tv shows.
    I have a dual and he is the reason that I played this server.
    7. Happy by Pharrell Williams


    Oyye TG

    • We settled here because of Arabs and Turks, so all was planned.
    • It didn’t work out as we planned. We was one of the first to be ready for second in our zone but some other was faster and took the juicy cropper only an hour before us. So for the moment we are satisfied with the one we have for now.
    • Yes we have. Last final we played with the same team but this year we wants more action.
    • I believe it will be tough everywhere. It’s a lot of good alliances with experienced and clever players. We expect tough to get good competition from Arabs and Turks in our sector and see what they are able to do.
    • -----
    • We are three guys from Sweden between 25-30 years that plays on this account. Oyye (half part Russian, half part Suede), Leif & Calland. We are colleagues on work (aviation industry) and mates since long ago. It was a while since we played together but it works nicely.
    • Post Malone - rockstar ft. 21 Savage


    runaway_rabbit PS O3

    • SE quad is really crowded and mixed. Block of Asians seems to be the strongest so far (Turkey, China, Taiwan, Vietnam - all playing together). Not much place for new villas, everywhere enemies are close. Also lots of russian accounts. So it seems like tough fight to dominate the quad or to survive.
    • I was lucky to get a cropper - I took c9 (could also go for c15) to avoid bouncing of my settlers (experience learned from provious tournaments). I launched them early (3hrs before beginners protection had ended) and my c9 was close to my spawn.
    • I played on 3 previous tournaments so I have some experience, and it seems really useful here.
    • Hardest fights? I bet it will be between Asians and Russians, two biggest metas here I think.
    • Another meta? Honestly no idea - it all depends on diplomacy here. You may choose different meta and land wit the team you were earlier But I would like to play with russian meta - fro my previous experience (not only from finals, but also from com servers) russians are so well organised and playing really good from the beginning.
    • I am much too old to play this game I am 40, male, have my family and should spend more time with them, however I really enjoy playing this game. I used to play with duals, but this time they are too busy in real lives, so I am playing alone.
    • I love "Unforgiven" from Metallica, wow!!!!!! The best song I've ever heard

    Take care, Saf. Great to see you here.


    *Skype: safirwin *Mail:

    A newspaper about Travian since 2009

    Best analytic

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  • SouthWest -/-


    • You are in SW, what do you think about the quadrant?
    • Were you lucky enough to get a cropper?
    • Do you have experience from earlier Finals?
    • Where do you expect the hardest fights to be? Between which alliances?
    • If you had to choose another meta, in which one would you like to go , and why?
    • Tell us about yourself and your account: gender, age, work, hobbies. Do you have duals?
    • What is your favorite song title you would like to share with others?


    Ozymandias UollasL

    1) It is a nice sector. The fight with russians will be ruthless and has already begun, we have seen the first catas around. It will be hard for everyone to prevail in this sector, but we will try, as we always do!

    2) Yes, I was. I had the settlers ready in less than 60 hours, but I had to move in another part of the SW sector. After a 3-hours trip I got a 50%, and I am quite satisfied. Talking with the admins we decided that would have been too risky to go for a 100% or the like, so we got this 50%! Nevertheless, I can't complain, I see lot of allies, even very strong and skillfull players that were not as lucky as me. We will all do the best with what we have, whether we have a cropper or not!

    3) We have never played finals with this dual-team. It is someway something new even for us. We have played together as allied for many years, than we have decided to play finals in dual, starting from the qualif. server. Luckily, one of us doesn't like football (shame on him!), and it is a good starting point not to be destroyed in the week-ends!

    4) I think that russians will surely be involved. They are present in all the sectors and are a very strong alliance. The Arab meta seems to bee strong too. Maybe it will be among them.

    5) I am Italian, a hopeless romantic. I cannot figure myself in an alliance of another country.

    6) We are three duals: Emanuele, Matteo e Riccardo. I am Emanuele, I study at the university, in the economic field. Matteo and Riccardo already work in two different companies. We are all quite young; I am the youngest, 21 y.o., Matteo is 23 and Riccardo 26.
    We are typical italian guys: we like football (but for Matteo, shame on him again!), good food, wine and, above all, girls! We have all been playing travian for years, it will be a challenge for our new-born team, we are eager to face it. We are already planning a dinner between us, the first Ozymandias' war-meeting!

    7) My favourite song title is, without any doubt, "Wake me up when september ends", Green Day.

    I hope you will all succeed in waking up, after hordes of S.P.Q.R. warriors have feasted in the halls of your roofless castles. Ehm, I just wanted to say good luck to everyone, I hope we will all enjoy this finals!

    Thank you *cute*
    Emanuele, Matteo, Riccardo
    Ozymandias Team


    White&Angry Ghetto

    • I’m pretty happy with the quadrant, looks like we’ll be fighting the greeks early, haven’t seen them in action outside this year’s qualifications but definitely looks like a good match to us.
      2. Yeah, our alliance got a pretty dry area so we’re happy with settling the only 100% cropper in there.
      3. Tried to go in solo back in 2012, don’t remember much of it except that it was quite the traumatic experience. Luckily, we found a good meta to join this finals.
      4. Given my zero experience from earlier finals and lack of knowledge of the metas I’m not sure where to expect the hardest fights to go down. All I know is that it won't be our area.
      5. Definitely my alliance from qualifications, DACIA and SW, made some good friends there and was really impressed with DACIA in qualifications.
      6. I’m a 20 year old student from Norway, I play with 4 other guys; Sindre and Joar, two Norwegian brothers who’ve been my duals the last few servers, Bharat from India who was my dual thru qualifications and Najib from Dubai that’s new in our team. As far as hobbies go I think we all appreciate a good night of drunken Travian every now and again. This is especially the case with the guys from the dark and cold Norway who need to drink to stay warm.
      7. My music taste changes pretty rapidly so I don’t really have any special song titles I’d like to share, This is your life by Robin Schulz is nice.


    Die Lümmel NewOrder
    1. South east -210/-5.
    2. Yes of course, 15er with 150%.
    3. Yes
    4. Russia agains Germany (die Lümmel):D :p
    5. I don't want another Meta!
    6. We are 3 Guys Maddin 34, Martin 28 and Lenni 21. Work we have yes and our hobbies are right now travian.
    7. Favorit Song mmmh Rammstein with Feuer frei


    Ice&Fire BAD

    1. Hard to say so far. Currently, there are mostly local fights. Most of the players are simply trying to clear and control the area around their accounts. Hopefully this round is going to be more interesting than the last finals.

    2.We’ve never tried to. We chose the area and now are pretty content with our choice.

    3.Yes, we’ve played the World Championship before, all of us. We managed Matreshka and Баст accounts. We do believe the final part of the World Championship is the only captivating thing left in Travian.

    4. We reckon that the most interesting battles are going to happen between us and our opponents whoever they are Whether or not will it be hard, we cannot say, the concept of difficulty is rather subjective.

    5. We are now playing exactly with the team we wanted to play with. Moreover, it is not for the first time. And we believe we are still pretty effective and useful for our alliance. Smart and vigorous leaders, faithful friends by our side - what else one could possibly dream about.

    6. The team of the account consists of some men in the prime of life and a pure beauty of a girl Our hobbies as diverse as we are, one chops firewood, one dives, one produces TV projects that make a bunch of noise. There are philosophers, sailors, lawyers, scouts, teachers, poets and travelers amongst us.

    7. There is a song of our childhood: “Your smile will light the world”

    Smile can make a dark day brighter,
    Smile can bring a rainbow to the skies...
    Share your smile,
    And it'll return to you more than once.
    Then maybe clouds will start dancing out of a sudden
    And a cricket will start chirping on its fiddle...
    With a small blue stream begins a river,
    And a friendship begins with a smile.
    With a small blue stream begins a river,
    And a friendship begins with a smile.
    Just from one sunny smile
    Even the saddest rain will stop crying.
    The sleepy forest will come out of silence
    And will start clapping its green hands
    A smile can make everyone warmer -
    No matter if an elephant or just a tiny snail...
    So let all over the world,
    Smiles can be turned on just like lamps!

    with love, Ice&Fire
    Irene, Shah, Vladimir, Eugene


    *Skype: safirwin *Mail:

    A newspaper about Travian since 2009

    Best analytic

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  • NorthWest -/+


    • You are in SW, what do you think about the quadrant?
    • Were you lucky enough to get a cropper?
    • Do you have experience from earlier Finals?
    • Where do you expect the hardest fights to be? Between which alliances?
    • If you had to choose another meta, in which one would you like to go , and why?
    • Tell us about yourself and your account: gender, age, work, hobbies. Do you have duals?
    • What is your favorite song title you would like to share with others?


    Obsidian Dacia

    • More Dacians than ever, less Russians then we expected. Will be more animated at the center, up to -50|50, over 85% of the Russians have settled their second villages, trying of course to dominate the Building Plans area, like they did the previous round of the Final Tournament. I'm sure that they will put up a good fight, we will have to stand our ground and fight. They have sent Nordwind up North, above the WW, but that will bring more space into the area space should be spice
      Being an optimist, I am confident we will prevail in securing the NW quad, without underestimating the Russian Team, for whom I have great respect, for they have always been a worthy opponent.
    • Not so lucky to get a cropper, but lucky enough to get a semicropper :)
    • It's my third consecutive Final, so I presume I have some minor experience in regard to the Final Tournament.
      I had the honor to be a member of the winning EU Meta, together with some fantastic Travian players, at my first participation.
    • In the Building Plans area, Dacia alliances vs Russian alliances, there, in that area, will be the longest, sleepless nights on the barricades.
    • None, sorry for being so blunt, but I do really love my Dacians, and I am really proud to be a member of this Team.
    • Male, 38, Head of Department in an IT company.
      Basketball, Travian, Sci-Fi (books + movies + TV series), a little fishing, a little bike riding, good beer (if you can count that as a hobby :d).
      Of course I have a dual, no sane person can play 115 days, 24 hours a day, Travian.
    • To difficult for me to choose one, I love Metal, and there are too many extraordinary songs.
      So I will choose none. But I would like to share a 2 minutes YouTube video:

    Just replace in your head the words "life or rugby" with "travian" and everyone will understand which is the greatest strength in this game!


    Helly Tech HUN

    1. I think this isn't an influence stuff, that which is your quadrant.The main matter is, you are in an unique team and stand against each enemy.
    2. Yes , I went for a 9c with 125%c and iron 25% I love this for a Roman acc.
    3. Not , I have played only hux and TT qualy.
    4. I respect Russian and Arabian players, I think they are have enough experience and gold to make a Big things.
    5. I love HUN guild
    6. A 20 years man, I work in office , I have played 8 years in Metin2 and I got rank score in Hun Tribal War world 1. I have 2 teammate in this account, a boy and a girl. For four years wresting have been my hobbie, now it’s only Travian. This is a new feeling for me, because I have been playing only on speed servers. Now, this is the second time that I play as Roman. I would like to earn attacker medals and stay to the server ends.
    7. Johnny Cash - God's Gonna Cut You Down.


    sero ÇAHRA
    1- We have great alliances in this quadrant such as Dacia TM, Turkey. They are all experienced alliance. We have hard challenge here but we are an assertive alliance. We don't need fight any alliance. If this great alliances fight each other there is no success.
    2- We were lucky to get croppers within alliance except from me :(
    3-Yes I have played 3 Finals as you can see my Travian profile. I have played Travian since 2007.
    4- The hardest fight will be -/- between Italians and Russians alliances but generally Arabics, Russians, Dacia and Turkish alliance will be assertive this server. But if Turkish alliance will cooperate with each other no one will defeat Turks.
    5- I can play only in CAHRA but if there is no choice I can play in any of Turkish alliances.
    6- I am 34 years old, I have a Internet Cafe. My hobbies are playing computer games and I always watch foreign films, I can say I’m a computer technician. I have no dual.
    7- My favourite song is our traditional songs from Blacksea region such as Kazım Koyuncu -


    Baba Yaga !!CS!!

    1. Weak, We have expected many more WINter members to appear on the server, We don't think NW will be as competitive as it should have been.
    2. We messed up in the beginning a little bit delaying our settling, we were able to grab a 125% though.
    3. Some of the players on our account do but not all, although obviously we are all veteran players of 7 year or more.
    4. If I have to guess, I'd say BAD/Cerber against Arabs/turk meta.
    5. That one is a tough one, I guess BAD/Cerber, because I know a lot of players in their meta.
    6. Three active male duals, Pyro, Jake, and Mike. Jake, 20 works in Beverly Hills California as a Talent Agent(Hobbies: Skiing, MMA, Reading, and Gaming). Mike, 46 a professor at a university(Behavioral Neuroscience) Hobbie: Gaming. Pyro, 20, and a student. Hobbies:Gaming.
    7. Title: (1-800-273-8255) Reason- other than being a catchy song by Logic, it is truly a message to all of those who are at a low point in their life, the song speaks to all ages letting them know, it gets better and people are there to help.


    snowflake, WINter

    • It's quite crowded. Hard to find the place to settle new village.
    • My motto is "No cropper - no pain". >D I'm fine with my 7.
    • Yep, it's my second one. I used to ignore finals earlier but something went wrong.
    • In our quadrant of course :) All other are just piece of cake :D
    • I would create my own, with black jack.
    • I'm definitely a male, not young and not old enough. I like skiing and archery. I have a dual and hope he is not sleeping when I am.
    • It's Jingle Bells of course. Winter is coming :)


    Ruffian Dacia K1

    1. NW is really interesting and a lot of action happening there. Catas might start rolling soon from what I've been told.
    2. Yeah 9c but 0% only.
    3. No experience at all. I've played only normal servers and this is my first tournament server and I'm really excited to be here. I entered the server after winning a key in forums and right now doing whatever I can to stay in server.
    4. I'm not familiar with the alliances here and for now I'm doing as asked by my ally. I'll start paying more attention to the other alliances over the coming days.
    5. Again, I can't say because I don't know anything about the metas here.
    6.Male, 28yrs old and I work as a design engineer. I love reading books (anything that looks interesting), playing football, listening to classical rock and taking long rides on my motorcycle. I have a Gaul Def account with 2 villa and should get 3rd in a day. I figured Gaul was the best for me to stay in the server for as long as possible.
    7. Stranglehold (Ted Nugent)


    *Skype: safirwin *Mail:

    A newspaper about Travian since 2009

    Best analytic

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  • Reports

    We haven't figured out how to manage this section yet. We have many more reports then showed here but not enough of time. There are also links to other parts of the forum where reports are posted.

    Let's start with a nice zoo which I have forgotten where I got it. That one must have cost a lot gold :D

    NE +/+

    Hmm, I have no reports I can find now from this quad. What are you doing up there?


    SE +/-

    Reports from Poland. Arabs attacking. Above you can find Poland attacking Turks.
    Prime and x3 vs Arabs and Turks and Arabs vs X3
    Prime vs merlyn Ottom@ans
    Ottomans vs nTPL O
    More reports between Prime, X3, ND and COF
    Prime and nTP also have fighted.


    SW -/-

    Def&Dest and SPQR
    Bad vs SPQR Scouting
    CZ vs SPQR
    1st capital sent to 0
    2nd capital sent to 0
    Uollas vs Br Kiss.
    1st capital sent to 0
    2nd capital sent to 0
    VN vs Uollas
    Uollas vs BAD Capital zeroed
    [BAD] Ice&Fire vs [UollasL] TEAM BIGBANG
    [UollasL] Valar Morghulis vs[ВAD] Ded Mazai , vs [Br Kiss] Schoolboy , vs [Br Kiss] Shadow of Fate
    VN vs BAD


    NW -/+

    Dacia vs WINter:

  • Top10

    I am embarrassed, working with my Corner. Suddenly the clock was one minute past midnight. Too late! Martina saved me and generated them.Without the points, they are deeper down in the data base. I had to promise to delete the medal codes. Thank you!


    And finally at the end, my clock is 3:30 - again.. Enjoy the video!


    And this was all for this week, I hope you enjoyed!


    The Corner will be published every Tuesday at midnight.
    Do you have news, reports, a funny story to tell? Who shall we interview? Other proposals?
    Contact us on skype/forum or send a message ingame to Safiren! (Yes a ! after my name due to a mistake I did)
    The Corner Team: Safiren, Alexander, Ciccio_Shady, Hello16rus, Kisscool, Monjp, Strategic, Zoomi.

  • Content

    • Safirens Corner
    • Villages< 500 pop
    • First with third oasis?
    • Northeast
    • Interviews
    • Reports
    • Top10

    “Houston, we got a problem”

    I’m mad and sad, disappointed and concerned. On of my best friends told me yesterday he was banned for multies and guilty. Others that I’ve talked with have been banned for either script and bots or pushing. I’ve heard about players to lazy to learn the skill how to send waves in same second, using a script instead. Whole allys with multies.

    The 30th November just before it wasn’t possible to register there was an explosion of new accounts.

    I have said it before and I repeat it. It is the cheating players that destroys the game, that forces Travian Games to refine their tools to catch them - to such a degree that it also affects the players that don’t have broken the rules which we have seen a lot of in this Final. Many bans seems to be very random and is released without punishment.

    Many have contacted me since this began last week and asked for help. I’m not Travian staff, I have no influence in this matters. But I believe the ones that have contacted me. One regrets that he accepted punishment only to be able to continue to play. Another one haven’t got push, don’t raid and haven’t even been in war, still got banned for script and bots and haven’t a clue about why. Some have been released and got an excuse. Sometimes it have been corrected after writing to

    A majority of the players don’t cheat, believe it or not, but the ones that are innocent have an impossible mission to prove that they don’t have used scripts and boots. The only they can do is to accept the punishment and still don’t know what they have done.

    It have been easier for those that have participated in the meta pushes to be absolved but it have caused a huge distortion amongst the players and it is really bad for the morale. Players lose the joy in playing because of this.

    It is necessary that cheaters are caught so we get a fair game but may we ask that Travians tools for this might be better tuned?

    TG will never tell how they can be so sure script and bots have been used - because then certain players will try to find a way to avoid detection.

    We have got no answer on how much it is allowed to push. Probably because of the same reason. The answer will be used to elude the rules
    The only advice I can give in that matter - don’t be so greedy with pushes, keep to 1h of daily production, that have worked for many years. I’ve heard that many have done 2h pushes, by the latest experiences it seems to be too much ^^

    I could say much more about this but - blame the ones that basically cause us this troubles - Remember there is no honor in cheating!


    Villages > 500 population

    One in my Corner team produces interesting statistics. IN Corner #1 it was about how many with second village. NE had less, SW and NW the same and SE had most.

    The difference now is that NW have caught up on SE. Interesting, I wonder about the reason - is Dacia too dominating already so they can spend resources on buildings instead of troops?

    On NE 342 villages ( 20 %).
    On SE 477 villages ( 28 %).
    On SW 407 villages ( 23 %).
    On NW 476 villages ( 27 %).

    First with 3 oases?

    I got this last Friday. Nice amount of crop produced :)

  • What happens in NorthEast?

    This week we have sent questions to the leaders of the alliances in +/+ quadrant. We got many nice, interesting and also humorous answers. Thanks to all that took their time to give us their opinion!

    If we look at the maps Turkey and Gallia! is well mixed in the most populated area. I have gathered all Turkey alliances on the same map because even if some - as Animals (cute ally btw, check the interview) is independent - they will not fight each other.

    Being of equal size and so mixed the outcome between them will take a while to stabilize. Turkey says they have no interest in WW in opposition to Gallia! but you never know. WWs has a way to be too attempting even if you have declared that you will not bother with it. In my opinion Gallia! is too small to be able to support a WW on their own but it has been done before by TP from Poland Final 2014. With only 300 accounts they fought with all around and ended with a WW on rank 3 so with a strong leadership and excellent organisation it is doable.

    Turkey have left openings for later cooperation. Vardarian is a born diplomat and maybe he will try to get an agreement after artefacts when all have had their fun fighting and it is time to plan forward.
    What happens if they decide to support Gallia!? Can they do that and still not interfere with COF’s wish to win this server?

    The German alliances, PP and others without any connections to the metas will have a tough server or maybe they only want to survive Final in the outer area.

    I wanted more colours on the maps but my map writer this week got occupied.

    All alliances
    red =Gallia, yellow = Turkey, green = Germans




    PP and others ( and it's here I miss more colours)

  • Interviews


    1.NE metas have an equal size plus a couple of independent alliances. Your opinion about them (Müfreze, Gallia, PP, Germany, Animals)?
    2. Where do you expect the hardest fight to be (in your quad or at the borders)?
    3. What do you think about the other quadrants? Where will the most interesting war be?
    4. Tell us about your alliance, style, history through the years, goals.
    5. Tell us about yourself. How long have you been leader? Gender, age, work.
    6: Share a song with us :)


    Makaveli, Marcus Seh, ~$COQ$~ Gallia!

    Hello Safiren,
    1- Well le’ts say NE is overwhelmed and even Winters found a way to put their feet on NE center.
    Mufreze and Animals are good in numbers, they are turks and have ways to build army but they still have lack of skill so it will be interesting between them and Gallia! which has to face WINter at the same time and some Croatians.
    Germany are a bit far away in NE and have to face Fraise WFT and Ufo so it will be a nice face to face.

    2- The hardest fight will be NE center near gray area because Gallia! has to face Winters and Mufreze and Animals at the same time so good luck to them honestly.

    3- SE is my main focus, I mean it's really interesting to see how russians spam on it and we have Arabs + Cof and Poland as well. If they don't cooperate against russians they might regret it later. Italians decided to test Russians so we'll see what it will be even if they have NW as cover.

    4- My alliance is a strong defence alliance and I can say today I'm proud of them. They play by the rules but they are able to face and contain opponents with strategy and skills. We are working on something else but we'll see later.

    5- I'm a male of 26 years old, athletic who loves to play soccer ( i'm actually very good soccer player), who loves science that's why I'm completing a geological engineering degree. I also like to follow basketball and sometimes tennis, hockey, athleticism and many other sports. I like to dress fashion and go to a party ( house party or the bar , play pool and do what a good young person of my age would do. I love to read psychology books and philosophy book. I have been leader for a while now but I honestly don't care that much of the position as long as I play with some individuals and share this strategic game we all like.

    6- I love music and dancing. I'm into Reggae music, Rock slow, R&B, Jazz, blues, Rap, Zouk, classic and reggaeton (spanish style Don Omar or Daddy Yankee) but I'm open to any kind of music as longer it's not loud as metal or hard rock or any kind of craziness.
    I will share a music sang by Nasio Fontaine and the title is Living in the positive.

    Don Makaveli ,
    Gallia! leader


    les froggies and Whisky ?, WtF-FR, Gallia!

    1.Müfreze: This Turkish coalition is perhaps the most dangerous of the quad. They are already very numerous. On the last final, Turks have shown that they can be formidable and very well organized.
    Gallia: It is a meta that already has many servers to their credits (qualifications and finals) and therefore has a great experience. These goals are ambitious.
    PP: It's an alliance that I don’t know at all and seems to follow a normal progression.
    Germany: It's a small coalition that should have a hard time surviving against coa Müfreze and Gallia.
    Animals: This alliance seems to have potential but we don’t know them so much in our area.

    2. We expect the fight to be hard everywhere.
    At first in our quad then at the border NW / NE.

    3. If we look at the number of accounts in each quadrant. One could say that in the SE the biggest fights will take place. But when you look more closely at the quadrants, there are important metas everywhere.
    4. We are a French group which is composed in part of players used to play qualifications and tournaments, and another part who playing slow servers. Our alliance is young but the players who joined it have years of experience on travian. We have all types of players in our ranks and therefore different styles.

    5. There was no one else to be a leader and we saw light, so we went back.

    Bidou (Whiskey?): I am a pillar of bar and I particularly appreciate whiskey.
    Bozzz (the froggies): His eternal associate often there to carry him when he drank too much.

    6: Bidou (Whisky ?):
    Bozzz (les froggies):

    1.Müfreze: cette coalition turque est peut être la plus dangereuse du cadran. Ils sont déjà très nombreux. Sur les précédents mondiaux, les turques ont montrés qu’ils pouvaient être redoutable et très bien organisés.
    Gallia: c’est une méta qui a déjà de nombreux serveurs à son actif (qualifications et finales) et dispose donc d’une grande expérience. Ces objectifs sont ambitieux.
    PP: c’est une alliance que je ne connais pas du tout et qui semble suivre une progression normale.
    Germany: C’est une petite coalition qui devraient avoir du mal à survivre face aux coa Müfreze et Gallia.
    Animals: Cette alliance a l’air d’avoir du potentiel mais on ne la connait pas trop dans notre zone.

    2. Nous nous attendons à ce que le combat soit dur partout
    Dans un premier temps dans le cadran puis à la frontière NO/NE.

    3. Si on regarde le nombre de comptes dans chaques quadrants. On pourrait se dire que dans le SE les plus gros combats vont avoir lieu. Mais quand on regarde de plus prêt les quadrants, il y a des meta
    importantes partout.

    4.Nous sommes un groupe français qui est composé en partie de joueurs habitués aux qualifications et tournois, et d’une autre partie issue des serveurs lents. Notre alliance est jeune mais les joueurs qui la compose ont des années voir plus d’une décennie d’expérience sur travian. Nous avons tout types de joueurs dans nos rangs et donc des styles variés.

    5. Il y avait personne d’autre pour être leader et on a vue de lumière, nous sommes donc rentrés.
    Bidou (Whisky ?): je suis pilier de bar et j’apprécie particulièrement le whisky.
    Bozzz (les froggies): son éternel acolytes souvent là pour le porter quand il a trop bu


    GEM BOOT, NKRI PB, Indonesia, Gallia!

    • Gallia and the Mufreze are about equal in number of players, I believe both of them will fight for control of the quadran, as for the others maybe they will join the war between Mûfreze and Gallia.
    • I believe the hardest fight will be in the quadrant, especially around building plan area.
    • The most interesting war will be in SW between the Italians and Russians.
    • About 50% of NKRI players just joined the Tournament this year, meanwhile the other 50% have been playing in the Tournament for 2-3 years. So a lot of our members are still adapting to the playstyle in the Tournament. Our goal for this years final is to gain as much experience and to grow together as a team. We've been learning a lot from our fights with the Russians in the qualifier and now, the Turks.

    5. I just played in the tournament this year, so this is my first time leading the NKRI team. I am 30 years old and work as an engineer. When I don't play Travian I usually play with my daughter or spending time with my family.
    6: Sheng Xia De Guo Shi by Karen Mok, it's a chinese song. I'm not chinese but the song have huge sentimental value to me.


    LegendofDragon, NKRI AKL, Indonesia, Gallia!

    • I think they will fight each other (Müfreze and Gallia) , the winners are those who can invite independent alliance to join. But Gallia must take the initiative first, because Turkey is the country with the largest number of participants I think.
    • Inside Quad , because the distance is very close and the strength is relatively balanced.
    • SW of course , war between Russia and Italian is the most interesting war.
    • My alliance is called AKL in our home country. They are just a bunch of silly people who have been playing together for the last few years. Our style? Democracy I think , LOL. We just having fun so just ignore us.

    5. I’m Jomblo and very happy (Jomblo means single , google it). I dunno since when I became a leader , I dont even know that I’m a leader LOL JK.
    When I’m not playing Travian , I’m thinking about Travian.

    • Grace Vanderwaal - I Dont Know My Name

    And Via Vallen - Sayang ( u must hear it for mood booster )

    LegendofDragon wrote:
    - ditulis oleh pengasuh Maradeka -

    It's not fair if only you ask, let me interview u too sir.
    1.Since when did you become a reporter? The most interesting story as a reporter?
    2.What do you get from working as a reporter? Who’s your sponsor?
    3.How do you get information? Do you filter the information you receive? How to issue the privacy of the informers?

    Answer if you want sir Hahaha

    Safiren wrote
    1.I've been writing about Travian since 2009 and about Tournament since 2011.
    I have too many to name a single story. You can read my Archive and choose yourself.
    2.Travian Games have hired me since May this year, they pay me a small amount of money. Not enough, I still have to work full time for my living (I'm a cobbler). It's nice that they pay me for something I would have done in any case!
    3.I get the info this way (pm) and by Skype and of course statistics. I never tell my sources and if I'm told something is a private talk I don't write about it.

  • Questions:

    1. NE metas have an equal size plus a couple of independent alliances. Your opinion about them (Müfreze, Gallia, PP, Germany, Animals)?
    2. Where do you expect the hardest fight to be (in your quad or at the borders)?
    3. What do you think about the other quadrants? Where will the most interesting war be?
    4. Tell us about your alliance, style, history through the years, goals.
    5. Tell us about yourself. How long have you been leader? Gender, age, work.
    6: Share a song with us :)


    Vardarian, MÜFREZE, Turkey

    • The MÜREZE team, where I take the leadership of the most crowded and "dynamic" troops, is in the Northeast. Other Turkish troops are well positioned. (Maraz, Kog, Resurrection etc.) Gallia is the most crowded team where they are gathered with their Allies. There seems to be a very competitive battle in the region. If teams in the Northeast united, I see a 50% win rate.
    • It will not be a tough battle for us

    The most interesting region is undoubtedly the Southeast. There are too many players from so many teams, and it seems quite difficult to maintain dominance in the territory of the Turkish & Arabic Metas that want to dominate there.

    • My team was founded this year. We have been managing the COF team for years and we left the COF team because we had some discussions. Our goal is to grow our team every year and win this server one day.
    • I was a member of the COF leaders. I have been at the COF team since I was 14 years old, and I was in charge of management and diplomacy between 16 and 18 years old. I am 18 years old and I am a member of the directors of the MUFREZE team.
    • We are Ataturk Junior!


    Wakeful, Animals, Turkey

    Hi Safiren nice to meet you , the answers you want are below.

    1- First of all l want to say that our only ally on our quad is Müfreze.
    And outside of our area we don’t attack each other within Turkish alliances
    (like cof - hilal - ottomans & etc).
    In our quad there is only one meta (Gallia alliance) that wants to build WW ,
    the others only wants to fight and have fun.

    2- At the borders I expect that the hardest fight will be between Dacia and Russians , also we will have good fight against Frenchs (you will see)

    3- Russians have many troops in each quads but in my opinion they will have the hottest fight with the italians.

    4- We are all from server trx(speed) , which formed from 3 different alliances.
    A few of us came here from each alliances at trx , to experience the finals and after that we will bring the our whole alliances for the next finals.
    We are all good friends even if some of us are rivals at trx in the past.
    We didn't experience the finals before , so our main goal is getting experience while
    fighting hard with our opponents , and of course having fun is indispensable for us.
    Also while we do this , we won't disrupt the plans of Turkish alliances.

    5- Clearly there is no leader in Animals. we are taking all the decisions together.
    a large majority of us are university students , having ages between 23-27.


    Dear Humanity , We are ANIMALS , we will get the revenge of all killed animals!!!
    Our union is founded to draw attention to animal rights!!

    And at the end I wanna say that you are making a very good and special job for the server , this is really incredible.



    Unique, D.E.M.™, Turkey

    Hi, My name is Berk, thanks for writing.

    1- Each team has their own plans. We have plans too. We are not on the same vision with teams like ali and cof. do not work.

    2- We expect the best fight in the gray and border area.

    3- I think this season the COF team will survive thanks to allies. I think the COF team is done. The bone team was MÜFREZE. This will be the most interesting.

    4- My English is not very good. I do not fully understand this problem. We are talking about our team in 2007, D.E.M. but This team is completely new and our fourth season.

    5- My name is Berk, I am 22 years old. I have been working in the troops, which have been known for 7 years and have now left the game. I've been a leader for four years. I left travian in 2014 and 2015, and our team in that period made the final in the game. I am a social media expert, and I also study at a university. I spend most of my free time in social media, traveling with my friends.

    6- Then we share a song that emphasizes the political situation in our country

    Due to the pressures in the country, the song's clips were removed from YouTube. Here are the lyrics available.

    Thank you for giving our team the right to speak. We are following your analyses closely. We wish success to all countries, we wish that the labourer will win the most.


    Mermi, MARAZ, Turkey

    1- All beautiful teams will hopefully make beautiful wars.

    2- I expect the hardest battles to be at the border.

    3- Everyone in the inner area is fighting well.

    The most interesting war will be between Dacia and Russians.

    4- We have played for 7 years and we have played for 3 years in the Tournament.

    Target: Prevent russian players from setting up WW.

    5- 2 people are playing on this account. Murat, age 25, unemployed. Emre, age 38, owns a phone company.
    I play 7-24 Travian.



    *Skype: safirwin *Mail:

    A newspaper about Travian since 2009

    Best analytic

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  • Questions

    1. NE metas have an equal size plus a couple of independent alliances. Your opinion about them (Müfreze, Gallia, PP, Germany, Animals)?
    2. Where do you expect the hardest fight to be (in your quad or at the borders)?
    3. What do you think about the other quadrants? Where will the most interesting war be?
    4. Tell us about your alliance, style, history through the years, goals.
    5. Tell us about yourself. How long have you been leader? Gender, age, work.
    6: Share a song with us :)


    Philoktetes, Troja, Germany

    • I don't know which groups will play together in NE. But I think, that not only Alliances of the same nation will play together.
      Gallia seems to be a good organized Group, but they have in their areas other nations, so that it should be hard to clear them all. (If this nations are not their friends)
      The same Opinion I have about the German and Indonesian groups in NE.
      Müfreze is a compact group in NE. I think they will have a hard fight against the other groups. Their main enemy should be Animals and/or Gallia.

    2. I think in NE will be "hard" fights in the whole area of NE. Around 100/100 could be a hard fight, near grey area and next to the border towards NW, too.

    3. I think, in NW it will be only near grey area very hard fights. Dacia Group will be as organized as every year, with a great leadership and good structure.
    They are one of my favorites for the endgame.
    In SW will be a great war between SPQR and Russian. Both are hard enemies. SPQR will be a great enemy for the russian group, because they play under the great leader from the first finals, and they are on fire, because of the problems the last years, when they didn't play in such a big group.
    The hardest quadrant this final should be SE. 3 big meta groups which all are hard fighting groups, with russian, turkey and arabs. I think Poland could be the group, which can be the changing point in this quadrant.

    4. Our alliance is a German speaking alliance, which was founded in the second final. In that final, we had a hard fight against Arabs without any help of friends.
    One year later we played under a new name, TI, with a european group, and lost the fight in endgame, because one of our european friends changed the sides, and betrayed our group.
    Last final I didn’t play in my home alliance, but many of them played in another alliance together.
    This year on qualifying, our leadership forced a new idea for this final, and we founded Troja for the second time. Many of our old friends come back home into Troja, and some new friends joined us, too.
    Our alliance is known as a small but hard group, which stands side by side against our enemies, and have a good team play.
    We are playing like our slogan "Troya". Our defence is hard like the walls and defenders of Troya, and our offensive is hard like the Myrmidones. And our Offensive coordination is tricky as Odysseus in the movie.
    About our goals i don’t want to tell much, because we only want to have much fun with friends and a great fight with respect against our enemies.

    5. I have been playing Travian around 13 years. I`m a german student in the middle 20th. In the future I want to become a teacher in mathematics and history. If I am not playing travian, I am a coach of two Volleyball teams in my home village.
    In travian I am a leader of alliances since 2011. But I am not a leader like dictators in real life. I’m only one player of my alliance, and our leader group in the alliance is only a small group of the alliance.
    But because of our gameplay, inside the alliance we often talk to our players, so that we can decide which is the best thing to do for the whole group. Like: "Which is the goal for us? Which enemies or friends we want?
    Where we should attack next time? ..."

    (Trailer of Troja movie)


    Valkira, PP, Croatia

    • Gallia - we already have problems with them about crops, and we will fight for our part of the map and crops ... It will be nice to fight with them. They are good players and it will be interesting to see how the situation will develop.

    With them for now we have touching "points" and later we will see.

    • At the borders, but we will fight all the time.

    3.I think it will be interesting fight between Russian and Dacia alliances.

    • PP Alliance has existed for years but only on servers outside our domain (hrx, bax, rsx). In PP is my friends and I love to play with them. I persistently try to gather the player who live in the area ex. YU ( Croats, Bosnians, Serbs, Macedonians, Montenegrins, Slovenes) to play together and in PP we all know, respect and appreciate each other.
    • On Valkira acc play: me - Valkira: (CRO, 46, war pensioner, I love to play travian, be with my son, hobby: music, hang out, before travel - when I be younger), Maki (MK, 36, director at her company, she lalso loves to travel, hang out, be with family, gaming ) and only man on acc: Toni (CRO but He is in Ireland, 22, He like to work, many sports, be with family, gaming.

  • Reports

    My team is diligent to add reports to our doc :D So many so I will not even try to do anything with them so I dump the whole lists as it is.


    FR VS PP…4,78407ae43ea,78408b129ff
    WtF vs PP
    Konverter - Borbeni izvještaj Travian
    Nuthouse vs Müfreze
    конвертер - логовница для Травиан
    mufrese vs kak
    Final Rapor & Diplomasi
    Müfreze vss NKRI…b,579878467ea,5798799c3da
    Animals vs Coq
    mufreze vs Galia



    Turks vs Prime
    COF vs X3
    PS Vs COF…4,1644347f35d,16444f17726
    nTPl vs nd
    COF vs Prime
    Converter - Battle reports Travian




    Spqr conquer a BAD village :
    UollasL vs BAD : + waves
    UollasL vs BAD :…8,1509240f2cd,150921a69a6 ; cap to 0
    UollasL vs BAD :…9,15093149591,150933cc195 ; cap to 0
    BAD VS SPQR :…c,49836993cd0,498370da166 ; Cropdeath
    BAD VS TEQUILA : + waves and later , + waves.
    BAD vs TEQUILA : ; army catched after cropdeath on BAD and later ---> +160 catas
    UollasL vs BAD :
    UollasL vs BAD :
    UollasL vs BAD :
    NewOrder ( SPQR ) Vs Russia NW :,19112e5e180 ; cap to 0.
    NewOrder ( SPQR ) Vs Rssia NW :Converter - Battle reports Travian cap to 0.
    NewOrder ( SPQR ) Vs Russia NW…8,580227e9883,5802298c576 a lot of damages.
    BAD vs SPQR 2.0 : and and
    BAD vs VN2 :,5805369a6a9
    CLAN ( SPQR ) vs BAD Sento to 0
    CLAN ( SPQR ) vs BAD Sento to 0
    UollasL vs Br Kiss|15b1d5cc&t=5&s=1 Cropdeath
    Uollas vs Diaspora ( bad/cerber ) sent to 0
    NewOrder ( SPQR) vs Russia…5,1917809c88c,1917952c17a
    UollasL vs Br Kiss
    Taequila vs Br Kiss
    Tequila vs HellasIN
    UollasL vs Br Kiss
    Taequila vs Br Kiss
    Taequila vs Br Kiss
    Infiniti ( SPQR ) sent to 0
    NewOrder ( SPQR) vs Russia…a,19188bb8690,19190cfd3d1
    UollasL vs Br Kiss|720dd5c4&t=0&s=1
    UollasL vs Br Kiss
    UollasL vs Br Kiss
    Ghetto ( SPQR ) vs HellasDT…e,58250263241,582503ce676
    Br Kiss vs Taequila
    конвертер - логовница для Травиан
    Diaspora zoo
    Converter - Battle reports Travian
    BG502 vs BAD
    Converter - Battle reports Travian
    VN vs BAD
    Converter - Battle reports Travian
    malysh vs taquila
    конвертер - логовница для Травиан
    Convertitore di report di battaglia di travian TG vs PS
    Bad vs Ghetto

    конвертер - логовница для Травиан

    Ghetto vs Hellas

    I got a funny story together with this report.

    W&A didn't have hero home, so had to delay 30mins. Then he missed launch and again 5 mins delay. After sending he had no catas for fakes so had to use rams. So, it was 4:35:00 to real one now, Tmakkis (my dual) missed it, insta 1lvl TS, missed it again, 1 more lvl TS and pure luck and he got attacks to 4:35:02. Then Arttu was supposed to send 4:35:04 but he sent 4:30:04, delete. Next time, someone changed villa. Insta build TS and every player calculating new time in head, it is a fucking mess but somehow arttu managed to send them 4:35:04. But oh no, all troops went there, no troops for fakes. So he sent fakes with only 1 catapult (no troops at all)

    Converter - Battle reports Travian + 9 waves


    Dacia vs russian meta
    report katarina
    clean P1R0g
    cata snowflake
    cata snowflake
    cata snowflake
    cata snowflake
    cata darius
    cata darius
    ata darius
    cata darius
    cata gash
    cata gash
    cata gash
    cata gash
    G&V vs Nuthouse
    [!!CS!!] Friki vs [G&V ™] haltemeier
    Converter - Battle reports Travian
    [!!CS!!] Friki vs [G&V1] SprataCuz from village 001
    Converter - Battle reports Travian
    CS vs Nuthouse…4,787889449ff,787899559f9
    cs vs KUDÜS
    Konverter - Borbeni izvještaj Travian
    Dacia vs WINter
    Vodka vs Dacia
    bad vs dacia
    Teutonic Steel vs [MAFIA]
    Nordwind reports
    конвертер - логовница для Травиан
    конвертер - логовница для Травиан
    конвертер - логовница для Травиан
    конвертер - логовница для Травиан
    конвертер - логовница для Травиан
    конвертер - логовница для Травиан
    конвертер - логовница для Травиан
    конвертер - логовница для Травиан
    конвертер - логовница для Травиан
    конвертер - логовница для Травиан
    конвертер - логовница для Травиан
    конвертер - логовница для Травиан


    *Skype: safirwin *Mail:

    A newspaper about Travian since 2009

    Best analytic

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  • Top10



    Let’s play with Daddy Darling Dacia SW

    And this was all for this week, I hope you enjoyed!


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