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    Time to start the marathon race for this weeks Corner and I realize I haven’t done this part yet. My Corner week usually starts on Thursdays with to decide what is actual for next edition. For now it’s easy it is only to continue with the quadrants reviews. The questions we brainstormed for NE only needs small changes for next quad. Friday and Saturday I send the requests for interview. That took its time, 81 alliances (<10 players) in SouthEast. I need to send to many to get a satisfying number of answers. Sundays I read and edit the interviews and putting them in our draft. Mondays I write the review and the introduction. Tuesdays I realize what I have forgotten and starting to collect those parts.

    If I’m lucky I can begin to post at 21 server time (22 my time), around midnight I find that I still have a part not fully prepared. The report section of course. My team have a better knowledge than me about what is in there.

    Well when I have struggled through them the clock is usually 03 my time. But I still count it as Tuesday until I’m in bed. Wednesday I write the War diary for Travians blog.
    And then it all starts over again. I’m working in my company daytimes and only answer on skype if needed. The evenings I’m lazy, checking my chats, looking on the server through statistics, copy interesting stuff- and I have to confess I’m very addicted to Jigsaw puzzles on Facebook. I work best after midnight when husband and cats have gone to bed, when the house is peaceful and silent.

    And now I have 22 A4 pages to transfer to forum and still have text to write…

    A player that likes to hunt bot accounts told me that a whole ally had be banned after reporting. A SPQR ally. I’m disappointed.


    It is the quadrants that are in opposite to each other that resemble each others most. NE and SE is the smallest quadrant and best quadrant to sim in is NW. WINter don't have as easy game against Dacia as they had against Error in last Final.

    On final 9424 players with population > 0.
    NE = 2039 (21.65%)
    NW = 2114 (22.44%)
    SE = 3403 (36.13%)
    SW = 1863 (19.78%)

    On final 6510 players with population > 1000.
    NE = 1306 (20.06%)
    NW = 1619 (24.87%)
    SE = 2175 (33.42%)
    SW = 1409 (21.65%)

    On final 2284 players with population > 2000.
    NE = 432 (18.91%)
    NW = 636 (27.85%)
    SE = 639 (27.98%)
    SW = 577 (25.26%),

    On final 453 players with population > 3000.
    NE = 92 (20.31%)
    NW = 145 (32.01%)
    SE = 96 (21.19%)
    SW = 120 (26.49%)


    The questions about the artefacts has been more common so it's time to repeat what we know.

    Artefacts release is 4 January.

    The artefact coordinates is more random then the building plans that officially showed up to be no random at all after last Finals turbulent complains.

    It is possible to have a good clue where the artefacts will spawn, unique in 50/50 range for example.

    The latest map I've seen is on the Russian forum

    Translation for map:

    1. Unique artefacts 2. The architects' great secret 3. The great titan boots 4.The eagles slight eyes 5.Great diet control 6.Rivals slight confusion 7.The trainers great talent 8.Great storage masterplan 9.Slight storage masterplan 10.Rivals great confusion 11.The trainers slight talent 12.The eagles great eyes 13.Artefact of the slight fool 14.Slight diet control 15.The slight titan boots 16.The architects' slight secret.

    Def Final 2016




  • SE maps

    I hope you love maps as much as I do :) This time with more colours. SE is as you know the biggest quadrant and the consequence is that it also is many alliances there and they are fighting about domination. The Turkish meta has the advantage of a massive number of players. It’s also to their benefit that their enemies don’t look to have the slightest wish to cooperate.

    But that isn’t a guarantee that Turkey will get the total domination in the quadrant so easy. Their enemies is bold and confident.

    The Turkey meta counted to 1718 accounts vs Poland and Russia, 837 accounts. Four WW areas mixed with both friends and enemies.

    This quad could be counted as an server on their own - lol.

    Map Poland

    Poland is divided in two main groups, nTPl (84 members) working in the center and PS (164) more far out. We also have Polish alliances (dark green, 84) that don’t show bindings in their profile but they are more mixed with nTPl than PS. The enmity between the groups are strong.

    Map Russia

    Two main groups here too. TG (brown, 92) in the outskirts and Prime/X3 (325) looks as they have taken as mission to fight about the area around WW 100/-100. The third group is the “undefined” (dark red, 88).


    One homogenous map. Arabs (636) has taken the responsibility for area around 100/-100, it will be a lot of hard fights there against the Russians.


    The building plans area and the centre is the operative territory for the COF meta (590).

    Others map

    We have gathered the rest alliances here where most of them has bindings either to Arabs or to Turkey. Vietnam blue 239, China green 140 , Latins red 79 + Hungary 34. Vietnam and China concentrating on the border WW’s.

    Baltic (yellow, 80 ) where half of them chose to move to NorthEast and the other half out in the bonies.

  • Interviews

    I like to do interviews it is so fun to learn to know more players and to find old friends. The answers is interesting and sometimes also surprising.

    The questions:
    1. SE have more metas than any other quadrant. What are your opinion about the two metas from Poland nTPl and PS? Russian meta TG, Prime, X3? Big unite meta alliances from Arabic ND,chinese NB,CoF meta,Vietnam and etc?
    2. Where do you expect the hardest fight to be (inside quad or on borders with SW or NE)?
    3. What do you think about the other quadrants? Where will the most interesting war be?
    4. Tell us about your alliance, style, history your alliance and target on this server 5. Tell us about yourself. How long have you been leader? Name,gender, age, work,hobby
    6: Share a song with us

    Answers from Turkey

    THE COF, THE COF, Turkey

    1- There is no stability in the Polish team. They have to choose a real leader and they should give importance to diplomacy a team without purpose. To be together with the Russians, doesn't make them powerful.
    They will understand better in other tournaments.

    The Russian teams are very good. Hard and fun to fight with them.

    Last year, we have established a friendship with the Arabs. This year we are better. They're a real ally.
    Vietnam is my favorite ally I love them. 'You can always trust them..
    The Chinese together with us for the first time. It may take time to get used to us. Together we will do great things.

    In our region there are also Malaysians. They are part of us. they are members of the COF family.
    We have many friends in our region, one of them is South American. (FLX) , they are really good friends. Very nice to be with them..
    In our region, also we have our Hungarian friends. Last year we were ally.

    We can call this the "Rainbow Coalition" the most extensive and the most colorful group of the game because the team was formed from Turks + Arabs + Vietnam + China+ Taiwan + South Americans + Malaysia + Hungarian. and also with our other friends in the quad we built a wonderful team. . We have great fun and we enjoy it.

    Apparently, last year who were ally with us is still with us. This is because COF is a reliable team. We love our friends.

    2- Of course the most difficult battle is happening in our area.

    3- In Southwest the battle is between Russians and the Italians , they are very good in the area. The Italians are very brave and a good team. I admire them. The Russians in their own territory they won't be very comfortable.

    The Dacia region is a bit more relaxed this year. They will be the key point for the server i think. I believe they're going to succeed.

    Northeast is the only region that Russians doesnt settle : this year Indonesia is very good. Frenchs are not enough. Turkish teams are very good in that area. The secont most colorful region of the of the game.
    Because Thailand - Greeks, Turks, and French Indonesia been there together.

    4- COF union was founded in January 2007, . I'm the founder. we never changed the name. COF is the only union that doesn't change the name. And one of the oldest. We are a large family with the most populous players of our country. We do meetings in different cities of Turkey with our players. COM cosmopolitan Union structure. Such as Turkey. A small Turkey. There are many different people in COF. There are players from all from all over the country.

    In Turkey servers, we won every time. It's time to retire

    5- I am 33 years old. I started playing TRAVIAN when I was Single and a student Now I have two daughters. When I started the game on the third day I developed Association and the Embassy than I founded COF .I'm doing leadership since its inception in the first months of 2007. I love TRAVIAN. but i like spear fishing more

    My goal is not only winning.We create a large and colorful family. I was able to do this. We're with the players from different countries of the world. The greatest wealth for me is having that colorful image.

    " I am proud to be the founder of the Rainbow Union. We are just in the beginning"

    6- My favorite question

    Toto Cutugno - L'Italiano (1983)


    Kemal B. - THE COF

    1 - Polonya ekiplerinde istikrar yok. Diplomasiye önem vermeliler ve gerçek bir lider seçmeliler Amacı olmayan bir ekip. Ruslarla birlikte olmaları onları güçlü yapmaz.
    Diğer turnuvalarda daha iyi anlayacaklar.

    Rus ekipleri çok iyi. Onlarla savaşmak zor ve eğlenceli.

    Araplarla geçen sene bir dostluk kurduk. Bu yıl daha iyiyiz. Onlar gerçek bir müttefik.
    Vietnam en sevdiğim müttefiğim Onları seviyorum. Çünkü her zaman güvenebilirsiniz.
    Çinliler bizimle ilk defa birlikte. Bize alışmaları zaman alabilir. Birlikte güzel işler yapacağız.

    Ayrıca bölgemizde Malezyalılar var. Onlar artık bizim bir parçamız. COF Ailesinin üyeleri onlar.
    Ve bölgemizde Güney Amerikalı dostlarımız var. (FLX) Onlar gerçekten çok eğlenceli oyuncu arkadaşlarımız. Tanımak çok güzel.
    Bölgemizde Macar arkadaşlarımızda var. Onlar geçen sene müttefiğimizdi.

    "Gökkuşağı Koalisyonu" diyebiliriz Çünkü oyunun en renkli ve en geniş ekibi kuruldu. Türkler + Araplar + Vietnam + Çin+ Tayvan + Güney Amerikalılar + Malezya + Macar ve diğer dostlarımızla güzel bir ekip kurduk. Biz çok eğleniyoruz ve keyif alıyoruz.

    Öyle görünüyor ki, geçen yıl bizimle olanlar yine bizimle. Çünkü COF güvenilir bir ekip. Dostlarımızı seviyoruz.

    2 - Tabi ki en zor savaş bizim bölgemizde oluyor.

    3 - -/- GüneyBatı Bölgesinde Ruslar ve İtalyanlar çok güzel savaşıyor. İtalyanlar çok cesur ve iyi bir ekip. Onlara hayranım. Ruslar kendi bölgelerinde çok rahat olamayacaklar.

    -/+ DACİA Bölgesi bu yıl biraz daha rahat. Serverin kilidi orası olacak. Başaracaklarına inanıyorum.

    +/+ Bölgesi Rusların olmadığı tek bölge Endonezya bu yıl çok iyi. Fransızlar yeterli değiller. O bölgede çok iyi Türk ekipleri var. Oyunun en renkli ikinci bölgesi.
    Çünkü Tayland - Yunanlılar - Türkler- Endonezya ve Fransızlar var.

    4 - 2007 Ocak ayında kuruldu COF Birliği. Kurucusu benim. Hiç bir zaman isim değiştirmedi. Türkiye'nin isim değiştirmeyen tek birliğidir. Ve en eski. En kalabalık oyuncu ekibi ile yıllardır kurduğu büyük bir Ailedir. Oyuncularımızla Türkiye'nin farklı şehirlerinde buluşmalar yaparız. COF Birliği kozmopolitik bir yapıdadır. Türkiye gibi. Küçük bir Türkiye'dir. COF içinde çok farklı insanlar vardır. Her kesimden, ülkenin her yerinden oyuncu vardır.

    Türkiye'de her zaman kazandık. Emeklilik zamanı geldi

    5 - 33 Yaşındayım. Traviana başladığımda öğrenci ve bekardım Şimdi iki kızım var. Oyuna ilk başladığım üçüncü gün elçilik binası geliştirdim ve COF Birliğini kurdum.2007 ilk ayında kurulduğu günden beri liderlik yapıyorum. Travian'ı seviyorum. Ama zıpkınla balık avlamayı daha çok seviyorum.

    Amacım sadece kazanmak değil. Büyük ve renkli bir aile kurmak. Bunu başardım. Dünya'nın farklı ülkelerinden oyuncular ile birlikteyiz. En büyük zenginlik, bu renkliliğe sahip olmaktır.

    "Gökkuşağı Birliği" nin kurucusu olmaktan gurur duyuyorum. Henüz yolun başındayız

    6 - En sevdiğim soru

    Toto Cutugno - L'Italiano (1983)


    Kemal B. - THE COF

    hadi ulann, The COF, Turkey

    My name is Okan. I've been playing this game for about 8 years. I usually play games on 3x servers. First final.

    • I do not think this server is moving in line with the plans we have made with our allies. The Poles did not wait here. They seem to have made an agreement with the Russians. This is the most mixed area. The Russians play the game very well, they have a very good plan and they have a very organized team. The Poles are weaker than the Russians. We are in a very good ally with the Arabs, the Chinese and the Vietnamese. I respect them, they always act in accordance with the plan. We have some problems in ourselves, but we come from the top of these problems. We do not think that Travian is a fair administration. Many of our accounts were punished unfairly. But we will continue to do so. I can not stop at the end of the war but we will always do it for you.
    • The region where the war will be the hardest is definitely our region, and I do not think such a war will be so intense in other regions.

    3. I am curious about the battle that the Romans will give in the (- +) region.

    4. We are a newly established team. But I have friends whom I have known for 5 years. Everyone is trying to help each other. We are a team that plays to have a lot of fun in winning or losing a game. Yes we are an ambitious team but we do not hate it

    5.I am 25 years old. I have been managing the union for about 4 years. I am an engineer. I love reading books in the remaining time. My favorite writers are the generals of the Russians, I think a good irony.
    6. I love this song. He always encourages me. Every time we wake up we give our own war. This song encourages me.
    Merhaba Safiren,

    Adım Okan. Yaklaşık 8 yıldır bu oyunu oynuyorum. Genellikle 3x serverlerde oyun oynadım hep. İlk final tercübem.

    • Bu server müttefik kuvvetlerimiz ile yaptığımız planlamalar doğrultusunda ilerliyor diyemem. Polonyalıları burada beklemiyorduk. Ruslarla anlaşma yapmış görünüyorlar. En karışık bölge burası. Ruslar oyunu çok iyi yönetiyorlar, çok iyi plan yapıyorlar ayrıca çok organize bir ekipleri var. Polonyalılar ruslara göre daha zayıf ekip konumundalar. Araplar, çinliler ve vietnamlılar ile çok iyi bir müttefik olduk. Onlara saygı duyuyorum plana her zaman sadık kalarak hareket ediyorlar. İçimizde bazı sorunlar yaşadık ama bu sorunların üstesinden de geliriz. Oyunda adaletli bir yönetim olduğunu düşünmüyoruz. Bir çok hesabımız haksız yere ceza aldı. Ama yılmadan devam edeceğiz. Savaşın sonucunu şu anda kestiremem ama biz elimizden geleni herzaman yapacağız.
    • Savaşın en sert geçeceği bölge kesinlikle bizim bölgemiz diğer bölgelerde bu kadar yoğun bir savaş geçeceğini düşünmüyorum.

    3.) (-+) bölgesinde romanyalıların vereceği savaşı merak ediyorum.

    4.Yeni kurulmuş bir ekibiz. Ama içlerinde 5 yıldır tanıdığım dostlarım var. Herkes birbirine yardım etmeye çalışıyor. Biz oyunu kazanmak veya kaybetmekten çok eğlenmek için oynayan bir ekibiz. Hırslı bir ekibiz evet ama nefret etmeyiz..
    5. 25 yaşındayım. Yaklaşık 4 yıldır birlik yöneticiliği yapıyorum. Mühendisim. Oyundan arta kalan zamanlarda kitap okumayı çok severim. En sevdiğim yazarlar genellikler ruslar olmuştur Güzel bir ironi bence.
    6. Her zaman beni teşvik ediyor. Her uyandığımızda kendi savaşımızı veriyoruz. Bu sarkı beni cesaretlendiyor.

    T H O R I N, COF DT, Turkey

    1- nTPL plays a better game than I expected. They know what they are doing , everyone in the Union are moving towards a certain goal. I believe that we will have an enjoyable finale with them. PS is a crowd of ordinary players , I don't think they're as experienced as nTPL. And as far as I understand nTPL and PS are not acting together. They don't have any agreement except not attacking each other.
    The Russia combination(X3 , TG , PRIME) have more dangerous players according to the Poles. I think their(Russians) only purpose is to block their opponents large army production and slow down the development in the SouthEast region , also to relieve the Russians in the (-/-) region.

    When we look at the list , most of the 9-15 crop villages are belong to Russians. I'll explain the main reason for this in my COF article. PS and Russians don't fight with each other, but nTPL is fighting with almost everyone in the quad. We see that COF , nd , NB, and Vietnam combination is the southeast's largest union. They are playing in harmony with each other, we played together already in 2016 also. So this year we're playing in a more coordinated way.

    Like everyone else, we reached the finals by making some plans as COF. our every players settling area was certain and clear , but an unexpected thing happened.
    The Poles also came to the SouthEast. This disrupted our plans for settling. And these improvements gave us disadvantage in taking 9-15 crop villages. We got lot less 9-15 crop villages than we could get.
    But in spite of everything , I think that COF . ND ,Vietnam meta is the favourite in the SouthEast.

    2- I think that the toughest battles will be around 30 sectors of (50 / -50) . I also expect tough battles at the borders.

    3- I think the most interesting battles will come out in the gray zone. Also there is a strange Polish account which wanted to play with COF , could not be destroyed by the Poles yet.

    4- Actually COF GD union is pretty different, In a travian server, that I participated year ago, I tried to oppose against an entire turkish union alone. I noticed the existance of players who shared my thoughts and we acted together against that turkish union.I gathered players I met in that server and we created COF GD by Kemal BAŞER's request. We actually did some good job against Vietnamese players as COF GD union. In this year our union is merged with COF VATAN union by Kemal BAŞER's demand. We are creating defensive units more as unity and we will fight for COF union in this battle until we have no soldiers left alive.

    5- In fact Two people are actually playing T H O R İ N account. I am Ömer and my dual is Mustafa. We've been playing together for about 8 years. We met in TRAVIAN , and our friendship is still going on.

    6- to my Turkish friends

    1)nTPL beklediğimdiğimden daha iyi bir oyun sergiliyor. Ne yaptıklarını biliyorlar birlik olarak herkes belirli bir amaç doğrultusunda hareket ediyorlar. Onlarla zevkli bir final çıkaracağımıza inanıyorum. PS birlikleri kalabalık sıradan birlikler nTPL kadar tecrübeli olduklarını düşünmüyorum ve anladığım kadarı nTPL ile PS birlikleri berbaer hareket etmiyorlar. Birbirlerine saldırmamak dışında hiçbir bağları yok.
    X3 , TG , PRİME Rusya birleşimi polonyalılara göre daha tehlikeli oyunculara sahip. Tek amaçlarının güneydoğu bölgesindeki birliklerin gelişimini yavaşlatıp büyük ordular çıkarmalarını önlemek ve (-/-) bölgesindeki rusları rahatlatmak olduğunu düşünüyorum. Listeye baktığımızda 15 ve 9 tarlalı köylerin çoğunun bunlarda olduğunu görüyoruz bunun temel sebebini aşağıda COF ile ilgili yazımda anlatacağım. PS birlikleri ve rus birlikleri birbirlerine Saldırmazlık antlaşması yapmışlar am nTPL nerde ise herkes ile savaşıyor

    COF , ND , NB ve Vietnam birleşimi güneydoğunun en büyük birleşimi olduğunu görüyoruz. Birbirleri ile uyumlu şekilde oynuyorlar zaten 2016 da da beraber oynamıştık.Bu yüzden bu yıl daha kordineli bir şekilde oynuyoruz.

    Biz COF birlikleri olarak herkes gibi bazı planlar yaparak geldik finale herkesin bölgesini belliydi ancak beklemediğimiz bir şey oldu. Polonyalılar da güneydoğuya gelmişti bu bizim yerleşim planlarımızı bozdu ve bu planlar 15 ve 9 tarlalı köy alma konusunda bize dezavantaj sağladı . Alabileceğimizden çok daha az 15-9 tarlalı köy aldık. Ama herşeye rağmen COF , ND , Vietnam metasının güneydoğuda favori olduğunu düşünüyorum.

    2) En zorlu savaşların (50/-50) nin 30 sektör etrafında olacağını düşünüyorum. Ayrıca sınırlarda da zorlu savaşlar bekliyorum.

    3) en ilginç savaşların gri bölgede çıkacağını düşünüyorum ayrıca sınır bölgesinde anlaşmazlık kendi birlikleri ile anlaşmazlık yaşayan bir polonyalı oyuncu COF beraber oynamak istedi ve polonyalılar bu adamı yıkmak için ne kadar uğraştılarsa başaramadılar Baya dişli bir oyuncu çıktı açıkçası

    4) COF GD birliği oluşumu çok farklı aslında , ben yıllar önce oynadığım bir serverda tek başıma bir türk oluşumuna kafa tutmaya çalıştım. O zamanlar benim gibi düşünen başka oyuncular da vardı ve onlarla beraber hareket ettik. Kemal BAŞER in isteğiyle Orda tanıştığım oyuncuları da alıp COF GD yi kurduk. Vietnama karşı COF GD olarak çok iyi işler çıkarmıştık. Bu yıl ise Kemal BAŞER in isteği üzerine COF VATAN birliği ile birleşertik. Daha çok defans basıyoruz birlik olarak COF birlikleri için son askerimize kadar mücadele edeceğiz

    5) T H O R İ N hesabını iki kişi oynuyoruz aslında Ben Ömer ortağım ise Muatafa . Yaklaşık 8 yıldır beraber oynuyoruz . Travianda tanıştık ve hala da devam ediyor arkadaşlığımız .
    COF GD ye 4 senedir başkanlık yapıyorum. Hemşirelik yapıyorum 26 yaşındayım. Mustafa da memur 23 yaşında

  • The questions:

    1. SE have more metas than any other quadrant. What are your opinion about the two metas from Poland nTPl and PS? Russian meta TG, Prime, X3? Big unite meta alliances from Arabic ND,chinese NB,CoF meta,Vietnam and etc?
    2. Where do you expect the hardest fight to be (inside quad or on borders with SW or NE)?
    3. What do you think about the other quadrants? Where will the most interesting war be?
    4. Tell us about your alliance, style, history your alliance and target on this server 5. Tell us about yourself. How long have you been leader? Name,gender, age, work,hobby
    6: Share a song with us

    Answers from Arabia

    Dia, ND.C0, Arabia

    Hello Safiren,
    I would like first of all to thank you for this interview, and congratulate you on your outstanding work keeping us up to date with travian news.

    SE quadrant is definitely very special this year since major metas decided to start off in the Southeast, and frankly we weren’t expecting the Russian and Poland to be in this quadrant and we were a bit caught by surprise at the beginning of this server, however this turn out to be a very exciting opportunity to meet our competitors up close and personal.
    The Russian Meta (TG,Prime,X3) is very well organized they have a good balance between the defensive and the offensive accounts as well as Poland alliances , the ND alliances ( Arabs ,trucks, Chinese, Latin’s etc,, )have gained very good experiences over the past years and are definitely not to be taken for granted
    Without a doubt t that the hardest battles will take place within the SE quadrant and more precisely around the WW, I personally think it was a bold move from the Russians to start in SE this year knowing that this quadrant were Turks and Arabs usually start and their abilities to control this area will be definitely tested specially with the strong coordination between Turks and Arabs metas,
    As I said above the most existing battles will be in the SE since the Russian decided to adopt a different strategy this year so we are looking forward to see the outcome of their decision and their abilities will be tested and I think who ever control this area will have bigger chance to win this tournament. However, I would like to point out that there is a general impression form our allies (and I hope that this is all just rumors for the sake of the completion and the transparency within this game) that the Russian are receiving extra support and this a serious issue that travian administration should further investigate.

    (Well the same is said about Arabs. So if you are sure you haven’t extra support you can be sure Russians haven’t it either //Safiren)

    ND is a very promising alliance and they made quite a reputation over the last couple of year in national tournaments and in the finals. ND alliances consist of several large group leaders brought together by a special council headed by “abou jiyad” and all the decisions are taken by vote, our target is the WW and I think we gained enough experience over the past tournaments to have such high expectations and a potential to compete for this title.
    my name is Dia Naal , male, 36 years old from Beirut Lebanon I work as a bank manager and I have a PhD in law, I’ve been around for more than 10 years since the early versions, what really keep me playing all those years is my strong friend network but the game itself needs some major updates.
    Here is one of my favorite songs it’s by theatre of tragedy - on whom the moon don’t shine

    Thank you

    8I8, Joker, ND, Arabia

    Nice to hear from you.

    1 -Polands got no reason to play in finals they have no plan, not even a WW plan they just playing for fun which makes them really harder than Russians to deal with. But for sure with our friends, we will be bad dreams for them.
    2- Nothing is hard and we promise Russians not to win this year.
    3- I'm sure at 100/-100WW will be epic fights and very nice strategies.
    4- We are Jokers started playing with the name since 2010, winners of 4 different servers.
    We will help our friends ND to achieve the win this year. Our target to have fun and crush the bugs around us.
    5 - I’m ghadeer 26 ,fresh blood to the Finals but with the good directions no one will match us.
    We ain't scared of Russians or Polands, we only fear the multi hunter working with one side as always.

    (I wish you would stop promoting this rumors, there are no reality behind them. You can read about it in last years Corner (How does it work? 30 January - Final 2016/2017) //Safiren)

    6 -
    Here is the song you asked for I want to send it to our enemies.

    الظاهر بيبرس, ND.K Arabia

    • I see the SE has got the big surprise in this server because of the exist of all this meta in the same quad.

    The Poland meta I see that they got the support of the Russian meta for that they start in good way they has built in a good range and organized way also Russian did that.
    For the big unite of Arab ND and meta alliances of China NB, COF, etc it's the first time that they make that union in good conditions and draw a map to each ally and also they succeeded in this organisation too.

    • The hardest fight to be in the quad of SW i think because NE it doesn't has the big fight at all.
    • For the other quadrants also we will see a big fights but not much as our quad which will has the big light in war because of the meta alliances that exist.
    • My alliance [KOM], it's the first time we play in finals because our alliance were interested in playing only normal servers and some of our players has joined finals with other alliance that because we were not completely ready. We started playing in this name [KOM] in 2015 and we decided to show our experience to all alliances that exist and we unite with ND because we have played in different sides. We had a big exciting server against each other that gave us a big stand because we could stand for a whole server against all their alliance and also we are Arab and we have decided to play side by side.
    • My name is Maher I have played Travian since 2007. My start was with [KD] alliance. I stopped playing from 2010 tell 2013 and I started again with my friend who is the co leader in my alliance his name is abed alrahim, Abod633

    We had so many difficulties in our journey in travian to put ourself in good positions. The alliance that we played in won that seerver and after that we got so many friends and began to put our first touch to make our own ally. We started in 2015 in the first time as one ally. In 2016 we had our own wonder of the world, we didn't won but our ally become a team. We took the decision to continue the road to the Final. We got into tournament against ND and also we made it more exciting and we had the first step in our relation with them. I hope in this finals we bring the win to the united alliance and we will be the defensive side of the Wonder of the World and in the same side to clean our quad.

  • The questions:

    1. SE have more metas than any other quadrant. What are your opinion about the two metas from Poland nTPl and PS? Russian meta TG, Prime, X3? Big unite meta alliances from Arabic ND,chinese NB,CoF meta,Vietnam and etc?
    2. Where do you expect the hardest fight to be (inside quad or on borders with SW or NE)?
    3. What do you think about the other quadrants? Where will the most interesting war be?
    4. Tell us about your alliance, style, history your alliance and target on this server 5. Tell us about yourself. How long have you been leader? Name,gender, age, work,hobby
    6: Share a song with us

    Answers from Vietnam, China, Malaysia.

    Leo KIM, VN3.COF, Vietnam

    Hi Safiren!
    Thanks for your interview. I am glad to answer your questions.

    • As you can see, SE have more metas than any other quadrant, have 2 main Metas.

    - Meta 1 includes Poland nTPl and PS? Russian meta TG, Prime, X3 and etc, they are very strong. I think they come from Europe and Africa.
    - And meta 2 have Arabic ND, chinese NB, CoF meta, Vietnam and etc, we are from Asia, and we are not weak.

    2. I think the hardest fight area is on borders between SW and NE. This is an important area, has both members of meta 1 and meta 2, they fight very well but others aren't easier.

    3. I'm so sorry, I'm sometimes online so I can’t know the other quadrants. But i still think the most interesting war is on borders between SW and NE.

    4.My alliance is a small team in Team VietNam, Meta 1. However we still have catas, rams, and etc. We have many experienced member. Our target is conquer important artefacts for Team and support m ember on border. There is a big problem for us, we can’t use Vietnam Dong to buy gold. I think it is our disadvantage in battle. I hope you can help to solve this.

    5. My name is Quang. I'm a handsome man, manly ^^. I'm 25. I have played travian since 2011, when I was a freshman. And i have some medals on my profile. Haha.
    And Travian is my favorite. Now I'm a programmer, i often play game when work.

    6. Some great song about my country. Welcome you to VietNam

    Haiz, If my english was good, I'll tell more. I hope the answer didn’t made you disappointed.

    Thank and best regards,

    Leo Kim

    2ez4tm, VN0.COF, Vietnam

    Hi Safiren. I really like The corner about the tournament. Thank you for chosing me as a interviewee
    Here is my answers

    • Poland has a lot of strong players, they make us feel surprise about their the second villages.

    Not much information about the Russians, but they are already winning many rounds, will be a strong opponent.
    We played with COF meta many times, they are a very strong meta, ND and Newbee are also very good.

    2. In the South-East, Poland is a strong and aggressive, it is very interesting to fight them. We also have problems with BAD in the South West. But Poland is still our main rival.

    3. NE has a lot of alliances, but I do not expect there are WorldWonders there.NW is the confrontation of Dacia and WINter, there will be very interesting.
    But I care the most about Southwest, the fight between SPQR and the Russians.

    4. VN0 is the merger between VN T@F and VN-GOD, we are young players full of enthusiasm. VN T@F is the best when play some close combats, and VN-GOD is good simmer, we make up for each other's shortcomings. I am joining the meta consulting group in Vietnam. We are building a new and more professional VN meta. The journey has just begun.

    5. I am Tung, 24 years old, I work in accounting-auditing. Travian is my hobby and DotA2 is similar. I've known Travian since I was 13 and played a few rounds on international servers. I did not play a very long time and returned to travian in 2015. After winning a server international, I joined VN T@F in the 2016 qualifiers and was a planner for VN T@F in 2017 qualifiers. This is my first time I lead after the almost veteran players retired.

    6. Do you know Son Tung MTP?

    I look forward to reading the Next week's Corner

    Best regards


    Abby, NB-离震, China

    • Poland meta have a strong sense of discipline. We used to have a great time working together in the finals before. We regard them as respectful enemies.

    Russian meta in SE seems to be good at defence, and we have little information of them. We think that they may have already cooperate with Poland. And this mean our fight will become tougher.
    As for the meta of us, it's the first time we cooperate together in such a large scale, so we may counter some problem such as the influent of information or oasis ownership,but I believe that we can overcome the problem and make a good fight

    2. I think the hardest fight will be the fight between NB and Russia. They are skillful player, and they are good defender. This will become a battle challenge patient for both side.

    3. I am interesting of the fight in SW. Italian are aggressive player, and they fight against the Russia meta in SW in the finals. I want to support them. You can do it!
    Fight! ITALY!

    4.NB is the abbreviation of brilliant in Chinese pronunciation, which predecessor is the "Family Alliance" in 2013 finals. We are Chinese, comes from China, Taiwan ,Hong Kong and everywhere in the world.
    NB is a team which emphasize the importance of teamwork. We will do our best to make other members feel happy in the game.
    Our target used to be to win alone in the Finals. However we found that in such a tough server, it's hard to win alone, so now we change to cooperate with other meta to achieve our goal - to win. To Win, That's NB's Goal.

    5.Hello, I'm Abby. This is the first year I become one of the leader in NB. It's really a hard job, and I will do my best to lead NB to the victory. I'm a 20-year-old boy.
    I'm a college student in Taiwan, major in economic and philosophy, and my hobby is playing games, and I have played Travian since I was 10 year old.

    6.Although Russia meta and NB are enemy, I still want to share a song.
    "National Anthem of USSR"

    Workers of the world, unite!

    Neo star, COF MY™, Malaysia

    1- In my opinion, all the teams that are competing this time are strong teams. which is the strength of each team is the cooperation between the troops. for early-stage games it's still hard to see the weaknesses found in Russian meta teams and meta Poland. for the ND team, COF, we will always work together to master this area.

    2- I feel that the great resistance will come from Poland and Russian meta on my troops. This is because all teams want to dominate the game. I hope my meta team can help my team against the Poland and Russian team. To inform all teams in knowing who their opponent is and who they are.

    3- For other quadrants it would be interesting to watch. I can say that all teams are planning and trying to master their quadrant. This war I believe will be entertaining and history to all the teams that play.

    4- My team is from Malaysia. We've played two finals. For last year's final we were together with the cof. They take care and become the source of where we show what we have. They often helped us to fight in last year's finals. I hope this year what we have received from the cooperation is maintained for the final of this year. We play our own way nothing is directed by the COF. We can do anything to continue the game.

    5- My name is Neo Star maybe in Malaysia I am better known as Dark Sea. I only manage diplomacy for teams and leaders. My team still being led by me and how many of my friends to manage teamwork. I am 29 years old. working as an executive of the Department of Water production in Malaysia. My hobby is the way to find a meal.

    6- Oh oh mmm

    Well I wonder could it be
    When I was dreaming 'bout you baby, you were dreaming of me
    Call me crazy, call me blind
    To still be suffering is stupid after all of this time
    Did I lose my love to someone better
    And does she love you like I do, I do
    You know I really really do
    Well hey, so much I need to say
    Been lonely since the day
    The day you went away

    So sad but true for me there's only you
    Been crying since the day
    The day you went away
    Oh wow yeah he he oh oh oh
    I remember date and time
    September twenty second Sunday twenty five after nine
    In the doorway with your case
    No longer shouting at each other there were tears on our faces and we were letting go of something special
    Something we'll never have again, I know I guess I really really know

    Read more: M2M - The Day You Went Away Lyrics | MetroLyrics

  • The questions:

    1. SE have more metas than any other quadrant. What are your opinion about the two metas from Poland nTPl and PS? Russian meta TG, Prime, X3? Big unite meta alliances from Arabic ND,chinese NB,CoF meta,Vietnam and etc?
    2. Where do you expect the hardest fight to be (inside quad or on borders with SW or NE)?
    3. What do you think about the other quadrants? Where will the most interesting war be?
    4. Tell us about your alliance, style, history your alliance and target on this server 5. Tell us about yourself. How long have you been leader? Name,gender, age, work,hobby
    6: Share a song with us

    Answers from Poland

    Alkolamusy, nTPl O, Poland

    1. Long story short we are focusing on our squad, nTPL and what's around us. We are not connected by any pacts and we hope everyone will have a good time fighting.

    2. I don’t really care that much about other quadrants. I'm just curious how friends: opponents from past servers, both Russians ,Romanians and Italians are dealing with enemies. Also I hope for some sick battle reports.

    3. I don’t know, both SW and NW have strong teams and it will be interesting to see how things will work out. It’s worth mentioning that in almost every single quadrant we can find great alliances, so we can’t say for sure who will win and who will lose.

    4. Our alliance is variety of travian's pensioners, usually we played in finals (twice as TP-Polish Hussars, and now as nTPL). We really don’t care about winning we just hope for great fun no pacts no diplomacy that is focused on avoiding wars.

    5. I have played since 2009, and since forever I'm telling everyone that I don’t wanna play this game anymore, but for company and friends i'm coming back for more. I don’t really remember since when I'm a chief. In my private life I work on projects that are connected with funding and EU. I'm a big fan of EU overall and what it brings to the world and Poland. I have 3 kids and a private company, I enjoy reading books( original russian literature even tho I don’t know how to write in Cyrillic)

    6. And a song that I chose is polish song ''Nic do stracenia'' by mrozu It's about pursue dreams and not being afraid to reach things that we believe in. One of verse of this song is: ''We need to move mountains and run against the wind so the walls that are dividing us, will fall''

    WhiteBeasts, Ps W, Poland

    1. PS - first time on finals, we can be a surprise on this server, but on the other hand we can mean nothing in the end. We will see.
    Ntpl - mostly good players, but as long as one of their leader is trying to rule them and they are performing her stupid strategy ntpl cant win the server.
    TG, Prime, X3 - probably first time on finals, as i can see they are not such good as main RU meta like BAD, but still good. I think they will try to build WW, but they are not favorites.
    Big unite meta - just big mass, few players know how to use bots and scripts and how to make use of them, but mostly they are weak. I’m sure we will see big armies, big robberies and big population on few accounts in this meta, but in my opinion that will change nothing about this quarter.

    2. On border with SW if BAD will going to fight there, if not - inside quadrant between Arabs/Turks etc., Russians and ntpl.

    3. -/+ should be interesting, Dacia can be the strongest coalition on this quarter. On -/- BAD and Cerber will probably win without big problems, but they will need a lot of time to take control of the Italians.
    +/+ the most boring and the weakest region, full of random allies.
    +/- most populous quarter, so here we should see most interings wars all the time.

    4. PS was created before the elimination server from 2 polish alliances BC and E&T. I don’t know what i can say more, we are playing here as guests, just to help and make Poland great again. Most of players are playing first time on server like this, so they can learn something new. Target - win finals!

    5. You can just watch this and you will know all We made few polish records, like the biggest army or the largest number of attacking points and we made it in regular fights, not on own scouts or clubs like it is popular on final servers.

    But of course i can say something about us in english.
    We are all boys, so pretty young girls - feel free to contact us :p
    Turek (me) - Robert, 22 yo, i am studying computer science, ‘m not from Turkey and i don’t like kebabs. I’m big fan of vodka, beer and other alcohols.
    Spinifex - Marcin, 22 yo, student of energetics, also alcoholic :P
    Ziejek - Przemek, 30 yo, company owner, they produce hair dyes, also alcohol fan (do you know someone who is not and who is playing travian? ).
    Darkes, Sulej, Wredny Buc - new players, we are testing them and teaching how to play, maybe they will stay with us longer.
    And best greetings to Laeghin (Mikołaj), we hope he will come back to us and play in the second part of server, now he has no time.


    Braciaki, PS B, Poland

    1. nTPL, we played many servers against each other. I can’t tell we play same style, but after so many servers we know our advantages and disadvantages. nTPL got much more experience about Tournament. For us its first final server.
    Hmm.. Russians... I’m not sure that TG play with Prime and X3. Still they seems strong and we got some territorial issue with them.
    We played vs COF on qualification. They had so many accounts but here they don’t look that strong (turkish COF). We couldn’t fight with them in short distance, so will see how it works now. All I can say, latina players- they don’t give up. Maybe we didn’t focus on them at qualification but still after losing villages they still stand up and fight. We learned from them settlement- they settle on very small areas that made us to use more ideas to get them.

    2. As you can see we settle near SW border and we got many opponents here- BAD/Cerber, COF especially Vietnam. We focus on our area and will see how it goes on.

    3. I should say SW seems strong, but after crop settle everyone get some space. Our quadrant got most players, so about bit short distance fights, I think here u can expect most.

    4. Its first time we unit few alliances, just for TT. We still working on many things. For me most difference between polish servers and TT is diplomacy. Here u cant be sure of anything. We are mixed players from 2-3 strong alliance. Many players gave up after qualificaion, but maybe maybe after "good" TT we can get more players next year, if we start of course.
    Style... Hmm on polish servers we don’t have so many players, so we are custom to get easy crops. Poland as always is a brave country so we came here to fight and win. Maybe it’s just a dream- will see.

    5.First of all I’m not a leader. Just a group leader with 30-40 players. Mostly friends. We got two leaders- Budek and Frog, but we got complex structures. We play with few smallers groups. In these groups we know each other for many years and know what to expect. Two main leaders doing their jobs- diplomacy, main strategy and as always yelling at group leaders.
    On account we play with friend and my brother Braciaki=brothers
    About me, I’m Mark 27 yold. I work as pharmaceutical representative. Hobby.. hmm travian, my kid and jack russell terrier

    6: Lets share a funny song

    That song is from old times, when i spend so many hours playing lineage 2

  • The questions:

    1. SE have more metas than any other quadrant. What are your opinion about the two metas from Poland nTPl and PS? Russian meta TG, Prime, X3? Big unite meta alliances from Arabic ND,chinese NB,CoF meta,Vietnam and etc?
    2. Where do you expect the hardest fight to be (inside quad or on borders with SW or NE)?
    3. What do you think about the other quadrants? Where will the most interesting war be?
    4. Tell us about your alliance, style, history your alliance and target on this server 5. Tell us about yourself. How long have you been leader? Name,gender, age, work,hobby
    6: Share a song with us

    Answers from Russia

    Не надо ля-ля! Prime, Russia (Translation of the name: It is not necessary to talk)

    1. We consider Polish teams as very strong but our main opponent will be a coalition of Arabs, Turks, Chinese, Vietnamese, etc. since our main goal is WW. TG is not part of our meta. We have no diplomacy and, moreover, there are some local conflicts with them.

    2. We are lucky since we are definitely have fun in our quad. Probably the hardest and interesting fights will take place inside our quad.

    3. It would be interesting to see fights Dacia vs WINterS and BAD vs SPQR.

    4. The PRIME team was established in 2009. We played t3.6 while there was an opportunity. The last one was com in 2013-14, if I'm not mistake. Then we played several times on the version t4.4 on ru servers. The last game was - com 2016, which we won, despite the fact that 3 sectors were united against us, even before the artifacts.
    At the World Cup we play for the first time, came here because all the other tops have already been achieved and do not motivate. We came, relatively, a small team, teaming up with the coalition of ХЗ. We play in the interests of our team, we hope to show an interesting game. Will we get it? Time will tell.

    5. I am the head of the PPIME Coalition since 2009. Name - Anna, 40+, doing business, hobby - travian.


    Zerbun TG Russia

    1. My opinion is simple and short, if Polish and Russian alliances should unite (PS W,TG,Prime X3 White), then there is a real chance in the South-East, if make deal with alliances and play together.

    2. Sure inside quadrant. Borders are not present a threat to anyone.

    3. Interesting war everywhere, to be honest. The balance of landing force in different quadrant is good, and everyone adheres to their goals - is a persistent struggle.

    4. Our Alliance is not in full strength, and contains a lot of young and new players. We immediately went to the fun and of course on all assistance to all Russian-speaking alliances. When will gather all the landing -TG - at full strength, then tell you about us ;)

    5. Me many know, I have played a lot of years, but another who want know me let's go to my landing force. We get acquainted.

    6. Song we have only one: Acropolis(Acropolis) - Travian Gangsters

    Акрополис(Acropolis) - Travian Gangsters |Музыка группы/музыканта Буньков Григорий на RealMusic

    1. Мое мнение простое и краткое, если Польша и русскоязычные альянсы объединяться (PS W, -TG-, PRIME, ХЗ WHITE) тогда есть реальный шанс на Юго-Востоке, если нормально, по-человечески, заключат союз и будут играть сообща.

    2. Внутри сектора конечно. Границы сейчас не представляют ни для кого угрозы.

    3. Интересная война везде, если честно. Баланс десантов по разным секторам хороший, и каждый придерживается своих целей - идет упорная борьба.

    4. Наш альянс далеко не в полном составе, и содержит много молодых и новых игроков. Мы сразу шли на фан и конечно на оказании любой помощи всем русскоязычным альянсам. Когда соберется весь десант -TG- в полном составе, тогда и расскажем вам о нас ;)

    5. Меня многие знают, я давно играю, а остальные, кто хочет меня узнать, пускай идут играть в моём десанте, познакомимся)

    6.Песня у нас только одна: Акрополис(Acropolis) - Travian Gangsters

  • The questions:

    1. SE have more metas than any other quadrant. What are your opinion about the two metas from Poland nTPl and PS? Russian meta TG, Prime, X3? Big unite meta alliances from Arabic ND,chinese NB,CoF meta,Vietnam and etc?
    2. Where do you expect the hardest fight to be (inside quad or on borders with SW or NE)?
    3. What do you think about the other quadrants? Where will the most interesting war be?
    4. Tell us about your alliance, style, history your alliance and target on this server 5. Tell us about yourself. How long have you been leader? Name,gender, age, work,hobby
    6: Share a song with us

    Answers from Balticum

    Yollo, Nut, Latvia

    Nice to know that you noticed us . My pleasure to answer you. I guess you don't remember me, but I think it was 2014 finals where we played in same ally, was fun times.

    1. Yes, SE is overcrowded. We actually started in SE, but decided to move to NE, just because we saw, that if we want to stick together as a team, we won't have chances to "gold fast enough" to get decent second villas in SE. But returning to question, there will be needed good diplomacy indeed, to make some metas work together. Or else we will see pure blood bath. Russian meta is decent, we fought some of them in qualies, but I think they lack numbers in this quadrant. Arabs looks strong as always and they have numbers. Other ones will definitely need to make some pacts to stay alive. Ohh.. and Turks.. Turks can't be united as always. Ofc they are decent fighters, but I can't see them in good shape in long run.

    2. Most likely around WW villa, but ofc grey area won't be peaceful.

    3. SW is already entertaining us, SE will give us most likely the best reports in near future. NW seems bit boring but I am sure they will keep us entertained as well. NE - where we are at, again Turks - most likely we will keep fighting against them. We have nothing against Gallia, but some of their players are in our base and taking some oases from our 15c, so I guess it won't be healthy to our relationships But on global scale - quite boring quadrant as well.

    4. We are proud Latvian ally, mostly consisting of players that have been around for many years. Though we are quite laid back - as veterans. Just enjoying fights and clicking pixels. Goal is to have fun, but if we can involve in global picture of server, we will take a look on chances. Sadly we experienced drama anyways - with other Latvian ally - LS. So atm we have confederation with our allies from qualies, but cooperation is what it is at this distance.

    5. Hah.. I never wanted to be a leader in travian - our leader step aside and no one wanted to lead. So, I saw that if I won't do some coordination works, nobody will. It kinda led me to this place. I am in learning process, but it is quite easy, because most of us have travian experience and we all are grownups.
    I am Kaspars. 31 yrs old male, working as database analyst and my hobby is exploring craft beer world, I am brewing beer myself.

    6. It would be default from me to drop something from Skyforger, but atm I am listening to Insomnium - One for sorrow, so let it be

    DzWu, SAULÈ, Lithuania

    1.We didn't get a chance to play with polish and arabian alliances so it's hard to tell if they are strong or not.
    Currently polish alliances don't look threatening and well coordinated, they look more like amateurs.
    It's a bit different with arabian alliance, some of their players groups proved their skills in last two weeks. I really think that they are still going to show us more this server.
    We played with TG alliance last server and they were not as strong as Cerbers, but they were not bad as well. As much as we communicated with them, they cannot really be called russians, there are many players from other countries like Belarus, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, etc.
    Alliance PRIME & X3 is quite unclear for me yet. It's hard to tell what they are going to show us.

    2. I think that the hardest fight is going to happen around the center and 100/-100 coordinates.

    3. I'm sure that the most interesting war is going to happen in our region (+/-). Arabians are going to try to clear as much territory as possible before artifacts, and all other alliances are going to try to resist them.

    4. Our alliance goal was to unite all lithuanian players and play together in the same team. We didn't know each other until the qualification server.

    5. I'm playing Travian since 2007 (Raundo pabaiga (1) В» Travianas | Traviano pagalbos svetainД—), I played in allience named "SAULE" (Sun). I have started to manage alliances since about 2009 years. My name is Džiugas, I'm 26 years old man. I'm currently working on IT sector.

    6: Lithuania is probably the only country that has Travian anthem.

    Stakenas - Mano Ferma

    Never thought that I will have to live in a village
    I never pastured a herd until autumn
    I never knew how to make a windrow
    I never wanted to sit on unbroken soil
    Farm my, my farm
    You can see it now yourself
    Farm my, my farm
    I think I liked you

  • Reports


    WtF vs PP
    attack on the tiny village…c,794722ff4e8,79473619213

    WINter vs COQ…2,500519844f8,5005169658b


    nTP O vs COF

    VN zoo killed

    ntpl vs turkey

    another reports PS and nTPl
    Raporty wojenne Mistrzostw Traviana 2017 [15.11.17 - ...]


    SouthWest conquered conquered conquered conquered conquered conquered conquered,1519240b8b4 + waves + waves + waves + waves cap sent to 100 + waves + waves + waves waves
    Uollas def, forget scouts?

    • it was an all in.…743235%7C3f2a8f3a&t=0&s=1…b,55785ef8ae1,55786448ba0…930147%7Ce7cfede3&t=0&s=1
    + 7 волн

    bad vs ghetto

    BAD vs Taequila…d,585407aea63,5854089550a


    How to get a medal, Top10 attacker.…8,27392935f96,2739309aa40

    Psycho vs Uollas L

    BAD vs Neworder

    BAD vs NÖA

    Bad vs TTTG

    Bad vs Uollas
    scorpion vs Uollas

    br kiss vs Uollas

    bad vs bg-502


    Dacia vs NutHousE

    white death vs [winter] HAFIK

    Team Elite vs naptopr

    Tia vs mage

    Teutonic Steel vs jess [MAFIA] :

    Hitman vs. Alexsex [MAFIA] :

    white death VS Kalibr [MAFIA]
    Teutonic Steel vs Kalibr (cap) [MAFIA]:

    Tomcats Runners vs 300kg (cap)

    ruk vs dacia…e,17112763709,1711285b2b2

    dacia vs tommy gun

    Converter - Rapoarte batalii Travian -- White Death clean
    Converter - Rapoarte batalii Travian -- Tia&virusz
    Converter - Rapoarte batalii Travian -- final attack
    конвертер - логовница для Травиан
    Converter - Rapoarte batalii Travian -- the army that was there a few days ago

    dacia vs winter
    Teutonic Steel:
    Muad Dib:

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    A side effect is that it looks as I'm moderator - I'm not. The only permission I have is to edit my posts, even this locked tread.

  • In this edition:

    • Safirens Corner
    • New Years truce
    • Player profile: arzt
    • SouthWest
    • Interviews
    • NorthWest
    • Interviews
    • Reports
    • Top10
    • Contest

    First half of the server is always the most intense part for my Corner with maps and leader interviews.

    I hope that this reviews have given you a good view of the server and that you feel that you have an understanding of what is happening. I also hope that all this interviews makes the game more interesting now when you know a little more about your opponents.

    This week I had to do a review of both SouthWest and NorthWest because I have been allowed to take a rest from Corner and blog between Christmas and 7 January so no Corner next two weeks. When I’m back it is time for artefacts, so only chance to cover the two remaining quadrants is in this edition.

    I will be around of course, keeping an eye on what is happening, gathering reports and Top 10, talking on skype. But mainly it’s time for family and friends. I look forward to New Year when my crazy computer group ACGG will spend the weekend in the cellar on my work :D Registration was closed 25 minutes after opening, maximum 35 participants was reached.

    Yesterday I remembered that last year I had only scouts so I had problem to send greetings, so I realized that it was stupid to kill my troops from adventures on oases now…

    I have begin to wonder if I might need some def help when the server ends. Miko isn’t the first one that have promised to pay me a real visit by then (scared)(laughing)

    It have been a lot more talking about cheating this year. Maybe not so strange since Travian have made a big effort to give us a fair game. At this point I think that all nations have accused each other and all think they are unfairly treated. It might be so and it might not.

    I have only one thing to say in this matter: Clean your own ranks before you accuse others!

    New Years truce

    On com there is no Christmas truce but instead we have a 72h long truce for New Year. No starving for 24h after truce end. Remember that you have to log in on your account before truce ends or your troops might starve because account haven’t been active!

    Starts Dec 30th at - starts earliest at 12:00 noon UTC London time
    Ends Jan 2nd at - ends latest at 12:01 noon UTC London time

    If you need somewhere to park, my account is available :)

    PS. If you wants a Christmas truce you can always activate vacation mode as Eurypedes pointed at. DS.

    Player profile

    Several have noticed me about this players profile and asked me to do an interview so I asked and arzt kindly responded.

    1. SouthWest is a very interesting quadrant with two strong metas. One old, BAD/Cerber, and one coming back, SPQR, partly new to Tournament. Your opinion about them?
    2. Where do you expect the hardest fight to be (inside quad or on borders with SE or NW)?
    3. What do you think about the other quadrants? Where will the most interesting war be?
    4. Tell us about your alliance, style, history your alliance and target on this server 5. Tell us about yourself. How long have you been leader? Name,gender, age, work,hobby
    6: Share a song with us :)

    arzt, winner of the Tournament 2012

    1. I do not see significant success in both coalitions.
    In my opinion, BAD are weak and poorly organized. Unfortunately those reports I saw say about the low quality of the organization. The Italian team has a little more success.

    2. The hardest fight will be inside quad. I think that this quad will become one of the most bloody, as a result of which both coalitions will have low chances in WW-race. As a result of the war with the BAD|Cerber Italian team has no chances to build WW and they will support the Dacia's WW.

    Reports with [VODKA] Bingo Bongo show us that Dacia created best off operation.

    3. The most interesting quads are certainly NW with Dacia and I hope SE with PL&PRIME. Maybe winner will be from NW or SE.

    4. I'm independent and alone here. Just as observer and returned to look at modern youth. It's time for new generations. I hope PRIME will show good result.
    Of course, I'm in contact with the leaders of different teams. Some of them are my friends for many years, for example Emerik (Teutonic Steel).

    5. I created MightyRU and it was unique independent alliance for .com zone.
    TT2010/11 and TT2011/12 - I was head of RU-team with Krios, Mega and Imbalance.
    TT2012/13 - MightyRU was independent against all and played for fun. And was unique small alliance with own WW.
    My pre-TT history with MightyRU and many personal info you can read on forum (russian dept.)

    6. Metallica - Master of Puppets

  • SouthWest

    Map all:
    Red - Russians, green - Italians, violet - other 3 alliances without meta.

    From the interviews it is clear that the quadrant that draws the most interest is SW -/-, the battle between SPQR and the Russian meta have high expectations. The area close to the center is tight populated (and my little village has BAD on one side and Italians on the other!) and you can see that the parts have begin to get control on certain areas but still quite mixed so it is close battles and a headache for the def coordinators I can believe - and it will not get easier!

    Map Russia
    Red - BAD
    Darkred - Cerber, incl. Hellas, Def&Dest, Br.Kiss

    BAD alliances has as target the building plan area, Cerber more far out towards the WW -100/-100. The meta also includes Br.Kiss, Def&Dest, BGM and Hellas (greeks but only parts of HellasDT). Hellas went to the same area as last year but has a harder competition against SPQR’s confeds. 858 accounts.

    Map SPQR
    Darkgreen - Italians
    Green - Confeds (some of those might be Italians too, I’m not sure)

    The Italian alliances fights with BAD for the domination of the the bp-area and towards the WW -100/0. Their confederated as Ghetto, New Order, LF has stronghold beyond the WW, as I mentioned a bad area for Hellas. 626 accounts.

  • Interviews SPQR


    1. SouthWest is a very interesting quadrant with two strong metas. One old, BAD/Cerber, and one coming back, SPQR, partly new to Tournament. Your opinion about them? How is the war going? Do you have any progress in consolidating your area?
    2. Where do you expect the hardest fight to be (inside quad or on borders with SE or NW)?
    3. What do you think about the other quadrants? Where will the most interesting war be?
    4. Tell us about your alliance, style, history your alliance and target on this server
    5. Tell us about yourself. How long have you been leader? Name,gender, age, work,hobby
    6: Share a song with us :)

    Trafalgar Law, UollasL, SPQR

    • Yes, in my opinion SW is the quadrant with the highest level in all the finals, there is a big war between us and BAD/Cerber. The war is going on, we are taking our zones and russia too. Is hard for us and is hard for a meta who conquered 12 or 13 building plans last finals ^^
    • Of course inside the quadrant!
    • About the other quadrants ... my opinion is that travian is a war game, so first of all I want war in every quadrant, I hate peaceful quadrant in this game, everyone is good to grow in peace, everyone can do big numbers without enemy in the quadrant, everyone can build a record ww hammer. So.. I’m happy that in each quadrant we will see war. I’d say the hottest war is in SW but if I have to choose another quadrant I say SE. I just see stats, I see 100/-100 zone, building plans zones, i see 3 meta inside, i think is enough. NW is easy for Dacia and NE is in shade for now, I hope we will see 7x7 war also there, because my friends, TRAVIAN IS 7x7 WAR.
    • I think Uollas is one of the strongest group ever, people saw us in 2013 and now see us in this final. Style? Just we have not fear of anybody, for other russians can answer better about our group (meta)
    • Francesco, from ‘92 , male.

    the nerone, INF@SPQR

    • BAD/Cerber seems very strong opponents and they won last finals so ofc they have all our respect and it’s an honour to meet them here in the quad, Always fun with good opponents. We are doing our best to fight them and there are mains and def dying on both sides every day. Ofc we are trying to protect the "hot" areas, that we do as a united confed.
    • Right now it’s the borders in the center that is the area with most movements, but I´ll guess it will be the same on all borders where we meet the russians.
    • Hard to tell right now and I’m not so well informed to give a good answer, I believe it will be a busy server and some hard fights all over :)
    • My alliance (Infinity) are composed by mainly italians, have played many domestic servers, with or against some of our confeds here on finals :) We have played the com classic before of which we won last 3.6 classic against some of the opponents here on finals, among them PRIME We are ofc here to win!
    • I’m swedish, female and have been leading some swedish servers and have been part of the italian leader group for some years. I am a nurse as profession, work night shifts so Im very active late at night, can play any tribe or style, its fun changing style from server to server.



    Arausium, N.Ø.A. SPQR

    • I don t think the real war started, as now we can see good reports from the two metas. It s still too soon! Of course we will give our best to play a good server
    • Are two quadrant with active players, the two quadrant have to fight seriously, and in the two quadrant, for the supremacy, the war is needed
    • SE, but still soon to say this
    • NOA is part of italian coalition Uollas, a come back on the finals. Is an ally who goes on since years and years, a group of friends that server by server fought great battles. I m here since only 3 years to be part of NOA. The leader of this ally is my dual, who lead since years and years. We hope to have funny , also our players. To be here is already a good thing for me.
    • Here there are a female ( Vica ), and to a female you can’t ask the age :p

    And my dual, Rino, the man of the account, a veteran of the finals ( FUNCOOL 2013/2014 ). We play since over 10 years , together only since 3 years. My dual’s hobby is to ride a bike, we love music, books, art and videogames.


    • Non penso che sia proprio una guerra ben avviata , per adesso , ma dei bei report si vedono da tutte le due parti . Penso sia ancora presto! Sicuro noi faremo di tutto per offrire un bel server.

    2. Sono due settori con presenze importante a livello di confederate, penso che tutte i due settori avranno da combattere in maniera seria , e in tutte due settori , per prendere la supremazia si deve guerreggiare a sangue

    3. Settore arabo penso , poi e' tutto da vedere ancora .
    4. La N.Ø.A. fa parte della confederata italiana Uollas , vecchia conoscenza sul server finale . E' un alleanza che va avanti da tanti anni, un gruppo di amici , che server dopo server ha portato avanti grande battaglie . Io ci sono solo da 3 anni e sono molto contenta di farne parte . Il vero capo di quest ally e' il mio sharer, che la guida da tantissimi anni . Speriamo di divertirci , sopratutto e speriamo di far divertire i nostri player . Essere su un server mondiale e' già una bel passo avanti per poterlo fare
    5.Qui siamo in due, io Vica, femmina , l'eta' non si chiede mai a una donna e il mio sharer Rino maschio , o come direbbe lui IL UOMO del account , gia veterano sul mondiale . Tutte due giochiamo penso da più di 10 anni , anche se in confederate diverse fine a 3 anni fa.
    Di hobby ne abbiamo parecchi la bici , per il mio sharer , musica, lettura, arte, i videogiochi .

    Miko, Tuomiopäivä, Ghetto, International, SPQR

    • Well, those last news of top10 farming Russians getting those resources from their own multis is not putting them to a good light at all. Personally I don't know them at all as I have only Greeks on my playground.

    2. About Italians.. I started playing with them instead of Russians or other METAs, I think that gives you enough information.
    Our war has just started so difficult to say, we destroyed Hellas biggest capital (870 pop) to 250 pop today with very minimal losses so at least we started very well.If you ask my honest opinion, hardest fights will be held on your only village as I am gonna attack you until you give up to be my farm.
    3. As I am not a META leader, I don't know anything about other quadrants. SE seems to have lot of accounts so probably we have a nice war there.
    4. Well, we are around 50 accounts, lot of good players and persons, nice to play with them surely. I don't know if I can say if are we more offensive or defensive, it depends on our area, situation etc. We can be pretty much anything we are wanted to be and we can do it well.
    Our target? Make Hellas cry (Even if I think they have been crying since they found out Ghetto is playing against them here as they surely know we are a lot better than them)
    5. Just turned 20-years-old, studying in school of economics. Sports is my whole life, still dreaming and believing my own professional sports career which is more likely to happen soon than ever.
    About travian, I have been leading like 1,5 years I guess. National server then qualis and finals, not that much. I am that type of guy who hates to do things like someone else wants to, if I think it isn't the best way so better to be a leader. You can do things your way :p
    My favourite song when I was 5 yo. Old but gold.

    Interviews Russia

    • SouthWest is a very interesting quadrant with two strong metas. One old, BAD/Cerber, and one coming back, SPQR, partly new to Tournament. Your opinion about them? How is the war going? Do you have any progress in consolidating your area?
    • Where do you expect the hardest fight to be (inside quad or on borders with SE or NW)?
    • What do you think about the other quadrants? Where will the most interesting war be?
    • Tell us about your alliance, style, history your alliance and target on this server.
    • Tell us about yourself. How long have you been leader? Name,gender, age, work,hobby
    • Share a song with us :)

    Alexandr Buch, Psycho, BAD, Russia

    1. BAD/Cerber it's not quite true, as the Ru-team includes also such teams like Hellas and Br.
    The war goes pretty well. However, we expected more from italians. They are many, we're calling them locusts (no offense). Regarding their fortification success, no doubt here. But if at the start italians had a short win due to their massive pushes of the 3-5 accounts a day, later those accounts failed in independent development.
    I'd like to say a few words about recent accusations in multying from Italian coalition. All the cases with mults were banned and mults deleted. In general, our bans were far more numerous than for any other team. Third of the bans happened without any crime on the part of the account. And if the italians are so eager to blame us, I could easy show them their own alliances filled with mults organized alphabetically. Or they could also sincerely tell us that they don't use scripts or bots notifying them about incomings. Here I'd have to laugh hard.

    I say this. Personally I do not have any mults. Neither me nor my duals have logged in into other accounts via passwords. We do not use any bots. And yes, we are top farmers.

    Deal with it.

    2. I think the most difficult fight for us is within the sector. We do not have major interests in the border regions. Those are mostly local wars.

    3. I could say where is the most pathetic. It's the NE. And they will manage even WW to 100lvl.

    4. Our alliance is the coalition of several teams and was founded after the finals 2013-14. Sometime we win, sometimes we lose. We are always considered as favourites, what complicates our lives too,

    5. To talk about gender in modern times is not considered very tolerant. You'd be blamed across all sexual minorities. But you've spoken as a true "white man". I'm a man, 33 yo, working as a manager of an insurance company.


    promter, BAD International, Russia

    1. Right, there are some Italians around. But my villages are placed in the way that I border with Poland and VN-Cof more than with the Italians, not to mention my beloved friends from BG502. It's hard to have an opinion on the Italian coalition yet. I just see some local activities, nothing much. They chief our spawns, we chief theirs. They have their noobs, we have ours. Nothing particular to notice so far.
    Surely, we have progress in our area. And those enemies who are still close to our capitals are already assigned and shared among us. Unfortunately, they appear to be not enough to satisfy the needs of all of our simmers.

    2. For us i think the most active zone would be closer to the grey area. The central regions of BAD or Cerber have not so many enemies and sooner or later they will be just muscled out. The region of Br though and some our parts along the NW axis are pretty much populated by Italian coalition. That's the place where I'd expect most of action.

    3. I think the bloodiest wars are usually those for a WW area. I don't see many enemies around our WW or around that of Dacia. So, I'd expect nice fights between Prime and Arabs, as well as between Polish and VN-Cof. If i'm not mistaken they're trying to fight for the ww at 0/-100. But so far it doesn't look very active.

    4. My alliance is a part of the BAD coalition. Most of the alliance are international players. Our team was known as QuT during the last qualification round. Some players are sticking with this team since several years. Our history includes such alliances like TL, Rev-Karma, DI, Cin.

    As a part of Ru-team this year, it comes naturally, that the goal for us is to win.

    However, being part of Ru team isn't that easy, have to say. And the problem isn't inside. The problem is how you're seen from outside by those who know you for years in fact. Yes, I am speaking about this recent main stream to scream that all russians are cheaters. Of course we have some cheaters aboard, so do other teams. ALL other teams in fact. Yet no one pays attention to them because those teams don't take the lead in any of the tops. So, the sad part is that people tend to disregard the years of shared experience in order to join in this "witch hunt". When all is actually needed is a minute of consideration. Then it will be clear that all the noise is stirred by the players who can't admit the fact that someone might be better than them.

    5. First, I've become a defence manager in 2010 and been a leader ever since. Of course I took some pauses from leading, coz I do like to play this game in fact. Playing is, unfortunately, not an option for a coordinator.
    Ekaterina, female, 34, no work, no hobby, no life, only travian....


    gywechka, MmM BAD, Russia.

    1. I can not be objective in relation to BAD)Between us there is an active struggle, I hope BAD will win.
    2. Before the fall of the artifacts, I expect that the most active game will be in the center of the sector.
    3. I expect that Prime will show a beautiful game in the SouthEast.
    4. Our alliance is part of the Russian team. We play together at the World Championships for the second time and are very friendly with each other.
    I manage the alliance from the very beginning.
    5. My name is Lilia, I'm 26 years old. I'm a philologist. I like to travel and read, I like to play travian)

    You floated in the sky , but was lowered to the ground ;
    And wounded heart dream become a target ,
    But this trick is all broken familiar -
    In love, there are millions of uninsured .
    Millions of ...

    They beat us - we fly from pain all of the above ! -
    Wing smoothing over his own roof.
    They beat us - we fly , we laugh and cry ! -
    Leaving the bottom of their failures .
    Failure ...

    Let lie that grows stronger from new betrayals ;
    Padded betrayal - not waiting for proof ;
    Who lost his wings - afraid to fall in love ,
    But I have to climb over the fear of loss .
    Climb ...

    They beat us - we fly from pain all of the above ! -
    Wing smoothing over his own roof.
    They beat us - we fly , we laugh and cry ! -
    Leaving the bottom of their failures .
    Flights , flights in bad weather destiny ;
    Risk drivers to break free.
    To break free !

    You floated in the sky , but was lowered to the ground ;
    And wounded heart dream become a target ,
    But this trick is all broken familiar -
    Inlove, there are millions of uninsured .
    Millions of ...

    They beat us - we fly from pain all of the above ! -
    Wing smoothing over his own roof.
    They beat us - we fly , we laugh and cry ! -
    Leaving the bottom of their failures .
    Fly ... fly ... fly ...

    Goodness and peace to all

    Mors, CerbeR, Russia

    1) SPQR is a serious opponent, they have strengthened in the region -100|0, and they are currently active with combat operations near the gray zone.
    2) Most likely, the war inside the sector will be the more dominant fight for us, as both SE and NW have enough of their own conflicts.
    3) The oppositions of Dacia and Winters on NW look interesting, and the situation on SE of Turkish and Arab accounts is very high, but the Poland and Prime + ХЗ are much better organized.
    4) CerbeR formed after the second championship, it was a time of great changes for the team. The team is great, and I'm proud to play here. Purpose of our Alliance are to provide an interesting game for our players, and of course a victory for the team.
    5) I've been one of the CerbeR coordinators for several years. Name - Daniil, age - 22, working QA engineer.

    Sture, Def&Dest, Sweden, Russia.

    • Muscles are not made from spaghetti, I think SPQR will learn a hard lesson.
    • Around center, for unique arts and later for building plans.
    • Answered above
    • We are a scandinavian ally (mostly swedish) and we have played at the final since 2012, our goal is to have fun, play well and win the server.
    • I'm Sture, 60 years old and my work and hobby are computers. I have been a leader at the final for about 5 years


    valparaiso. BGM, Bulgaria, Russia

    • - I'm a grand new leader so I might be not the best person to answer. In addition I missed the latest 2 TT...

    But I like Cerber team - the friends of mine feel good here. They are sure there is no alliances or accounts that are privileged. As soon as you get something promised to you - you are sure it will happen. I was impressed how they settled us.

    2.- Grey zone. everyone will fight for it.

    3. SW. Arabs against Poland and Prime. Or may be some NAP there? IDK.

    4. It's a huge challenge for me. Our target is to have huge accounts with 25-30 villages close to the BP and 750K+ pretorians for WW each. During the server time we have to help the guys by building large treasuries, to feed diets, etc, etc.
    When I read this in the first time I said no... it's not possible... but after this I met 2 ladies that have tested this during the qually and OMG - they showed logs with achieved targets...

    5.I told you about my very short leader experience ) We are several teenagers that want to help Bulgarian ally as much as we can and to have fun. 16 years old, studying, sorry - my name is Mario. )


    Cheers from Bulgaria!

    Lipa, Disco, Russia

    1.I think in South-West war will continue with varying degrees of success, as both coalition strong enough and have endless imagination in messages to Multihunter

    2.The hardest struggle is always around their villages)

    3. Other quadrants are also quite interesting, but nonetheless an interesting war will be the North-West in my opinion.

    4. Our Alliance played under different names, was not one server. The purpose of our alliance to help in building with WW to russian team. We will be happy to put deff on a russian WW.

    5. I lead alliance for the second time, before long I learned from my predecessor, who, unfortunately, retired. My name is Tasha, I am 40 years old (soon also to retire), I work as the manager of the household and cross stitching in her spare time.

    Good luck.

    May the force be with us!

  • NorthWest

    Map WINter
    Russian - red, Portugals - orange

    WINter with their associated, MAFIA, Nordwind, Nuthouse, Vodka, to name a few, looks to be very interested in the Gray zone - and building plan area of course. 418 accounts.

    Map Dacia
    Dacia are blue, Arabs - green, Dacia Euro allies - violet

    Dacia is the second biggest meta with players from Romania (Dacia), Czech, Balkan, Croatia, Hungary and Ukraine. WW -100/100 is in their area and they are also strong at the borders and the centre. A few, as Arabs, have settled very far out. 1154 accounts.

  • Interviews WINter

    1. NorthWest has the second biggest meta - Dacia, Czech, CS, HUN. They are challenged by WINter, Nuthouse, Mafia. There is also a meta from Turkey.Your opinion about them?
    2. Where do you expect the hardest fight to be (inside quad or on borders with NE or SW)?
    3. What do you think about the other quadrants? Where will the most interesting war be?
    4. Tell us about your alliance, style, history your alliance and target on this server.
    5. Tell us about yourself. How long have you been leader? Name,gender, age, work,hobby
    6: Share a song with us :)

    Lucky Puncher,Russia, WINterS

    1) Dacia is a very strong team, it is difficult to fight against them, but we are Russians and we do not give up)
    2) I think the heaviest battles will be in all sectors, except for the Northeast, because there is no one to fight.
    3) The most interesting war will be where there are Russians, it's obvious.
    4) no coments.
    5) no coments.
    6) Eminem - We made you

    DisCo_ZoHaN, TT, Thailand, WINter

    1.We are ally with Winter, opinion is the same of our meta.

    • I expect to take all our enemy around us down.
    • I don't know but i have a friend on +/+ hehe.
    • Nothing much, play with our meta and clear our problem.
    • I like to play with other and I'm play democracy style. Everyone in my ally have equality with each other and me too.
    • I'm a man who is frorm Thailand and young.
    • Haha I had friend who is a DJ ---->

    Yara, RDC[LLB],Portugal, Winter

    1) The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
    2) The struggle within the quadrant also be strong, but the most aggressive is always the border.
    3) All the quadrants are very competitive, with classic wars between alliances, but in my point of view the most interesting is the NW Russians X Dacia.
    4) LLB was founded last year and came from a group of Portuguese and Brazilian friends who were together in the years of 2013, including the best PT / BR alliance in the last tournament. This year, different from the Portuguese strategies adopted in the last years, we decided to make a game more aggressive, along the border, with experienced players and the right diplomacies for a good game, Including we made an extension with the name including the acronym RDC that in English means "remnants of the chaos"
    5) I am a leader in tournaments travian since 5 years ago, my name is Karina, I'm Brazilian, I'm 39 years old and I'm female, I work as a cook in a hostel. My hobby is everything about the game, besides playing, August watching the channel Travian Legends Br, on youtube.
    I recently translated an e-book called Travian Legends Secrets Revealed into English, where the author teaches several Russian and Turkish strategies, helping other players to become the top player in the world, so more players will have access to these teachings and maybe more competitive in a world.
    6)A good song in honor of ally /Sepultura - Refuse/Resist

    Interviews Dacia

    1. NorthWest has the second biggest meta - Dacia, Czech, CS, HUN. They are challenged by WINter, Nuthouse, Mafia. There is also a meta from Turkey.Your opinion about them?
    2. Where do you expect the hardest fight to be (inside quad or on borders with NE or SW)?
    3. What do you think about the other quadrants? Where will the most interesting war be?
    4. Tell us about your alliance, style, history your alliance and target on this server.
    5. Tell us about yourself. How long have you been leader? Name,gender, age, work,hobby
    6: Share a song with us :)

    shlomiya Dacia SW

    1. I think Dacia is a much better organized team than the others mentioned in the NW. The main rivals are the Russians whom their plans in the central/grey area are obvious. The Turks are just here to have fun and spend their gold. So far what I've seen is a wild gold users competition, so the alliance with the most gold and skills to use it will win this quad.

    2. I expect the hardest fights to be in the central area near the grey zone, between Dacia and Russians. Some minor battles also on the borders between the NW/NE quads border.

    3. I don't care too much about the happenings in the other quads right now, so have not paid any attention. I presume the Russians will win their quad, and I expect an endgame battle with them. Some current enemies might become friends by then...

    4. We are the International wing of Dacia. We started as the SW 3-wings confederacy in the qualification server, initially fought Dacia/SAM, but we worked it out and have been working together since. Our alliance in the quali was just for fun, not pre-organized nationally like so many others, so the challenges were big. Still we managed to get the 2 construction plans and have a shot at the WW. We will make a contribution in the finals as well. There are many capable players here, just not aligned by nationality as the other main alliances.

    5. I've been playing travian since 2007. I have seen the game develop and grow, but I'm disappointed by how things are going. Nowadays it's all about who cheats better and who spends more gold. Your game skill still matters, but honest non-gold users have a really tough time succeeding in this game today. The game is biased towards raiding and players exploiting cheating loopholes, bots, scripts etc. The game design makes it harder for the MultiHunter to catch them, which ruins the game for many others. I have never played the TT before so I decided to try it out. I didn't plan on leading a large confederacy but ended up leading a 3-wings, 150 accounts SW confed in the quali. I have been leading alliances only when time permitted it...
    For the next TT I would hope they would enforce severe anti-cheating measures. For example: Poker-like buy-in, e.g. each player can get X amount of gold at the start of the game, and not purchase more, or limit amount of purchase allowed per week. Highly unlikely as it disrupts the revenues of the game... Alternatively, have a skill-based TT for non-gold users. Additionally - make this a war game and not a farming game, players who become yellow-dot cannot be farmed. Use your troops to attack real players, and not farm... This will avoid 90% of the cheating I've seen here. Otherwise, farming multi-accounts is just too easy now. No more farming natars, too. A more aggressive method of verifying an account is unique should be used.
    I am a software engineer with experience in gaming (my real hobby in life!) software and web-applications... So I know what the game designers are going through Currently I am doing PhD in Computer Science, and I still have time to play until the finals end...

    Team Elite, DACIA E

    1. Dacia meta is very strong this year. More account and alliances than last server. A lot of offensive players, but....first time on finals. We are still acomodating to the style of finals.
    About russians players....i think they have very good players. They are very organized, lots of deffensive players, pro def players. I like that.
    I don't like that they have a lot of farm accounts, they cheat, they have programs with allarms when have attacks that give them an advantage .... this is not fair play.

    2. the hardest fight will be all over, inside and on borders of quadrant but only in the proximity of grey zone.

    4. My alliance came from romanian speed server. We are a very good team, offensive team, with a lot of experience. I think the russian account already seen this.
    This is our first server on finals. Our target on this have fun. To see how good we are.
    5. About me....i am 35 years old, male, i am the leader of ELITE alliances on ROX for 25 servers now. I have a good team with me, a leader without a good no leader.


    Superio, VC Czech, Dacia

    • Yes, we are part of the big meta and the quantity give us an advantage so far. We as an alliance know the Russians and their quality from the qualification. So it will be funny. Turkey is also an enemy but no so strong as Russians.
    • For us will be the hardest fight on the border with SW.
    • In my opinion SW. Russia (CerbeR/BAD) vs SPQR is very interesting.
    • We are a Czech alliance. Original named Violent Crew. Last qualifications we fight as a leading Czech ally in a number minority versus Russians. It was very difficult and entertaining. On Czech speeds, Fire and Sand or RoA we have every time good results. We are the same core and i lead it. Our players are perfect and loyal. Our Target? Win with the meta and have fun. Attack and defend our surroundings.
    • I am Mauri, 21 years old and i live in Prague. I am a big Slavia Prague supporter. I am a male gender. I study and i do some business. I lead every time the ally if i play with my people. It is already some time.
    • I have a lot of favorite songs. But here is one really motivating: Imagine Dragons - Warriors

    Thanks a lot for the interview.
    Best Regards
    Superio (Mauri)

    kova741, kova&billy, !!CS!!, Dacia

    I would only like to comment my own team and that would be CS.

    2. Basically all true what you said, but when we talking about CS so far biggest fight is going on ++border with G&V. If you place CS on map you will see we are mostly stationed at that border,we had several close encounter with Winter and Turkey, mostly we clear theirs villas around us.

    3.So far it looks that -- have big advantage they have clearest quad so they will have most peace,rest of quads still need to work

    4.Our full name is Croatian swingers even we are not all from Croatia there are players from Serbia and Bosnia&Hercegovina as well.
    CS have long history maybe longest on this server,many of you probably don’t remember that Croatian swingers played first ever finals 2011.
    At the end of server our WW holder ended as 2nd best defender.
    Many years after that we decided to come here again so we are here, before that we won quals server.
    Our goal is always the same to win the server and always and i mean ALWAYS play against strongest side, on quals WWs showed that against HellasDT. Now it’s time to show the same to their owners Russians.

    5.I am playing this game from 2007, and I am leader from hmm 2008/09 I had a pause of 2-3y. I am 32y old, live and work in capital of Croatia called Zagreb, working as delivery guy and like i said I am leader in travian world so no time for some other hobby.

    6. Song I will share 3.
    first one is about our playing style

    second one is about out mental character

    and third one is how my personal mind works
    brain before muscle

    on the other hand my dual think more like this

    hope you enjoyed our music block!

    Atomyk, DaciaNV

    1. This year Dacia meta is stronger than was in 2016, we have more players better prepared for battle. Our main enemy is Mafia and Winter, Turkey is not very strong I think they won’t be a problem.
    2 The war is on the quad, if we beat Mafia may be we go to the SW but for now is just Mafia.
    3 The war is always between Dacia and Bad, this are best organized squads and I think will go for WW100.
    4 My aliance is defensive and support for DaciaNv.
    5 y name is Tomy age 36, the rest is not important.

    usturoi, dacia z1

    1. Dacia is Dacia. We make good team with the Czechs, Hungarians and lot of others who joined individually.
    Russians are of course a force wherever they play, but in NV we are stronger if we keep our coordination.
    Turks ... in nv, are still looking for their direction.
    2. Inside, on the gray area.
    3. SE will be very strong. between us there will be big fights between artifacts and plans, mostly in gray area.
    The others ... I do not know yet, but they will count on the support given to one or the other.
    4 .Dacia has tradition in the final tournament.
    However, it started on normal international servers. In 2011, a group of very good Romanian players (the Columna alliances) managed to mobilize us, colleagues and adversaries, on the international stage. We left our rivalries, we all went to and wins it.
    Then we naturally took the next step on the Final tour where we found friends with whom we were always the strong opponents of the Russian teams. Once we managed to win the other editions to make the game more interesting.
    This is, in order, the target for this year.
    5 Me? ... I just help the team. I'm here with friends, I'm now organizing the alliance or what's more needed.
    Victor, M, 50 + IT, games.

    Ádám, HUN, Dacia.

    1. I can say just one sentence.
    This will be very brutal beastly and bloody war between this 2 Giant Meta.

    2. The hardest fight will be between North West and South West or in border of South East and South West.

    3. Let see... talk about South West first:
    There is 2 Big Meta. Russians and the Italians. BAD and CerbeR are still working together, and is still one of the most deadly team in this Finals, against Italy who came back after 4 years. This this will be very interesting. Who will win? I think Russians.
    A look at South East:
    Where you can find the Biggest Meta, Arabia and Turkey. They have more player than any Meta. it looks like a very peaceful quadrant and calm development. On the other hand, is there very professional teams, just watch The COF.
    I think This quadrant will win this Final.
    Finally here we are in North West.
    Here we can find Dacia Meta, WINter and Turkey.
    This will be very big war between Dacia and WINters, I hope Dacia will win.
    We, The HUNs are out on the countryside above 200. Soon we will confront against Turkey. I saw many attack where Dacia meta and WINters beat each other.

    4.Hmm.. what can I say about my ally? I'm playing with very kind and amusing players. Some of them like to talk and talk and talk very much (as you experienced :D ) The first time ever Huns have cooperated is in this year. So this is a very young team, but hopefully this will be in the following years.
    Our goal is, to play fun together and win this Final with Dacia.

    5.I’m just „4-5 years old” in this Game. This is my 5th server. I always knew everything about our leadership, so I was a hidden leader :D but I am one Big leader since this years qualy, when I got my own clan. I am the diplomat of HUN team, so I am the one who keep in touch with other nations . My name is Adam Kuti, I am 19 years old student car mechanic. My hobby is playing computer games, cycling, football and hanging out with my friends.

    6. This song is always touch my heart

    Interview Turkey

    Sero, ÇAHRA

    1- Two major Alliances Dacia and the Russians , Turks are so seperated in all regions. In each region who fights with Turks will fall back for the treasures and the ww. And who makes alliance with Turks will take big advantage.

    2- May be on the north eastern border. But time will tell us what happens . it's too early for them to say

    3- The biggest battles would be between Dacia and the Russians

    4- Usually the players are my real friends in my alliance. All my players love and help each other , everyone plays for the alliance not for themselves.Sometimes i played for big alliances also i ruled them but they always had power struggle inside and they are not successful. The reasons why i am here are , spending nice time with my friends and also to assemble the Turkish players together.

    5- In 2007 I started TRAVIAN. My first union was ÇAHRA , from the first day I started until now I've worked as a manager . I can't remember the number of my first places..I have built 5 wows.I am the owner of an internet cafe and this is a big advantage tor the game . I can always be online , and also my customers plays Travian too. My name is Eyup SELAMET. i like to watch movies , playing games and sports. I am 34 years old and this is my cafes promotion

    6- This is one of our local songs

    1- Dacia ve ruslar ıkı buyuk oluşum . Turkler ıse dagınık her bolgede ufak tefek oluşumları var hangı bolgede turklerle ile savaşan wow ve tılsım için gerıyede kalır. Kim Tuklerı muttefık olarak gorurse onun şansı daha çok artacaktır.

    2-Kuzey dogu sınırlarında olabılır. Ama bunu daha ıyı zaman bellı edecektır bunları demek için daha erken

    3-Dacıalar ve ruslar şimdiden bırbırlerıyle savaş başlattı en buyuk savaşlar ıkı bolge arasında olacaktır.

    4-Genelde ufak çok samımı oldugum kişilerle birliğim oluşur birliğimdeki her oyuncu bırıbırnı çok sever hiç bırı kendı için oynamaz birlik için oynar. Bazı zamanlar buyuk bırlıklerde bulundum ve yonettım ama genelde buyuk bırlıkler ıktıdar kavgalarından dolayı sorunlu oluyor başarılı olamıyor. Burda bulunma nedenlerım ıse ılk başta arkadaşlarıma guzel vakıt geçırmek ıkıncı olarak turk oyuncularını bır araya toparlayabılmek. bu serverda olmasada ılerıkı serverlarda Turklerde bır dacıa bır rus bırlıgı gıbı tek bır bırlık altına toplamak hedefım.

    5- 2007' de travıana başladım. Ilk bırlıgım ÇAHRA 'ydı ılk başladım gunden bugune kadar yonetıcılık yaptım. sayısını hatırlayamadım 1.lıklerım var 5 tane wow kurdum. İnternet kafe sahıbıyım bu oyun için çok ıyı artısı oluyor devamli online olabılıyorum internet kafecı oldugumdan burdakı muşterılerede oynatıyorum. bunuda MH her zaman multı olarak algılıyor ne kadar kendimi kanıtlamaya çalışsamda MH ler anlamıyor dınlemıyor. Adım Eyup SELAMET hobılerım film ızlemek, oyun oynamak,spor yapmak, bılgısayar parçaları ve yazılımlarıyla vakıt geçırmek 34 yaşındayım.
    buda benım ınternet kafemın tanıtımı

  • Reports


    Let's start with a report about traps that I got on the forum

    Did you know before that he had so many traps?

    We guessed that he might have too much traps because of the village's population. It was 1126 before we conquered it. It was obvious he had a lot of trappers in the village. After this conquering, the village's population has decreased less than 400.

    Haha, there must have been a lot of empty spots then?

    He also destroyed some buildings with gold. There was a 8x lvl 20 trapper(62 pop) = 496 Pop. Wood, Clay and Iron lvl 10 to lvl 9 is 2 pop for each and Crops are 1 pop. 12x2 + 6x1 =30 pop. There was a residence lvl 11 which is 12 pop. Total is 538 pop we had destroyed in order to conquer there. Around 250 pop was destroyed by Lucifero.

    PP vS WtF 2 pop left…3,7953598f063,7953691d416

    VS Mad Max
    [G&V ™] LINATSAS Converter - Battle reports Travian
    [G&V ™] Emteking Converter - Battle reports Travian
    [G&V ™] natassa1 Converter - Battle reports Travian
    [G&V ™] Engel Converter - Battle reports Travian
    [G&V ™] Lakedemon Converter - Battle reports Travian
    VS saky
    [G&V ™] Mønke

    Hellas vs NKRI



    конвертер - логовница для Травиан

    Final Rapor & Diplomasi

    nTPl and PS:

    Raporty wojenne Mistrzostw Traviana 2017 [15.11.17 - ...]


    BAD vs Taequila…4,508403716c2,508404595e6

    Uollas vs BR Kiss…2,506902093c7,5069036cf1f

    NOA vs BAD,508079a25ce

    BAD vs GR.TAE,508079a25ce

    BAD vs NL…t/5889284e6fb,588930cdef6 1. 0ed cap with off inside
    2. Cap badly damaged (from 13 fields to 100 pop)

    Bad vs NOA

    BAD vs VN

    BA vs Uollas

    Ghetto vs Hellas In…1,5901681d6d3,59016991ced

    конвертер - логовница для Травиан
    конвертер - логовница для Травиан
    Converter - Battle reports Travian
    конвертер - логовница для Травиан
    конвертер - логовница для Травиан
    Converter - Battle reports Travian
    конвертер - логовница для Травиан
    конвертер - логовница для Травиан


    Bingo Bongo [VODKA] 15c capital deleted: LAU: Converter - Rapoarte batalii Travian CDDM Team: Converter - Rapoarte batalii Travian Lycans: Converter - Rapoarte batalii Travian Teutonic: Converter - Rapoarte batalii Travian wicked: Converter - Battle reports Travian bomba: Converter - Rapoarte batalii Travian Kryna: Converter - Rapoarte batalii Travian Muad dib: Converter - Rapoarte batalii Travian BraveHeart A&C - Converter - Rapoarte batalii Travian Hooligans - Converter - Rapoarte batalii Travian EraserKing: Converter - Rapoarte batalii Travian Zalmodegikos:

    Dacia vs Mafia…c,508353c88b1,508355613e6

    [!!CS!!] propuh & nevera vs [MAFIA] medmed80
    Konverter - Borbeni izvještaj Travian
    [!!CS!!] kuhari vs [MAFIA] medmed80

    Tunto küld pár kémet kölcsönbe ha mi 70 accal nem tudunk 2 k t összedobni
    [!CS!] TUNTO iz naselja AGRAM izviđa [TURKEY] ülgen han iz naselja Ülgen
    Konverter - Borbeni izvještaj Travian
    [!!CS!!] kova&billy & vukobradi vs [WINterS] Yorkin
    Converter - Battle reports Travian
    Converter - Battle reports Travian
    DaciaE vs Парторг- capitala stearsa cu 20k maci/3,8k tk/700 berbeci/700 catapulte si 2 capetenii armata pe ea
    Converter - Rapoarte batalii Travian
    Converter - Rapoarte batalii Travian
    parte din armata curatata ( a lasat-o pe sat ca def )
    Converter - Rapoarte batalii Travian
    si atacu final
    Converter - Rapoarte batalii Travian

    dacia vs winter…6,51079739134,510798154b3
    Alta actiune, extinsa off cucerita:

    Dacia vs NutHouse…a,509660a44e3,509661ccbab

    Cahra vs Dacia
    Travian Rapor Kaydetme

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    The right answer was THE COF, leader for the Turkey meta.

    This week we have a contest for you!

    Guess who the player is! You have 5 facts that can be found ingame.

    Send the answer to me on skype, forum or mail:

    Last day is 30 december at 12 servertime.

    First five to answer will get a lanyard as reward!


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