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  • And now we wait for the start. Hopefully it will go as smooth as the last 2 years with only a "normal" lagging. Fell free to report what happens here :)

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    S.P.Q.R is coming!

    Trafalgar Law - IT7 2016 - Uollas
    Trafalgar Law - IT1 2017 - Uollas
    Trafalgar Law - FINALS 2017/2018 - Uollas
    Know Yourself - ITX MARCH 2018 - Uollas
    Trafalgar Law - De-x2 ( Qualifications ) - Uollas
    Trafalgar Law - FINALS 2018/2019 - Uollas : History

    MobyDicks - Trx 2019 - Uollas

    Trafalgar Law - Com-x2 ( Qualifications ) - Uollas

    Eagle Poetry / Medellin from day 60 - Finals 2019/2020 - Uollas

    Ash&Words - Titani 2020 - Uollas

    La Catedral - FINALS 2020/2021 - Uollas

  • Hi
    Which country's will play in NE ?
    Which NW ?
    Which SW ?
    Which SE ?

    TR, Ru, De, Ar, Vn, Cz, Fr, Id, It, Pl, ...

  • It is the only world cup that we can play in 2018. Let's play well at least :D

  • Funny. SE the most popular sector. Radius of inhabited areas:
    SE(+/-) = 140
    SW (-/-) = 117
    NW (-/+) = 117
    NE (+/+) = 111

    rux-26,27,30,33 Strategy[Horde](3 раза) / Экспансия[ТОП]
    ЧМ-2016,2017,2018 AsHighAsHonor[Winter]/Strategy[Winter] (2 раза)
    отборка-2017 Strategy[Тюлени]
    ру-2,6,5 Hello16rus[Italia/Косули/Синтез]

    Сбор Winter на отборку-чм 2019 [ссылка на тему]

  • We have 8700 players. Start was better then expected. The usual lagging, some had to wait long for the activation mail and other similar fails. Myself it took 40 minutes to get it. When I at last requested a new mail I got both.

    SE is very popular :D The other 3 equal in size.

    In SE we have Turks, Arabs, China, Vietnam, Poland and Prime (Ru) with friends, Litauen and FLX (Lat) too.

    In NE we have no Russians! But France, Germany, Denmark, Greeks, KAK (Thai) and Turks. HellasDT is not playing,

    In SW we have BAD and Cerber (Ru), SPQR (Italy) Ghetto (Int), WTF (Thai), NT (Netherlands)

    In NW we have WINter, ВЛАДЫКИ, Nordwind (Ru), Dacia, Czech, HUN, Portugal, CheckerB (Arabs) and Turks.


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  • I'm looking for russian girls for my Alliance;
    Ladies under 26 are also invited to join.


    Lasciate ogni Speranza, voi che quotate

    - Ultimo meravigliante Uollas ad aver vinto un server -

    CR 7ystem

  • Well at least Italia made it to the travian final, too sad they didn't for football :D

  • If you can get me in touch with one of the players that have the first Gladiator helmets on auctions I will reward you with a 50 gold voucher :)

    The first to settle second village will show up later today. The reward for this amazing accomplishment will get a Travian t-shirt!

  • I have screenshot on settlers sent and landing in ~30 min.

    No one seems to know the lucky guys that earned a lot of silver on Gladiator helmets.

  • I have screenshot on settlers sent and landing in ~30 min.

    No one seems to know the lucky guys that earned a lot of silver on Gladiator helmets.


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