Round 9 i suppose

  • so, at some point after beginning{dunno exact times} we had :
    SE - Carnage
    SW - MM , United
    NE - LOS , FMUP

    NE : carnage started expanding north , thus appearing Carnage N { ne based } - they managed to achieve full quad control - and LOS and FMUP dissolved
    SW : MM absorbed united
    NW - gmc ... well ... they dissaperead after trying to attack MM . and a new ally emerged from the union of ronin , bandits and bg , under the name of RBG
    SE : ofc carnage remained in full control of the quad { only having to deal with a small ally that tried to resist - FAT }

    later on :
    RBG tries a few hits on MM , but loses armies , and then MM retaliates
    Carnage S { the new name of the SE ally, after Carnage N appeared } also try some hits on the SW border - they even croplock a few villages , and ofc lose some armies
    Carnage N deals with the remaining part of FMUP that gathered in far NE , trying to resist .

    arties appear .... MM around 80% , carnage { both quads } 18% , rbg 2%

    nw : rbg - aprox 60 players
    se : carnage S - aprox 60 players
    ne : carnage N - aprox 60 players
    sw : mm - aprox 90 players

    now the MM offensive begins against Carnage { i have all reports - if moderator allows me i will post them all , if not , i will wait till end game , cause i dont wanna stay and remake each of them to anonymous players , since i have 8 waves of attacks atm , with minimum 10/wave , and also i have most carnage attacks sent on mm aswell ... }
    SE : carnage S lose players rapidly ... down to 32 atm
    NE : carnage N , atm look better in stats then S { also they retaliated - so they have some armies }
    SW : MM - no presentation needed ...
    NW : this is interesting- Carnage tried 3 times { or maybe just 2.. i cant remember exactly } to persuade them to join against MM , in a 3 vs 1 quad battle - and after rbg turned them down , and when left with around 30+ players merged with one of the MM wings - carnage started saying that this is not fair ...

    from Lilith with love , the Reaper sends his regards

    very proud member of MM { uk4 , round 8 and 9 - winner on both }

  • yeez, uk4 is so dead that no one even bothers to respond on your 'not subjective at all' analysis. xD

  • i never said it's not subjective - its logical its subjective , cause i made it , and i play in mm . but , i dont think i said anything that is not true in it .
    also - i dont think it needs an answer ... did i ask anything ? - but if there is something u need to add - that i forgot , or that i dont know and u think its relevant for how the server has gone till now , please feel free to do it .
    also , i dont see uk4 as being dead ... its a very good server for us , and atm we are clearly dominating it .
    and ... who are u on the server ? if u wanna say ofc ..

    from Lilith with love , the Reaper sends his regards

    very proud member of MM { uk4 , round 8 and 9 - winner on both }

  • Well, this is forum thread right? And my point is that people usually complain very much on such subjective analysis usually(i know i most certainly would). The fact that nobody answered except me (i abandoned my dual 1 month ago(SomeTolerance) due to lack of time), is sign of a dead server. I don't mean to disrespect you're dominance or whatever you think a good server is. Anyway, i haven't been there for a month so i'm just saying from an outside perspective.