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  • Hello! I'm actually not really a first time player, but my first travian experience was years ago, and I just picked it up again a couple months ago. I've been playing solo, and now with 4 villages and 1500+ population, I really want to join an alliance and help an alliance getting an artifact... but I'm too shy to approach any nearby :'D I play the Gaul. My playing style is rather defensive, focusing on building and resource gathering.

    Please message me on travian if you're interested. My account name over there is also aphindonesia.

  • mine is

    Ah. So this is where it gets confusing. The .us and .com domains are both English speaking, but they are actually different domains for servers, with .us being entirely geared towards the United States and .com being more international, though still entirely US friendly if you want to play there.

    To view the .com forums, you'll need to do the following:

    1) Scroll to the top of the page, then click your forum name in the top-left corner. A little drop-down menu will pop up.

    2) On that menu, under the header "Settings" click the word "General"

    3) On this screen, there will be a "Language" section. Check the "English (COM)" box, scroll down, and click "Submit"

    After doing this, you should be able to see the .com forums. You may also want to uncheck "English (US)" if you don't plan to play on this domain, as otherwise things will get cluttered. You can then make a post on, instead of the one you are currently under, which is

    It may also be possible for a moderator to move this thread.

  • Unfortunately, moving threads between domains goes beyond what a mod can do. Hopefully aphindonesia will repost in the com section now :)