Starvation has been disabled

  • Dear players.

    Currently we have a bug ingame that sometimes prevents Trade Routes to be sent.
    This bug has the most priority and the fix will be found soon.
    To avoid possible troops losses we activated no-starvation mode on all game worlds except Tournament Finals

    till 17.11.17, 18:00 GMT+1.

    Please, make sure to have at least some crop left in your granaries by the time no-starvation is over to prevent mass-starvation of your troops due to accumulated negative crop amount.

    Thank you for understanding. We'll keep you posted.

    Your Travian:
    Legends Team.

  • Hello Travian Players

    There was a hot-fix applied to all servers and this little bug involving the trade routes has been resolved.

    Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused and if you had any issues with your troops, please contact "Ingame Support"

    Your Travian Legends Team