Protocol and Bug Section Guidelines

  • Playing Travian and suddenly a problem occurs or something does not work right and you feel it is a bug.
    Lets follow these steps to try and make it easy for you and for Travian to help identify, understand and then fix what ever may be broke.

    - Do a quick refresh of your browser(F5) and if feeling chipper you could clear your cache from your browser tools. (this does help with the minor issues of when web pages stick)
    1) Press Ctrl-Shift-Delete
    2) Choose Clear cache
    3) Choose "all time"
    4) Click Delete Data

    - Report it to ingame "Support" They will in turn check their tools to see if they can see or re-create the bug as well. (they will send on to tech if they cannot deal with it in their capacity and advise you of that)
    - You can also post here in this section of the forum so that more eyes will see it and in turn more can help get things answered or corrected.

    As a player if you have had a similar problem as what a thread may be talking about then drop by with your resolution or if it is still ongoing.
    This way we know how widespread it is and then can take the needed steps to keep more damage from happening

    Please do not post if you have nothing to add that helps whatever situation the OP is discussing.
    All posts within the bug section that is only for flaming/trolling/baiting and/or not adding anything of value to the thread will be removed without notice.