Tolerated Mobile Applications

  • Dear players!

    Recently we’ve received numerous questions about Travian applications that you could use on your mobile devices. There are certain reasons why we still don't have official application for our game. In the first episode of our #AskTravian video the Game Director answered this question and explained the difficulties which Travian: Legends faces, when we speak about the app with full cross-platform functionality. We want to say that we understand the importance of this question and currently our dev team is working on adapting the game to the mobile browsers.

    However, we want to inform you, that there are 2 apps that are currently tolerated by our game.

    They are:

    As long as those apps do not contain any features, that reproduce something you can't perform on your computer in a regular browser, or automate any actions that we would like to count as players skills (like sending waves in one second etc), those apps are tolerated.

    Any other applications are strictly prohibited and may result in immediate ban with corresponding punishment.

    If status of those applications changes in the future for any reason, we’ll immediately inform players so that they could stop using those applications and adjust their gameplay in accordance with the game rules.

    Your Travian: Legends Team