A no starvation server

  • So, whilst I was pulling my hair out about trade routes not working again despite what feels like 7 trillion seperate maintainence sessions, I came up with a cracking idea. You see it's a absolute nightmare trying to keep a WW fed when travian barely works but then the no starvation periods are quite nice. I think we can all agree the no starvation is lavish, it's the small periods when travian is supposeley working inbetween the no starvation zones that are annoying.


    What i propose is lets have a no starvation server!

    Imagine it!

    No pesky MMs begging for wheat to the WW. Hammers being stored in 2 pop villages just waiting to be hit by some TTs (EIs are better but I'm being traditional). As a def player being able to spam out 8k a day before artefacts without starving 4k a day.

    What great fun that would be!

    Alternativley, bring back Travian 3.6, that never had these issues.

  • Hello Crunchie

    Im sorry for the issues with Trade Routes again this morning. I have been working with the MH and Tech Support to try to find the cause of the problem.

    We believe from testing they are now working again correctly but if you do experience any further issues please do report it to the MH so we can investigate further.

    Im not sure that there would be approval for a No-Starvation server but nice idea.



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  • Im not sure that there would be approval for a No-Starvation server but nice idea.

    don't worry, like crunch said, WW holders would thank you for life. And that's all that matters on travian at the end.

  • Only thing you are missing is free Plus for everyone and give everyone the option to have unlimited resources if you spend enough gold.

    That's a terrible idea. Buy your ticket to victory heh?
    Spend 15k $ and what? build 20 hammers of your own??? :D