Who Stole the Artifact?

  • 3 merchants, a Gaul, Roman and Teuton work in the same shop in the marketplace.

    One day a traveler complained to the ruler of these lands that he had forgotten a valuable artifact in their shop but when he came back, the artifact was gone.
    He asked the ruler to question the merchants and find out who the thief was.

    • The Roman said that it was the Gaul who stole the figurine. He knew it because Teutons never steal anything from anyone.

    • The Gaul said that the Roman was innocent. He also added that this traveler was famous for his absent mindedness.

    • The Teuton said that the Gaul didn't steal artifact. He said that it was the Roman who did that.

    We know that.....
    • One merchant lied in both cases.
    • 2 merchants told truth in both cases.

    Which of the merchants Lied?Who stole the artifact?
    (Note: you need to answer both questions!)

    From all correct entries, 3 random winners will be drawn and each will win 50 gold!!

    This contest will run from Nov 21, 2017 10:00 GMT +1 till Nov 27, 2017 10:00 GMT+1
    Your entries will not be visible after you post it. It is a moderated contest and your answers will only be visible when the contest is over.

    Any gold won must be used on the .COM servers (excluding any tournament servers)

  • Teuton lied, Gaul stole the artifact.

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  • Teuton lied = Gaul stole it, Roman Didn't
    Gaul did not lie = Roman did not do it,
    Roman did not lie = Gaul stole it, Teutons do not steal

    It all adds up to:


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  • Which of the merchants Lied? Romans-Teutons
    Who stole the artifact? Teutons

    ~ The work of God ends here ~

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  • The Roman stole the artefact and the teuton lied about it

    Only the Roman knows that the artefact was a figurine :p

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    au1. rock
    com4/uk1. Moondance

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  • The teuton merchant lied
    The gaul merchant stole the artifact

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  • The Teuton lied
    The Gaul stole the artifact

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  • Who stole the artifact?

    nobody. it just did not spawn at 5am

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