Who Stole the Artifact?

  • teutons merchant lies about the fact, the other merchants tell the truth
    the gauls merchant stole the artifact

  • Roman lied, gaul didn't steal a figurine, and teuton would steal.
    in that case gaul stated roman are inocent leaving
    teuton as a thief
    if both teut and gaul spoke truth then romans and gauls were inocent.

  • The Teuton lied.
    The Gaul stole the artifact

    The Gaul says the Roman is innocent of theft, the Teuton claims the Roman was guilty of theft - both can't be true, so one is lying.
    The Roman says the Gaul is guilty, the Teuton claims the Gaul innocent - both can't be true, so one is lying.
    The statements made by the Roman and Gaul are not at odds with each other.

    The common person claiming something doesn't fit in is the Teuton. So the Teuton lied. Roman and Gaul spoke true.

    As to who stole the artifact, every statement when viewed as truth or lie, supports the same conclusion:
    Roman (teller of truth) notes the Gaul is guilty of theft.
    Gaul (truth teller) that the Roman is innocent which is true and the traveler was indeed forgetful
    Teuton (who lies), when read as both being truths (opposite to lies): The Gaul DID steal, the Roman DID NOT.

    Athough the Gaul told the truth, he omitted his own role of committing the theft.


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    Which of the merchants Lied?Who stole the artifact?

    The Roman lied.
    The Teuton stole the artifact

    I know this because the Gaul said the Teuton did it and he is telling the truth.
    Also,I know this because the Tueton said the Gaul did not do it - this is a truthful statment because the Teuton really did it.
    Also, I know this because the Roman said it was the Gaul did it when it was the really the Teuton, so the Roman lied

  • Gaul stole artefact.
    The teuton is the liar.

    This is how i figured:
    "The Teuton said that the Gaul didn't steal artifact. He said that it was the Roman who did that"
    This must be the lies, since if this one is true, both the other mechants must be lying.

    "The Gaul said that the Roman was innocent. He also added that this traveler was famous for his absent mindedness."
    Cannot know if this is a lie or truth. But who dosent like to brag about themselves :)

    So when we keep to the facts:
    We know that.....
    • One merchant lied in both cases.
    • 2 merchants told truth in both cases.

    Teuton lies, Roman tells the truth, saying gaul took the artefact, the gaul dosent deny on taking the artefact, but also says roman didnt take it.

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  • The Teuton merchant lied.
    The Gaul merchant stole the artifact.

  • Which of the merchants Lied?Who stole the artifact?

    Teutons Lied and Gauls stole the artifact

  • Hi there,

    Q1: Which of the merchant lied?
    A: Teutons

    Q2: Who stole the artifact?
    A: Gaul

    Considering 2 of the merchants told the truth in both cases, only the replies of Roman and Gaul align and add up, and contradicts with that of the Teuton.


  • The teutons is the one who lied.

    The one who stole the artifacts is Gaul since Roman said it and it's the truth, and adding Teutons lied statement "Gaul didn't steal the artifact", that means Gaul is the one who stole the artifact.