Who Stole the Artifact?

  • the merchant who lie is the GAUL
    the ROMAN stole the artifact

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    In life and in travian, there are two kinds of players.
    Those who understand the game instantly, and those who never do it, no matter how hard they try.
    But in life .. that player just behaves like in the game

  • Which of the merchants Lied?Teuton

    Who stole the artifact? Gaul

    Why? What the Teuton contradicts what the two merchants said. Hence, the one the Teuton said is innocent is actually the thief

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  • My Answer is:

    The Gaul stole the artifact

    - The Roman told the truth in both cases
    - The Gaul told the truth in both cases
    - The Teuton lies in both cases

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  • Teuton lied & Gaul stole the artifact.

  • Based on logical interpretation of the two possibilities that can run together, Roman innocent, Gaul guilty:

    Which of the merchants Lied?
    The Teuton
    Who stole the artifact?
    The Gaul

  • We have our WINNERS!!!!!!!

    The correct answer to our puzzle is....

    The Teuton lied
    The Gaul was the thief.

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