Server Performance

  • Anyone else having performance issues? It's taking up to 30 seconds after I click on something to respond. This isn't happenning on UK2 or UK19...

    and now:-

    502 Bad Gateway

    and then:

    You cannot leave the Shire!
    I think there might have been a mistake leaving the Shire 500.

    IGN is Scoot on all servers, all the time.

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  • Im sensing another compensation ;)....

    P.S. mods, not trying to be rude, but plz make sure that artis are out at 4am at 22nd. Its a pain waking up in the night and staying awake till artis are actually out, especially since its in middle of week and everyone has stuff to do in morning ;(... again im not blaming you but plz just reassure us ;)

  • Hey Folks

    There were a few issues that the teams have now resolved. Please, if you have issues with the game can you report them to the Multihunter.

    The forum staff have no access to game tools or control over game issues so while we do poke the CSR or other team members when issues are mentioned here we are not able to investigate or resolve your issues ourselves.



    CM mhudson
    Community Manager
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  • All jokes aside, if we all wake up at 4am instead of 5am and the artefacts aren’t out I will be permanently banned by 6am

    You better make sure that someone is awake to spawn them in then :')

  • The Customer Service Rep will be online at arti launch.

    If there is a re-occurrence of the previous spawn issue, he will immediately contact the Duty Tech and get them spawned manually.
    This process is unfortunately tried and tested, but we are confident that the recent work to resolve previous launch issues will ensure the launch goes smoothly

    CM mhudson
    Community Manager
    Travian: Legends US/UK


  • it's not a new issue. We have been suffering 502 gateway error for a long time and it's already reported 45635 times to multihunters and admins but as you see it's still happening. There is no doubt that you guys are warned by Travian games that we can't make complain about them of games on the forum. Also, why don't you have any technical mods who can help players for this kind of issues in the forum?

  • Just like the good old days of 12k ukx and 30k comx

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